Buy $50 Gift Card & Get $10 Back With Amex Offer


There’s a new (and possibly targeted) Amex Offer out giving $10 back when buying a $50 gift card.

Hotels Gift Card

The Deal

  • Buy $50+ gift card & get $10 back with an Amex Offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires November 30, 2022.
  • Offer valid only on physical or digital (eGift) gift cards purchased through US website
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.
  • Excludes Gift Registry, Corporate/Bulk gift cards and all other purchases on
  • Only one gift card allowed per booking on

Quick Thoughts gift card Amex Offers used to be available almost constantly; when one expired, another one would appear. Back in the day, it was possible to use the multi-tab trick to load the offer to each of your Amex cards. If you had a Player 2 and you were authorized users on each other’s cards and you each had several Amex cards, you could stock up on $1,000 or more of gift cards between you at a 20% discount. Although you can only redeem one gift card per booking, lets you combine gift card balances, so you weren’t stuck with a bunch of $50 cards.

These Amex Offers aren’t as useful anymore seeing as you can only load the offers to one of your cards nowadays, but it’s still a nice way to save 20% on a $50 gift card. Hopefully this type of offer becomes commonplace again, in which case you could get another gift card every couple of months.

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Can you load this into or do you have to use them when booking?


No can do.

Captain Greg

To be clear, you can still combine gift cards, correct?

Captain Greg

Makes perfect sense. Thanks Stephen!


The trick to combining a card that was previously combined is to book a fully refundable stay using it (greater than the amount on the card) and then cancel the booking (maybe wait a few days to avoid suspicion). The cancellation will be refunded to the original type of payment. For the gift card, you will be issued a new gift card for the original gift card amount (that can now be combined) and any extra you paid will be refunded to the form of payment that you used (eg. credit card). This is useful to avoid a lot of piddly balances from combined cards. Ideally though, don’t combine cards until you actually need them and you know the amount you need!


Is there any trick to get this to show up on a card it wasn’t initially targeted for, like you did for the Hilton offer?