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Hotelsdotcom Expedia VRBO One Key Thumbs Down

Huge Devaluation Of Hotels.com Rewards; New One Key Program Only Giving 2% Back

The Expedia Group has announced more details about their new loyalty program and when it comes to Hotels.com, it's awful news. The new program...

(EXPIRED) Buy $50 Hotels.com Gift Cards & Get $10 Gift Cards Free

Hotels.com launched a new deal yesterday giving a $10 gift card free when buying a $50 gift card. The Deal Buy $50 Hotels.com gift card...
Hotels Gift Card

(EXPIRED) Fluz: Earn 12%-15% Cashback On Up To $75 Hotels.com Gift Card (Ends 10/18/22)

The Fluz app has a good deal for the next week on Hotels.com gift cards as you can earn 12%-15% cashback depending on what...
Hotels Gift Card

Newegg: Buy $500 Hotels.com Gift Card For $460 (today only)

Newegg is offering a 10% discount today only on $500 Hotels.com gift cards. The Deal Buy a $500 Hotels.com gift card for $460 when using...
Hotels Gift Card

Buy $50 Hotels.com Gift Card & Get $10 Back With Amex Offer

There's a new (and possibly targeted) Amex Offer out giving $10 back when buying a $50 Hotels.com gift card. The Deal Buy $50+ Hotels.com gift...

Hotels.com: 10% off and 4x AAdvantage miles with Citi Offer and Simply Miles (Update)

UPDATE 8/29: Greg recently made a $2K+ prepaid but cancelable reservation on Hotels.com, expecting to earn the limit of 6975 miles for the SimplyMiles...

Best way to earn AA miles & status via hotel bookings

The "AA Loyalty Pursuit Game" began Jan 1 2022 when American Airlines began offering loyalty points in addition to redeemable miles in almost all...

(EXPIRED) Best Buy: Get up to $145 in free Best Buy gift cards with...

Best Buy has an offer that potentially stacks quite nicely with a Chase offer that some have found on their cards. When you buy...
Hotels Gift Card

(EXPIRED) Newegg: Buy $100 Hotels.com Gift Cards For $90 With Promo Code 93XSK27 (1/31/22...

Newegg is offering a 10% discount today on $100 Hotels.com gift cards. The Deal Buy $100 Hotels.com gift card for $90 when using promo code...
H-E-B Gift Card Deal 01.05.22

(EXPIRED) H-E-B: Buy $150 Select Travel Gift Cards & Get $25 H-E-B Gift Cards...

Decent gift card deals post-holiday season tend to be few and far between, but if you live near an H-E-B store there are half...

(EXPIRED) Win a month in Las Vegas with Hotels.com (sounds cool!)

The Hotels.com marketing team has once again derailed my day to write a post about a contest - something I pretty much only do...
Delta Air Lines

(EXPIRED) Bonus $25 Hotels.com gift card w/ $250 Delta gift card purchase

Delta is offering a free $25 Hotels.com gift card with a $250 Delta gift card purchase. The Deal Delta is offering a free $25 Hotels.com...

(EXPIRED) Wild Hotels.com private island promo

Update 10/27/20 at 9:55am ET: HERE IS THE DIRECT LINK TO THE BOOKING PAGE. Update 10/27/20: Just a quick reminder that this goes live at 10am...

On my mind: Shop Your Way gift cards are a BIG deal

Update 11/15/20: Transfers from Citi to Shop Your Way no longer have 20% bonus. Point transfers from Citi are no longer recommended. Last week we...

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