Buy Avios for as little as 1.04 cents each


Via Flyertalk, is offering Avios for as little as 1.04 cents each.


The Groupon offer (found here) shows the following options:

  • 2000 Avios – 19 € (65%)
  • 4000 Avios – 49 € (46% off)
  • 8000 Avios – € 99 (40% off)
  • 12000 Avios – € 149 (37% off)

Translated to US Dollars, we get:

  • 2000 Avios – $20.76 (1.04 cents per point)
  • 4000 Avios – $53.54 (1.3 cents per point)
  • 8000 Avios – $108.16 (1.4 cents per point)
  • 12000 Avios – $162.81 (1.4 cents per point)

Clearly the 2000 Avios offer is the best deal, but the terms limit buyers to one 2000 Avios purchase and no more than 5 vouchers altogether.

Iberia Shopping Portal 16X

Increase your Avios even more by going through the Iberia Plus Shopping Portal to Groupon.  They are currently offering 16 points per euro!

Transfer Avios between Iberia and British Airways

Don’t forget that points can be moved between your Iberia Avios account and your British Airways account in order to get more flexibility for booking awards.  See: Bet You Didn’t Know: 3 Methods To Transfer Avios Between Iberia and British Airways. Terms (as translated by Google Chrome)

You have until January 10, 2016 to redeem your coupon for your Avios here . Book Once you have purchased your voucher redeem for your Avios within 7 days after purchase and before 10 January 2016. To redeem the coupon click here and enter the number of your Iberia Plus card, the coupon number and security number of the coupon. Once the voucher redeemed Avios will have charged to your account within 10 working days. Once redeemed the coupon, do not support changes, cancellations or refunds. Limit of 5 vouchers to 60,000 Avios per user of Iberia Plus, except the voucher 2000 Avios that you can only buy 1 per person. The Avios be governed by policy use, consult . If you’re not a member of Iberia Plus, register here . The Vouchers are sold by Groupon International Travel GmbH.

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[…] Buy Avios for as little as 1.04 cents each […]


I am currently seeing 5pts per dollar (when I click on the link). Am I missing something?


No dice for me. won’t let you edit your address to a country other than ES. Pretty sure address needs to match for CC to work.


edit…I used the paypal route. With the exchange rate on the 4k(x5) offer they worked out to be 1.37 cents per avio. I also used the iberia plus poratl to get 16 avios/euro. so should net out at 1.14 cents per.


I was able to access the offer but it didn’t like any of the 2 US-based CCs that I used.

David L


This is what I did:
0. Created a Groupon account with Spanish address. Not sure this is necessary, but thought it wouldn’t hurt.
1. When signing into Iberia, make sure you are on España site (it will show in top left corner. ) If not click there and make adjustment.
2. Sign into your Iberia Plus account.
3. Click on Iberia Plus tab, then IberiaPluStore, and again (only option) IberiaPluStore
4. Click on “Go to IberiaPluStore,” which will open new tab with store.
5. Scroll down slightly and you’ll see Groupon as first one listed in “Most Popular.”
6. Click on Groupon logo, and then > Shop Now > Continue
7. On Groupon site, click on “Viajes” tab
8. Scroll down a bit and you’ll see Iberia offer > click
9. Payed with Paypal. I tried using a Visa then a Mastercard cc but both didn’t work. (I’m guessing because the Spanish address is not my billing address, and it’s not possible to but in a non-Spanish address in your account info.)

* I’m guessing you can also sign in more quickly and directly to store, here:

** I used site in Spanish, but can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work if you have language set to English.


Bummer, I am getting the same response. Seems to be in Spanish, so maybe a location issue?


Hard to get excited about this when it’s so hard to book once, let alone scale it.


i got ERROR when trying to load the Groupon es page via iberia..:(

We’re sorry
The page you have requested is not available


2,000 Avios isn’t enough to go anywhere, but times 16 it could be which is why I feel so bad the link to the Iberia Plus Shopping Portal to Groupon isn’t working for me.


same here.

x16? you only got $19×16 points per purchase.