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Greg’s Top Picks: Showstopping credit card offers! (Nov 2020)

We're seeing a deluge of fantastic credit card offers! The pickings are so good right now that I separated my top picks into two sections: showstopping credit card offers (now with the new Amex...

Air Canada Aeroplan: The all-new program is now live. Here’s what you need to...

Air Canada's new loyalty program is now live.  Not interested?  Think again.  Air Canada Aeroplan points can be used to fly any Star Alliance airline (United, Lufthansa, ANA, etc.) or non-alliance partners (Etihad is...

Aeroplan awards cheaper than expected when flying Air Canada

Air Canada's new Aeroplan frequent flyer program is now live (read about it here).  I logged in to see if award pricing met expectations and I was pleasantly surprised to find that awards booked...

Credit card cell phone insurance compared

Last week, I wrote about my experience using credit card cell phone insurance protection. While my claim was ultimately approved, I came to the conclusion that it wasn't really a win given the large...

The 8 Best Hotel Credit Cards

In the US, most hotel credit cards are worth their annual fee whereas most airline credit cards are not.  That statement is a gross oversimplification, but I believe that it trends true.  With both...

Wyndham Credit Card Discounts In Action: Sometimes Good, Sometimes Not

A couple of months ago, Barclays launched three new Wyndham credit cards (see New Wyndham Earner credit cards review: Surprisingly strong). Greg was excited about the business card version, as was I - despite the...

Manufacturing spend & cash with buyers clubs

This week we talked a bunch about buying bullion: the US Mint had a very limited edition gold coin available - and both buyers clubs and private buyers were offering a bundle. On Frequent...

Hyatt cash or points? Which should you book? Now with video instructions.

Hyatt is currently offering incredible promotions for points stays and for cash stays. To help you figure out which to book, we built FM's Hyatt Cash or Points Tool.  And now, we've added a...

Is a buyers club a good idea for you?

This afternoon, many of us will try our hand at scoring a super rare coin with the hopes of flipping it for a small fortune with a few clicks of the mouse while also...

Wow: Emirates ending First Class awards w/ partner miles in April

Emirates will no longer allow partner access to First Class awards as of April 1, 2021 according to the latest mileage statement from Alaska Mileage Plan. This is surprising and if true it is hugely...

Pandemic battle: Sapphire Reserve vs. Amex Gold

A few years ago, Chase's Sapphire Reserve card was arguably my single favorite card, but when the revamped Amex Gold card hit the scenes, it quickly became a worthwhile competitor.  And when the pandemic...

(EXPIRED) New Coin Deals: Over $2500 spend plus $1,000+ profit

UPDATE: PFS Buyers Club has increased the commission for each gold coin to $1,005! Update from Nick: I wanted to add a few notes to what Greg originally wrote here. First, given the low mintage on...

Credit card cell phone insurance success & lessons learned

I hate phone cases. My wife "Some people" think I'm crazy, but I just don't think it makes sense to buy a sleek, thin, beautifully designed electronic device only to hide it in a...

COVID Credit Card Enhancements Ultimate Guide (Added Amazon, Target, and Walmart)

Travel rewards credit cards don't have the same appeal during a pandemic.  To keep our business, card issuers have been throwing temporary new perks our way.  We've seen a constant barrage of COVID credit...

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