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Should I go for Marriott Titanium Elite Status?

I have a bit of a conundrum here. I had previously decided not to re-qualify for 75-night Marriott Titanium elite status, but circumstances have me questioning that decision.  Surprisingly, this year to-date, I've earned...

Anatomy of an Aeroplan award

I've really come to love Aeroplan more and more this year. Obviously it was a big tool on my path to victory in the 3 Cards 3 Continents challenge, but I also find it...

Greg’s Top Picks for November: Ultimate Rewards Bonanza, Southwest Companion Pass (and much more)

If you're interested in diving into Ultimate Rewards points, this is a great time to do so.  Currently there are best-ever offers for the Ink Business Cash card (the path to earning 5x everywhere)...

X1 Card Review: 2x to 4x Everywhere. Fee Free.

The X1 Card is finally available to everyone without a waiting list, and so it's time to republish this review.  The card earns a minimum of 2x points for all spend, but with a...

If you could be gifted status, which would you choose? (on Nick’s mind)

A question came up while I was hanging out with a group of points and miles experts recently that I found more difficult to answer than I first expected. Julia from Geobreeze Travel asked...

Best options for buying Visa and MasterCard gift cards

Visa and Mastercard gift cards can be extremely useful tools to maximize rewards on credit card spend.  These cards are sold both in fixed denominations and in variable-load forms where you can put anywhere...

World of Hyatt: Complete list of all-inclusive properties in Mexico and the Caribbean

In March of 2022, Hyatt released a separate award chart for the 100 all-inclusive properties that it acquired with the purchase of Apple Leisure Group. These properties are located throughout the world and are...

How to use your Chase Ultimate Rewards fortune

Given that at the time of this writing Chase is offering an 80,000 point bonus for their Sapphire Reserve card and all-time-best 90,000 offers for their Ink Business Cash and Ink Business Unlimited cards,...

Avianca LifeMiles sweet spots for award flights

Avianca LifeMiles is one of my favorite airline programs because of unique sweet spots, the ability to "hack" awards to pay fewer miles than the published award chart rates, and the fact that there...

Points for family travel

Ever wonder how to leverage points, miles, and credit card benefits to enhance your family travel? This week on Frequent Miler on the Air, Greg and Nick discuss strategies and share tips to help...

Pay taxes via credit card, 2022 edition

You might not like paying taxes, but when you pay taxes via credit card can be quite rewarding. The key is to earn credit card rewards that more than offset tax payment fees. For...

Chase 5/24 Rule: How to Count Your Status (3 Easy Ways)

With most Chase credit cards, Chase will not approve a new card application if you have opened 5 or more cards, with any bank, in the past 24 months.  This is known as the...

Business class for 4 or more: finding multiple seats for family award travel

Yesterday, Greg posted soliciting ideas for our next Frequent Miler challenge (side note: I have loved reading the comments -- so many great ideas!). A number of readers mentioned in the comments that they...

Frequent Miler’s next challenge: What should it be?

We recently wrapped up our 3 Cards, 3 Continents challenge where three of us competed to see who could build the most awesome 3-continent trip with the welcome bonuses from 3 cards.  That was...

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