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Brandon T

If I have multiple businesses with ink cards through chase, am I able to get this bonus more than once by applying under a 2nd business?


It should be noted that it seems that it is nearly impossible to open these accounts online. Plenty of DP over at DOC, application errors out saying they can’t open this type of account online.
I had the same problem. Sole Prop with 2x Ink cards. Had a mailer that was same bonus but only required $20k that expired yesterday. Still same error. Got new mailer in the mail last night for new offer with $30k requirement. Tried it too and got the same error.
If anybody is able to open online, I’d love to know which combination of business structure / business type is the key.


Last time I went to branch to open. The banker wanted business license. I had it from the County. She opened it with no problem. It’s quick and easy to do it at branch.


I have done it online

Brandon T

Same Here


Can’t open online…


Every time I try to apply online as a sole proprietor it gives me an error. Any suggestions other then going into a chase?


I’m thinking about taking advantage of this. Just got a Ink Unlimited card in March. I can hit 2k spend with it pretty easily. Clarification: if I wait until day 25 or so to deposit the 2k, does the 2k in spend on the Ink card have to be in the SAME month, or the month following?

[…] 【2022.4 更新】新的开户奖励是 $300/$500/$750。HT: FM. […]


That’s the big catch. You cannot be a current client.

Carrie Kalenda

24 months up in July, if I close my account tomorrow 90 days = August 3, pushing the limits?


thx, thx for the article… how to know for sure if u r targetted easily? I have tried about 3 times and I always go til the last window to then receive an error, I m already a biz chase customer but only CC holder, never ever a biz account w them…

Alex H

Took advantage of their 750 deal last summer so I’m out on this unfortunately. I didn’t see you guys post anything on the Wells Fargo $1500 deal and I was surprised. I wondered if you were holding off to not kill it too quickly

Jan W

Whoa! Sure wish I had known about that one!


What Wells Fargo deal? Is it still on?