Two Increased Credit Card Offers – Chase Ink Plus 60K & Lufthansa 50K Now Live!


Chase Ink Plus 60K Offer

chase ink 60k

As Greg the Frequent Miler reported yesterday, it appears that the sign-up bonus for the Chase Ink cards will be increasing for National Small Business Week. As of now the offer for the Ink Cash is still at 20,000 points, but we have found an increased offer link for the Ink Plus.

Chasing the Points is reporting that a source has relayed the increased offers for both Chase Ink cards will be in place from May 4 until May 25. He is also reporting that the annual fee will be waived if you apply in-branch.

Increased Ink Plus Offer

60,000 Ultimate Rewards points after $5K spend in 3 months (usual bonus: 50K) $95 annual fee is NOT WAIVED. You can find the application link here.

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Lufthansa Miles & More 50K Offer

chase ink 60k

Barclaycard has increased the sign-up bonus on the Lufthansa Miles & More card to 50,000 miles. (20,000 after first purchase & 30,000 after spending $5,000 during the first 90 days.) The normal bonus for this card is 20,000 miles after first purchase.

You can find the application link here.

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[…] Two Increased Credit Card Offers – Chase Ink Plus 60K & Lufthansa 50K Now Live! – Ink Plus offer expires 5/25. […]

[…] Via Frequent Miler, the Lufthansa Miles & More MasterCard 50,000 mile bonus offer is back. […]


Mike: 1. Yes, you can downgrade your Plus to a Cash. 2. Definitely. And it’s like the Inquisition! Very unpleasant, even with a legit biz.

CSP: It likely won’t make a difference b/c personal and biz cards don’t really effect each other too much with Chase.


i have CSP which i’m looking to cancel. Should I can that 1st, then apply for Ink? How long to wait after canceling to apply?

[…] Two Increased Credit Card Offers – Chase Ink Plus 60K & Lufthansa 50K Now Live! […]


Am thinking of applying for the chase business cards.

1. am I able to downgrade the chase ink plus to avoid the annual fee?

2. if I apply and the application goes to review, will I have to talk to someone on the phone eventually to answer questions about my revenue, etc?

[…] Yesterday I wrote about the new Chase Ink Plus 60K offer as a Frequent Miler Quick Deal. While the increased bonus officially isn’t supposed to start until Monday, there is already a live link. (It is not on their public page.) You can find out more in my post. […]


I don’t think it is worth of using $95 to buy 10,000 miles by getting the 60,000 signon bonus with the $95 fee, unless you really need the miles.



Thank you for posting the offer.

I recently applied a Chase Ink Plus with a sign on bonus of 50K. So I called in today asking for a match for the 60K offer. The CSP said they cannot change the sign on bonus. I’m wondering if you have any suggestions for me to get the increased bonus?


[…] just brought back the Ink Plus 60,000 sign up bonus after $5,000 spend in 3 months as reported by FrequentMiler. BUT that’s not all — there is also a Refer-a-friend bonus of 5,000 per new signup […]

[…] Per Frequent Miler’s Quick Deals, the Chase Ink Plus card is back with a 60,000 point signup bonus. […]


Hi FM,
I used the 60k link and could not find an explanation for the year fees waived in the terms. Just left from a local branch and was told they only see the 50k miles thru their system. Got the banker to call them and double checked that 60k offer Comes with $95 fees upfront and THEY WON’T WAIVE IT AT THE BRANCH so essentially is eiither 50k & waived fee for the first year or 60k and $95 fee which works out almost the same? What do you guys think?
Also I noticed the United Visa card with the 50k miles offer only valid until tomorrow 5/2… Would like to apply for the two, the Ink and the United… Since both cards are issued by Chase and being today Friday and almost closing business hours… Can you see any issue applying online for both? Any suggestions?
Thank you’all


Curious why this post isn’t showing up on the main home page or in my RSS newsfeed. Last post seems to be the no fee Club Carlson 12h ago.



[…] Frequent Miler, there’s an increased 50,000 mile sign-up bonus available on the Barclays Miles & More […]