(Back Again) Chase Sapphire Reserve adds Marriott Gold fast track


Marriott Gold is the second lowest of Marriott’s elite tiers and offers a modest set of benefits including 2pm late check-out, 25% bonus points on stays, free premium wifi and upgrades to non-suite rooms.

Complimentary Marriott Gold status is already a benefit of the American Express Platinum card and the American Express Business Platinum but now Chase is offering its Sapphire Reserve and JP Morgan Reserve cardholders complimentary Marriott Gold status for three months with the opportunity to extend it through February 2025 with 3 stays.

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The Deal

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve and JP Morgan Reserve cardholders have access to three months of complimentary Marriott Gold status with the option to extend through February 2026.

Direct link to offer (existing members can log into their account and go to the benefits tab)

Terms and Conditions

  • Register by September 30, 2024.
  • Once registered, you’ll receive Marriott Bonvoy Gold status for a period of three months
  • Stay three paid nights that are booked directly with Marriott during the three month period and receive Gold status through February 2026

Quick Thoughts

Marriott Gold isn’t the most inspirational of elite statuses, things don’t really start getting good until reaching Platinum, which is the next rung up. Unfortunately, this offer doesn’t seem to give you any sort of fast track past Gold, so you’re still starting from square one to get to the 50 required elite nights for Platinum.

That said, if if you have Marriott stays coming up, you might as well register for the offer,  it’s better than nothing, especially since you can extend it through all of next year with only three stays. That said, I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to arrange stays in order to fulfill it.

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Bonvoy Status 2024:

Silver= “Late” checkout if the manager is feeling really nice and no one else is there, less spit added on your pillow

Gold= “Wow you have a platinum card, we are all really very impressed”, not the bad room, 2pm checkout (probably), no spit on pillow

Platinum= “Wow you got the nice Bonvoy card and/or stayed a dozen nights on top of your annual credit card room credits, how dedicated”, breakfast included if you paid $50 a more for a booking on Marriott.com instead of Priceline, an actual suite upgrade when the planets align, likely a late checkout, clean sheets on your bed.

Titanium= “Ok you actually stay at Marriott properties or got roped into lifetime status when we bought Starwood”, Platinum but you have a real shot at a suite once they draw your name out of the fishbowl of all the other Titanium members

Ambassador Elite= actual status but nothing like what it claims


For Bonvoy, the hotels are the customer. The member/guest is the product.

The larger the potential pool of guests, the greater value for the hotels.

Value for the members/guests?

[…] Update 7/8/23: Deal is back through February 2025. Hat tip to FM […]


Sort of a joke that Amex somehow has figured out how to offer it with their premium card yet Chase hasn’t


FM: “Better than nothing.”

Marriott: “Challenge accepted.”

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When everyone has status, no one has status.


With Marriott, it seems more like no one has status, unconditionally.


Marriott properties no longer provide any benefits to plats or golds. Why bother?


Talk about being on the fast track to nowhere.

Reno Joe

Where does one NOT sign up?


I’m an authorized user on the card and I was successful in getting the Gold status. Marriott is a distant third for me in terms of hotel programs, but yeah… I’ll take it for my upcoming 3 night stay. Requested on Saturday, account updated today.