Check for new United MilePlay offers


United has targeted some members for its latest MilePlay promotion, whereby you can earn bonus miles with qualifying activity. Unfortunately, I wasn’t targeted for any offer at all this time around, but your luck may be different.

This is Stephen’s most recent United Mile Play offer

The Deal

  • United Mileage Plus has targeted a new round of Mile Play offers. Note that not all members receive an offer and offers have historically varied widely in terms of value and requirements.
  • Direct link to registration (enter membership number to see if you’re targeted).

Key Terms

  • See your offer for full terms

Quick Thoughts

My Mile Play offers have historically required booking trips, but as you can see above, Stephen’s most recent Mile Play offer includes buying a gift card through the Mileage Plus X app and using United Dining. That’s the first time I can recall hearing about activities like those being included in a Mile Play offer. If I were targeted with something like that, I’d probably consider completing it!

Unfortunately, I had no Mile Play offer at all — neither in my United Airlines app nor when I clicked through the registration link and logged in.

In years past, I’ve occasionally gotten a good offer. If you do get a travel-based offer, it will frequently require spending $X on the base fare for each trip. I’ve run into situations before where, for example, each trip needed a base fare of $250 — but the fares displayed for the flight started at $248 with taxes. Keep in mind that in the advanced search, you can specify a fare class in order to book a slightly more expensive (qualifying) fare class.

a screenshot of a web page

a screenshot of a flight schedule

Of course it would only be worth considering something like that if you had a pretty lucrative offer or the difference in price were quite small, but it’s worth knowing that it can be done.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received a particularly interesting United MilePlay offer.

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My husband got the offer, but I didn’t. Interesting, since he’s never done anything with United’s shopping portal, dining program, or buying gift cards.


Opt in to United emails +300
Purchase an eGift card with the United MileagePlus X app +400
Dine with MileagePlus Dining +400

Easy peasy 300 miles


+700 Purchase an eGift card with the United Mileage Plus X app
+700 Shop through Mileage Plus Shopping

Complete both and get an extra +700

[…] Do this now: Register for your targeted United MileagePlay offer. This one wasn’t the usual “Spend X on overpriced domestic first and get Y miles”, but was instead:– 400 miles for making a purchase with MileagePlusX– 400 miles for dining with MileagePlus diningI won’t be bothering with either for what is effectively $4.40. Hopefully you get something more exciting. (Thanks to FM) […]


Not, nothing, zero. Did get an email from CEO Kirby about how safe they are.

Jeff D

Ditto for me…


Mine is up to 4,200 bonus miles:

+700 Purchase an eGift card with the United Mileage Plus X app
+700 Shop through Mileage Plus Shopping
+700 Dine with Mileage Plus Dining
+2100 Completing all 3 activities

Ends June 12

Don’t see specific minimum purchase amounts in the terms and conditions for this Mile Play offer. My prior Mile Play offers have been flight based and typically not so inspiring.


I have the same offer. This seems very do-able 🙂


I got targeted for 3,400 miles for completing 3 relatively easy acitivties.


Thanks! Not targeted either…past # of offers that I’ve received have been pretty weak