Credit Card Referrals Now Available Through The Chase App


Chase has made it easier to refer friends and family to some of their credit cards as referrals can now be generated through the Chase app.

Chase Mobile App Referrals

Referrals can now be generated through the Chase Mobile app for the following cards:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus
  • World of Hyatt
  • IHG Rewards Club Premier
  • United Explorer
  • Marriott Rewards Premier Plus
  • Chase Ink Business Preferred

The process is fairly easy – simply log in to the app and select whichever card listed above you have that you want to refer someone to. Scroll down until you see the option to ‘Refer friends’ and tap that. You’ll then have the option to send the invitation via text, email or social media.

A few months ago, American Express opened up their referral system so that you could earn a signup bonus for referring friends to cards that you don’t hold yourself. That’s sadly not the case for Chase, although you don’t necessarily need to hold one of the cards listed above.

For example, if you still have the old IHG credit card, you can refer someone to the new IHG Premier card and earn 10,000 bonus points. I therefore expect that if you have the old Marriott Rewards card, you’d be able to refer someone to the Premier Plus, but I can’t check that as I’ve already upgraded to the Premier Plus.

One downside to the Chase Mobile app referral program is that there’s initially no way of knowing what offer they’ll send your friends. The app advises how much you’ll earn as a referral bonus, but it doesn’t advise what the signup bonus and spend requirements will be. There’s therefore the concern that you’ll be sending them an invitation to something that isn’t a Best Offer. The way around this is to generate a referral link by text and send it to yourself. You can then check the link to see what offer would be issued before sending.

It also seems to be a better option to send referrals via text or social media. That’s because invitations sent via email could take up to 7 days to arrive, whereas referral links sent via text and social media are issued immediately.

The referral bonuses are also different depending on which cards you’re referring. For example, you’ll earn 5,000 points for a World of Hyatt card, 10,000 bonus points for an IHG Premier card and 20,000 bonus points for a Marriott Premier Plus card. There’s a limit of five referral bonuses per year for all three of these examples, so I suspect that’ll be the case for the other cards to, but let us know in the comments below if that isn’t the case.

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I had 2 referrals for the CSP earlier this year. I got the “Your bonus is on the way” email from Chase for both of them.

I’ve never saw 10k x 2 = 20k points hit my UR account. I’ve gone back through my UR Point and Activity report online and it does NOT show any 10k point credits in the history for this year.

Yet Chase (via secure messaging) says that 1 bonus posted on Feb 22nd and the other on Mar 2nd.

What gives? Do the Refer a Friend bonuses not show up in your UR activity report?

Thanks for any replies/advice on this issue.


[…] the news that referrals for some Chase credit cards can be generated through the Chase Mobile app, we’ve noticed that some signup bonuses on […]


Can I refer myself? Can I refer myself for a business card?


Technically you can refer yourself for a business card that you own if you have another business for which you are applying.

PJ Rizz

Wake me up when I can send a referral for one of the Southwest Chase cards…and the person that I’m referring to can receive the offer for the 30,000 point sign up with companion Pass. Otherwise I’m going back to bed