Daily Getaways 2022: First 2 Weeks Of Offers Announced


The Daily Getaways is an annual travel promotion run by the US Travel Association that provides the opportunity to buy travel-related ppackages at discounted prices. It will be returning next week, and ustravel.org just provided a preview of the first two weeks of offers:

a screenshot of a calendar a screenshot of a calendar

You can find a link to all these deals here. The calendar view provided above doesn’t state the cost for each package, but if you click on the individual dates (such as here for the first date) then you’ll see the different pricing options.


The first day’s deal is IHG Rewards Club points. The five different packages are being sold at 0.5cpp, which is a decent value, especially with cash prices where they are right now. IHG used to frequently sell their points at 0.5cpp themselves through Points.com, but that’s decreased in frequency over the last year, so this could be a good opportunity to top up.

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On 7/26, Choice Privileges points are being sold for as low as 0.52cpp but also as high as 0.60cpp. I’ve had some good luck booking decent quality properties for 8,000 points, so the 55,000 point package would effectively be buying stays at those types of properties for less than $40 per night. That said, the Reasonable Redemption Value for Choice points is 0.68cpp, so for most people these packages are probably best used to top up balances.

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Lastly, Daily Getaways is selling World of Hyatt points on 7/29 for 1.2-1.32 cents each, significantly less than our Reasonable Redemption Value of 1.6cpp. It’s also significantly cheaper than the cost at which World of Hyatt sells points directly. I’ve been getting upwards of 2.5-3.0 cpp on Hyatt redemptions lately, so this offer would be tempting. That said, the Hyatt offers normally sell out within minutes and it feels almost like winning the lottery to get one.

screens screenshot of a hotel

Daily Getaways used to be a can’t miss event each Summer, with absolutely fabulous deals that were worth setting alarms for. Now, it seems like there’s less and less deals that move the needle and the deals that are appealing are more and more difficult to get. We’ll continue to keep up-to-date on the offers and have more in-depth posts on the better offers before they go live.

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Tim, How did you buy 1 mil points. I thought the limit was 300K?


Thoughts on the Accor getaways? Has anyone purchased these before?


A total of 16 Hyatt deals? Almost better odds winning the lottery.

Last edited 1 year ago by Jules
Hector G

Hyatt being sold out within minutes…haha. Split seconds would be more accurate. While I am disappointed as to how hard Hyatt points are hard to acquire (and this is yet another example, like their credit card sign-up), I am glad they have avoided flooding the market with points to generate quick revenue. This is partly why we continue to be able to get hotel rooms relatively easily, even during the insane demand we are currently seeing (and hence get such high cpp).


do DG purchases go thru points.com? if not, who?


Last go round charge came thru as “US Travel Assoc” Gifts & Donations NOT travel


Hey Tim, on 7/27, you can get Marriott Gift Cards for 20% off, which seems like a pretty good deal too: https://dailygetaways.ustravel.org/Home/Index/2022-07-27

Buying IHG and Hilton points at the price that IHG and Hilton usually sell their points seems pointless.

Might as well try really hard on the last day (7/29) to see if I can get a Hyatt points package.