(EXPIRED) Delta Amex Offers: Spend $350/Get $100 back or Spend $200/Get $75 back

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There are at least two new targeted Amex Offers for Delta Airlines that are appearing on some American Express cards today. The first offers $100 back when you spend a minimum of $350 and the second offers $75 back on a minimum spend of $200. I found them on both business and personal cards. Both offers allow you to meet the required spend in more than one transaction.

Delta usually has a variety of Amex offers that feature different configurations of spend/cashback, so there may be even more out there.

The Deal

  • Get a one-time $100 statement credit by using your enrolled eligible Card to spend a minimum of $350 in one or more purchases directly with Delta Air Lines by 9/30/2022. Flight must originate in the U.S. and purchase must be in USD.
  • Get a one-time $75 statement credit by using your enrolled eligible Card to spend a minimum of $200 in one or more purchases directly with Delta Air Lines by 9/30/2022. Flight must originate in the U.S. and purchase must be in USD.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid for purchases made directly with Delta Air Lines through U.S. delta.com, via Fly Delta U.S. App, and U.S. reservation telephone line.
  • Flights must originate in the U.S., including U.S. territories, and purchases must be in U.S. dollars to qualify.
  • Offer valid only for purchases where Delta Air Lines is the merchant of record, such as airfare, fare upgrades, seat selection fees, baggage fees, standby fees, and Delta Sky Club® memberships.
  • Excludes the following: (i) purchases in-person at the airport where Delta is not the merchant of record, lounges, and sales offices, (ii) all purchases on-board flights including food, beverage, and WiFi, (iii) stand alone hotel bookings and car rentals through delta.com, (iv) purchases through third parties or affiliated agents, and (v) Delta Vacations®, Delta Dive, Delta Cargo, On Demand Charter services, Delta Flight Museum, SkyMiles® Marketplace purchases, SkyMiles Experiences™, SkyMiles Cruises, Delta Meeting Network, (vi) travel insurance/trip protection, gift card purchases, and charitable donations.

Quick Thoughts

These are fairly consistent with recent Amex offers that we’ve seen from Delta, offering between 28-38% back on spend. They’re fairly easy to hit for anyone with regular Delta spend, as you can reach the minimum spend in more than one transaction.

Update: It looks like Delta has recently updated their website and now all gift card purchases appear to be redirected to Cashstar pages, making it impossible to trigger the Amex Offer via a gift card purchase. We have no clue if this is temporary or permanent. But, in the short term, the only way to trigger the Amex Offer for credit would be to buy a ticket, wait 24 hours, and then cancel it for the credit. This is less flexible than a gift card though, as it will have an expiry. (h/t: reader Satellite)

If you don’t need to book any actual Delta flights before the end of September, you can buy Delta gift cards to take advantage of the offer. Just mind your P’s and Q’s when you do it.

There are three different ways to buy Delta gift cards – directly from Delta’s website and from two separate CashStar pages. In order to trigger the statement credit, you need to buy directly from Delta rather than CashStar, so this is the page you need to buy them from.

For some reason payments seem to be processed differently depending on if you buy gift cards on desktop or mobile, to make sure you get the statement credit, it’s best to buy on desktop.

Again, Delta often has numerous iterations of these Amex offers, so leave a note in the comments if you find anything outside of $350/$100 or $200/$75.

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Mike D

Seems like I never see these offers on my Delta Reserve Card. Is the Platinum Card a better card to have?


Nothing on all 3 of mine

Mark R.

Dud, not targeted on either Platinum or Delta Reserve.


Nothing on all 4 of mine.


FYI, the gift card via desktop site trick might not work anymore. 

I made a purchase on the desktop site. The transaction is showing up as “DELTA AIR LINES GC” while for earlier offers it didn’t have the “GC” part. Some quick search shows that this is enough for Amex to detect this as a gift card. No email for offer being used. 




do share your results whether it triggered the credit ultimately or not. thanks!


It did NOT trigger.

Last edited 6 months ago by satellite

I noticed the website looked slightly different from last time and I couldn’t enter the exact amount (only select from predefined amounts), but I still thought it would work. Oh well, I’ll burn through this $400 gift card soon anyway.

Last edited 8 months ago by satellite

good thing I waited…I see the CASHSTAR logo on the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE now. Not sure I’ll bite now, for a credit that will expire in a year (Or end of 2023? – aren’t all ecredits good until then)…I don’t think I have a use for it based on my current travel plan.

…YES, all credits acquired in 2022 as well as existing ones (As of Jan 12, 2022 press release) will be good until end of 2023. Also – the credit can be used for 2024 travel – but bought in 2023.

I just used up $500 in credits that had an end of 2023 expiration. So maybe I will still bite…though I need to analyze my 2H 2023 / 1Q 2024 travel a little more.

here’s the verbiage:

Title: Unmatched travel flexibility: Delta extends ticket validity through year-end 2023

“Furthermore, all Delta customers with upcoming 2022 travel or who purchase a ticket in 2022 also have the flexibility to rebook their ticket through Dec. 31, 2023, and travel throughout 2024, if their plans change.”


Do you find the offers on the Delta site or the Amex site, when I log in?


To blatantly steal from a previous poster: (in my best Charlie Brown voice) I got a rock. Actually, 8 rocks.
I am not feeling the love, Amex. Here I am a DL hub captive who always needs any DL help there is, and nada.


Wonder if the targeting factors in that you are a DL hub captive. Probably…my charges are harvested and they come to the conclusion, you fly enough, but need to spend more $$ on Delta, not United / AA / Southwest / other.

If you make a video substituting yourself for Cuba Gooding Jr – show me the Delta $$ Amex!! send that to their customer service, maybe it’ll help your cause.


I’m sure you’re right. Having two DL cc probably doesn’t help me hide, either. Not that I would ever charge a ticket on one.

I’ll consider the video idea, but I’m not quite as cute as Cuba, so . . . .


$200 – $75. 38% off…pretty dang good. Not even sure I need the Delta credit…but I’ll bite.


$75 off $200 for myself and P2.


Instead buying a gift card, just buy a $200 flight, then cancel and book the travel credit.


Doesn’t the gift card have more flexibility with no expiry and anyone can use it ?


Is travel credit only for person that bought ticket? Or can you buy a ticket for someone else with credit? Thanks


Got $350/$100 on Plat Biz and Blue Biz Plus