(EXPIRED) Delta Award Sale: 60k RT To Australia In Economy

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Delta is running a great award sale to Australia, although there’s a catch – the low pricing and wide open award availability is for economy class.

Kangaroo Australia

The Deal

  • Book economy tickets to Australia from 60,000 Delta SkyMiles round trip.

Key Terms

  • Cheapest pricing available between LAX and SYD.
  • Availability from end of July to end of November.

Quick Thoughts

Delta’s award pricing to Australia can be astronomical at times. For example, if you want to travel in December some dates are pricing out at more than 200,000 SkyMiles round trip.

This award sale is therefore significantly better at only 60,000 SkyMiles round trip. That pricing is only available when flying direct from LAX to Sydney, but it’s wide open. For example, here’s the availability for at least 8 people in September:

Delta award sale LAX-SYD availability September 8 passengers

If you need to fly from elsewhere in the US, it’ll cost you a little more. However, many airports are available from 80,000 SkyMiles round trip – here’s the award availability for Norfolk, VA to Sydney.

Delta award sale ORF-SYD availability September

Although the pricing is good, the key thing to be aware of for this award sale is that you’ll be flying in economy class. You’re looking at a 15 hour flight to Sydney and 13.5 hour flight back which is a long time in economy. Having said that, the best sleep I’ve ever gotten on a flight was when we flew economy from the US to Australia many years ago on Virgin Australia, so it can be done. I’m just glad we were able to take advantage of the recent United award sale for business class for our trip to Australia next year.

This award pricing has apparently been around for a couple of days, but with these Delta award sales there’s no knowing how long it’ll last. It’d therefore be best to book ASAP in case the sale gets pulled sooner rather than later.

h/t The Points Guy

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Thanks FM one of ur better calls for me.I ordered my ip13 mini $52 I ran out of points. Their back ordered so instead of getting it at my Apple store I have to get it then work that mess out.


Winter time I bet and or Floods ect..


Nice deal if you want to travel low season. Ridiculous pricing for high season (Australia summer) especially for economy.


still closed to unvax. Even then, no thanks. Maybe another year. Who wants to go after their strong arm tactics? Lots of friendlier places in the world.

Jim Lovejoy

So they don’t let selfish insane people in? That’s a plus for me.

Brad C

Probably for anti-vaxxers own good at this point. There’s so much Covid in Australia I don’t see how anti-vaxxers can go there without getting seriously sick or dying. Maybe another decade when anti-vaxxers stop using up all the hospital resources.


I agree and I’ve been there.They had riots and people beat up for What.Then there were people who couldn’t get back in for 2 years. Their the sane ones Yanks are Crazy. Nice place but maybe in another year or 2 and I had the Booster before anyone called it that ..


[…] Hat tip to FM […]

Larry K

That is awesome that Delta is offering to give me 60k miles to sit in coach back and forth to Australia. Barely worth it but still. It’s a nice offer.

Oh, wait . . .


80,000 Economy
820,000 Delta One

Must be one heckuva seat.


It’s 905,000 for LAX-SYD on some dates, wow! A giant middle finger from Delta to anyone who wants to use Skypesos to fly anything other than kettle.


Only 9 SUBS needed for Delta One. U got this !