Double Avios Shopping (Buy miles for .67 cents each!)


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The British Airways shopping portal is offering double points for all merchants this weekend.

Important: When you browse to the British Airways Shopping Portal make sure to switch to the US version of the site if it defaults to the UK site:

BA Shopping Portal Switch to US

This offer has led to some fantastic deals.  One that jumps out at me is the ability to buy Avios for less than a penny per point.

Do you remember my post “Buy miles, get a date (76 miles per dollar)“?  In that post I showed how you can use the BA Shopping portal to buy Avios for 1.32 cents per mile by signing up for a dating service (regardless of whether you actually use that service).  That deal was based on an earning rate of 76 Avios per dollar.  Now, BA is offering double points: 150 Avios per dollar!  This is for first time customers only.

UPDATE 3/2/17 10:50pm Eastern time: The deal appears to have expired.  Clicking through the portal produces an error that says, “Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher – Advertiser Partnership Status”.  We will keep you updated if there is any news to report. eHarmony may still be alive.

BA Shopping Over 100X

Assuming that still has a $197.88 package available, this weekend’s deal should result in 29,682 Avios!  That comes to .67 cents per Avios ($0.0067)!  That’s dirt cheap!  And while Avios points aren’t great for all awards, they do have extreme sweet spots that make them very much worthwhile.  I don’t usually buy miles anymore (since I earn so many from signup bonuses and promotions), but at this price I’ll consider it.  A similar play should be possible with eharmony as well (but I haven’t researched that option).

UPDATE: Readers have reported that you can un-bundle your subscription to to make it more expensive.  This One Mile at a Time post has the details on how to do this and earn up to 82,285 Avios for $548.57. You can also see our update.

Other deals

Check your Amex Offers for deals that overlap with these.  For example, you could stack the current Sunglass Hut Amex Offer (Spend $200, Get $50 Back) with the BA portal’s 16X rewards.

Sunglass Hut Amex Offer

BA Shopping Sunglass Hut

Another stack we noticed (by “we” I mean “Nick”) is Ebags which has both an Amex Offer and is 24X through the BA portal.

Nick also pointed out the following:

  • T-Mobile 15,000 for new service.
  • Safeway…..2,000 for new customers. I don’t see any minimum purchase. They only deliver in California, Arizona, Maryland, Oregon, Delaware, Virginia, Washington and Washington D.C. Might have to send a can of coffee to someone.

What deals have you found?

This offer is only available through March 5th.  Please help out other readers by reporting in the comments below any great deals you find!  And, likewise, read the comments before shopping to get ideas from other readers.  Thanks!

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