(EXPIRED) Earn 10x On Up To $6,250 PayPal Spend On Personal Marriott Amex Cards

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Update 10/5/21: I’d thought this offer was now open to all personal Marriott Amex cardholders because I was able to register for it despite not having the offer show up in my Amex Offers. However, comments below unfortunately suggest it’s still targeted to some extent.


American Express has come out with a great new deal for personal Marriott cardholders, offering 10x points on PayPal spend through the end of the year.

PayPal Marriott 10x

The Deal

  • Earn 10x points on PayPal spend with Marriott Bonvoy & Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express credit cards.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires December 31, 2021.
  • Enrollment required by December 17, 2021.
  • You will earn 8 bonus Marriott Bonvoy points on top of the 2 points you already earn with your Marriott Bonvoy American Express Card or your Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card (for a total of 10 points) for each dollar of eligible purchases when you use the Card for transactions made with PayPal at eligible merchants, on up to 50,000 bonus points in total eligible purchases with your enrolled Card.
  • Valid only for purchases made in U.S. Dollars using U.S. PayPal accounts. PayPal accounts associated with any non-U.S. country are ineligible. Purchases made by both the Basic Card Member and Additional Card Members on the Card Account are eligible for the offer.
  • Eligible purchases means purchases for goods and services minus returns and other credits. Eligible purchases do NOT include fees or interest charges, cash advances, purchases of traveler’s checks, person-to-person payments, the purchase or reloading of prepaid cards, and purchases of other cash equivalents. Additional terms and restrictions apply. Points received from your Card will be posted to your Marriott Bonvoy member account up to 12 weeks after the end of each month. To be eligible to receive points, Card Member’s account must not be cancelled or in default at the time of bonus fulfillment. Points may appear on your account in more than one deposit. Points may be reversed if the eligible purchase is returned.

Quick Thoughts

When Doctor of Credit shared this deal yesterday, it initially looked like it was a targeted offer as it didn’t show up in the Amex Offers on my Marriott Bonvoy American Express card. However, he’s now updated that post as a reader shared a direct link to the offer that should allow anyone with a personal Marriott Amex card (both standard and Brilliant) to enroll in the offer.

Those cards normally earn 2x points per dollar on non-bonused spend such as PayPal purchases, so this deal adds an extra 8x bonus points per dollar. With a limit of 50,000 bonus points available, that means you’ll max this out when spending $6,250.

PayPal is a 5% category on Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex cards this quarter, but this offer for 10x points on select Marriott cards could be a better payment option depending on how you value Marriott Bonvoy and Chase Ultimate Rewards points, as well as how easy it is for you to generate points in each program. Having said that, these can be both/and spending offers rather than either/or if you’re able to spend a lot via PayPal one way or another, especially with the Chase Freedom and Freedom Flex 5% limits only being $1,500.

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Dawn G

Has anyone gotten their points from this promo?

mike oneng

I used it at egifter to use $10 off $40 gpay deals and I receive the 8x at marriott by paying with paypal


Hi Stephen. Quick question about stacking this promo. If I use PayPal to prepay some upcoming stays at Marriott, can I double dip by getting the extra 8x here plus the usual 6x my card gives me for Marriott expenses? Or will it not code as Marriott if I use PayPal to pay? How about the Amex offers? Will paying via PayPal still trigger an Amex offer for Marriott spend? Thanks!

Last edited 11 months ago by Dan
Brendan Greenley

Anyone have any data points on if PayUSATax triggers this 10x promo?


Their paypal site never works!!!


any data point on whether this applies to kiva loans made using paypal?


I received an email about this offer on my Amex Marriott card (formerly SPG). Nov 7


Something is wrong here. I see the offer in my account but when I click to add it is says “You are already enrolled…”. But when I check my Saved Offers it does not show. So no idea of knowing whether I’m already enrolled or not.


In fact it’s weird…the error message is the same as the error message when one would after a duplicate enrollment in Amex’s create-a-payment-plan offering.

You have already enrolled in this promotion.

Thank you for your interest in this special promotion from American Express. Our records indicate that you have already enrolled. Please continue to use your American Express® Card for all your purchases.

Thank you for your continued Card Membership.

You have already enrolled in this promotion.

Thank you for your interest in this special promotion from American Express. Our records indicate that you have already enrolled. Please continue to use your American Express® Card for all your purchases.

Thank you for your continued Card Membership.

Create a Plan Add Another User


I was able to sign up from the link. Unfortunately my local property tax wants to charge 4% convenience fee for pay pal vs. 2.5% for Bank of America visa card. With BAC highest status, I get 2.625 back. Still deciding if pay pal is worth to get Marriott points. Thoughts ?

Last edited 1 year ago by VIS

Does Simon accept PayPal? And if so would Amex see the transaction as “PayPal” or as “Simon” (almost certainly clawing points back)?

Last edited 1 year ago by Jeff

Might this be available on a newly approved Amex Marriott card, such that this stacks/overlaps with the minimum spend requirement for the SUB? Any data points yet for those new cardholders? Contemplating getting the business version.


I used PayPal to pay for gas and it showed up on my amex as Shell, so will I still get 8 additional points ? It does not show as PayPal


I completed a transaction via PayPal and it is showing under the retailers name as pending. So I have the same question.

Terry H.

Thank you! I was actually able to sign up (You have successfully enrolled..) through the DoC link.


This still appears to be at least somewhat targeted. I didn’t have the offer originally and was able to sign up now with my Bonvoy Brilliant, but a friend with a Marriott Bonvoy got this message when trying to sign up via the link: “We’re sorry. This promotion is only open to invited Card Members.” So they may have cast the net wider, but not completely open?


I got that same “only invited” response too.

Phil Ridolfi

I got the same response as well.


So did i, it didnt work for me


As Amex no longer attaches to PPK, it’s more difficult for organic spend.


There is also the spend $7500, get 7500 points offer this year. I probably will max the Paypal offer out with an estimated tax payment, which will get me close-ish to the 7500 offer (which sort of makes it 11 Bonvoy points/$).


How do you make an estimated tax payment via PayPal, now that PPK doesn’t work?


payUSAtax accepts Paypal. The past few years I have used this when Paypal was a Chase Freedom category. Has worked great.


PayPal charges at 3% fee for goods and services, right? So if I used my card to pay, for example, a friend for consulting services, then I would pay about a $200 fee on the $6,000-ish charge, right? If she did the same, then the net cost to me would be the $200 fee, so my acquisition cost of 50,000 Marriott points would be 0.4 thanks for point, approximately, by my math. Seems only slightly better than the valuation of Marriott points on a sense for point basis do I have the math right?


Thanks – I did the math more precisely and it comes out to 0.36 cents per point so a decent savings compared to the value of a Marriott point.