Earn 10x Wyndham Rewards When Booking Viator Experiences


Wyndham Rewards has launched a new partnership with Viator that offers 10x points per dollar when booking travel experiences.

You can also redeem Wyndham Rewards points for those same experiences, but it represents terrible value.

Wyndham 10x Viator Experiences

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Points are earned at a rate of 10 points per dollar when paying solely with credit or debit card. If you book an activity using Wyndham Rewards points, you will not earn points on the transaction.

Quick Thoughts

This partnership is hosted on Wyndham’s website but is powered by Viator. The great thing is that it looks like prices are the same when booking via Viator’s white-labeled offering for Wyndham as it is when booking directly on Viator’s own website.

For example, here are some options for San Francisco on Wyndham’s website.

Wyndham 10x Viator Experiences San Francisco

For comparison, here are those same experiences when booked directly on Viator’s website (the minor price differences appear to be the result of rounding to the nearest dollar on Wyndham’s website).

Viator Experiences San Francisco

Side note: my wife and her friend visited San Francisco last summer and rented some GoCars while they were there and loved the experience zipping around the city in them.

GoCar riding in San Francisco
GoCar riding in San Francisco

Viator is available on most shopping portals and occasionally goes up to 10%/10x on Rakuten and 10% cashback on other portals like TopCashback and RetailMeNot. In fact, RetailMeNot has offered 20% cashback a few days per month for the last few months. Those 10-20% rates aren’t always available though, so being able to earn 10x Wyndham Rewards points every day of the year is a great option to have as a backup when portal rates aren’t as high. Note that this Wyndham/Viator booking option isn’t via Wyndham’s own shopping portal; it’s a separate part of their website you can access using the link provided in the ‘The Deal’ section.

What was initially interesting too is that you can redeem Wyndham Rewards points for these same experiences. Upon further inspection though, it turns out that’s a terrible option because the redemption rate only gets you 0.35cpp of value. The Reasonable Redemption Value of Wyndham Rewards points is 0.82cpp, so you’re getting decidedly unreasonable value by redeeming Wyndham points for Viator experiences.

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