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is it just me or does the offer expiration date for the $900 chase bonus with the provided link say 04/17/2024, not the 01/24/2024 as stated in the article?

Billy Bob

This blog does not update things too well.

Repeat Offender Captain Greg

I’m a little confused by your interpretation of the wording for the savings bonus. To be clear, you have to deposit $15k within 30 days of enrollment and then still have it there at 90 days from the date you signed up, right? So, if you timed it perfectly, you would just have the money there for 60 days (from day 30 to day 90). In reality, you probably want to make sure the money is there by like day 20 and probably hold it there until you’re at least a few days past day 90, right?

I guess the point is, once you sign up, there’s no rush to move the $15k in. It’s actually better to leave it elsewhere gaining interest for a couple weeks then move it in, right?

Biggie F

You raise a great point about the card – bank account connection, and how shutdowns on one side can lead to shutdowns on the other. And, for Chase in particular, yes, that does give me pause.

And yet … isn’t the “usual” problem that folks with strange banking activities, such as MO deposits, can trigger shutdowns that kill their cards as well? Or are you saying that, say, cycling on cards will get more unwanted attention – because one now has bank accounts, too? I had thought that the idea about not mixing functions was generally a warning to keep the banking accounts related to MS and related activities different from the card-issuing banks. In which case, just having a couple of dormant Chase accounts does not seem like an issue.

Trying here to understand, not argue.

Mark P

I have a very similar thought and question… totally makes sense that you wouldn’t want to MS with an Ink Cash card and then deposit MOs into a Chase checking/savings… but if they are deposited into another banks’s checking account, there shouldn’t be any risk, right?


0 interest on the checking, .01% on the savings. hard pass


$200 ~= $15k at 5% for 90 days
The rest is the real bonus.


Opened last chase checking 12/21 and closed sometime in 2022 if I wait till lets say january and then use this bonus, will I be eligible?


After direct deposit into checking, checking bonus posted in less than a week. I ACHed from a business I have a relationship with. In a month, I should get remainder of bonus. Free money….