(EXPIRED) Earn Increased Payouts From TopCashback (3% Amazon Bonus, 6% Visa Bonus & More)

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TopCashback has increased the bonuses amounts you receive when requesting a payout for the cashback you’ve earned. The Visa gift card bonus is the best here, but some of the other options might be worth it if you want to avoid any kind of hassle by sourcing discounted gift cards elsewhere.

TCB 12.17.19

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Expires January 2, 2020 at 2am PST.

Quick Thoughts

TopCashback usually offers a 5% bonus when cashing out for a Visa gift card, whereas with this bonus they’re increasing that to 6%. It went up to 7% last year, but 6% is still a nice little bonus.

Here’s a list of the different bonuses available:

TCB increased payout

As you can see, the Visa gift card bonus is the best deal here. A 3% bonus on Amazon gift cards is OK, but you can do much better than that. For example, there’s 4x bonus Membership Rewards with an Amex Offer, 5% from Discover It, 25% off using a Staples Amex Offer in-store, etc. If nothing else, you could request a Visa gift card with the 6% bonus and spend it on Amazon.

The other brands can often be bought with decent discounts on Raise, so unless you simply want to remove the extra step of purchasing from there, it’s not worth cashing out for brands like Sephora, Nike, etc.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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Get the Visa eGift card and then immediately buy a gift card for any store you want for the exact amount of your Visa eGift Card. Then you end up with the 6% Visa bonus translated into the gift card of your choice.


I too have always taken the cash, but was temped last time they did the increased payout. If I remember correctly you might want to read the fine print on that e-visa, I vaguely remember something about a 6 month expiration or something along those lines

Billy Bob

Don’t use TopCashBack. You will find that 1 or 2% less is fine because you won’t get the headaches when dealing with them vs the ones that actually pay out without hours of follow up.
Should they decide not to pay, they will pull the ‘other channel’ bs and close the ticket. You can’t dispute beyond that, and they use this tactic. Beware. Use the established ones.


Dude why do you always pop up when TCB is mentioned, we get it you had a bad experience. Fact is many many people use TCB and find it useful and tracking to be sufficient. You telling everybody to steer clear of one of the most popular and reputable shopping portals just because you had a bad experience is like telling people they shouldn’t fly one particular airline because they screwed up your seating.
I’ve cashed out multiple times over the years with never so much as a hiccup


Hello There,

I’m very sorry to hear about your negative experience with TopCashback. To ensure our members the best chance at cashback, we always offer tips and suggestions that help with this. If a merchant decides not to release the funds to us, there is usually a logical reason behind this. Sometimes the transactions may have not tracked. We always recommend our members to clear their cookies on their browser before shopping through our site, and also to make sure they don’t have any ad/pop up blocker on their browser that would interfere with tracking. Also, every merchant has their own terms and conditions that our members need to follow to get cashback. For example, some merchants won’t allow the use of a coupon with purchase. Our many members are enjoying the benefits of TopCashback everyday, and we would love for you to reap the rewards as well!

If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to email us at promotions@topcashback.com.

Thank you! 🙂

Matt B

I’ve only ever requested EFT to my checking account which sure is simple. If you go the Visa route, do they mail a physical card or is it an e-delivery?