Easy $25 with Thank You Preferred [Targeted?]


Citi is out with an offer to earn 10% cash back (up to a maximum of $25) as a statement credit with the Citi Thank You Preferred card.

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The Deal

  • Earn 10% cash back (paid as a statement credit) on eligible purchases in categories like shopping, groceries, gasoline, travel, and more (up to a maximum of $25)

Key Terms

  • Register by 8/31/17
  • Make purchases by 9/30/17
  • Excludes purchases made at restaurants and on entertainment

Quick Thoughts

This one looks like an easy $25 if you’ve got at least $250 in purchases to make over the next couple of months. This deal is likely targeted — Greg got the email with a link to register in one click. If you received this offer, I recommend registering as it only takes a few moments and it’s a great deal for unbonused spend. The email didn’t contain detail on which purchases are “eligible”, though “shopping” sounds pretty broad. Note the exclusions on restaurants and entertainment, but no similar restriction on travel.

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[…] Easy $25 with Thank You Preferred [Targeted?]: Register by 8/31/17, purchase by 9/30/17) […]

[…] Frequentmiler got the 10% offer and others got the 5% one on their ThankYou Preferred card. These offers are the easiest since they work on all spend, besides restaurants and entertainment. Valid through 9/30. […]


Wife is at 5%. All I got was a rock.

Biggie F

Yep… 5%. Still better than 4% or 3% or 0%. Not as good as 10% or even 6%.


5% here as well


Probably should add the “targetted” part in the title to avoid being seen as another of the many click bait experts out there.


It’s just $250. Seems like something taken care of with a gift card to your grocery store of choice, Amazon, or similar.


Only 5% here.


Email subject?