(EXPIRED) More Easy Rewards: Fee-free Visa Gift Cards at Staples

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On the heels of this week’s fee-free Mastercard gift cards, Staples will again be offering fee-free fixed-value $200 Visa Gift Cards from May 26, 2024 to June 1, 2024. The limit is again eight per customer per day (although some stores may allow more).

Different stores appear to have different policies regarding the variable-load $200 cards that some Staples now sell. Some folks report that fees are waived when they purchase them…others find that they aren’t. Your mileage may vary.

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The Deal

  • Staples will waive the $7.95 activation fee when you buy a $200 Visa Gift Card between 5/26/24 – 6/1/24.
  • Direct link to weekly ad (see the 5/26 ad page 5)

Key Terms

  • Offer valid May 26 – June 1, 2024.
  • Limit 8 per customer per day (YMMV on whether your cashier / store allows or enforces the limit)
  • In-store only

Quick Notes

These deals can be great way of getting rewards through spending at office supply stores. If you can buy 8 at a time, that’s a potential of $1,600 that’s possible each day. Note that some stores may allow you to purchase more than 8, and we also hear occasional reports that some managers will only sell a smaller amount despite what the ad says.

See our Current Visa and Mastercard Gift Card deals page for other currently-available deals.

Other times this deal has run recently at Staples:

Fee-free Visa Gift Card Sales

  • 4/28/24 – 5/4/24
  • 3/31/24 – 4/6/24
  • 3/3/24 – 3/9/24
  • 2/4/24 – 2/10/24
  • 1/7/24 – 1/13/24
  • 12/10/23 – 12/16/23
  • 11/12/23 – 11/18/23
  • 10/15/23 – 10/21/23
  • 9/17/23 – 9/23/23
  • 8/20/23 – 8/26/23
  • 7/23/23 – 7/29/23
  • 6/25/23 – 7/1/23
  • 5/28/23-6/3/23
  • 4/30/23 – 5/6/23
  • 4/2/23 – 4/8/23
  • 3/5/23 – 3/11/23
  • 2/5/23 – 2/11/23
  • 1/8/23 – 1/14/23
  • 12/25/22 – 12/31/22 (only on $100 cards)
  • 12/11/22 – 12/17/22
  • 11/6/22 to 11/12/22
  • 10/9/22 to 10/22/22
  • September 25-October 1, 2022
  • September 4-September 10, 2022
  • August 7-13, 2022
  • July 10-16, 2022
  • June 12-18, 2022
  • May 8-14, 2022
  • February 27-March 5, 2022
  • January 16-22, 2022
  • December 12-18, 2021
  • October 31-November 13, 2021
  • October 17-23, 2021
  • September 26-October 2, 2021
  • September 5-11, 2021
  • August 8-14, 2021
  • July 11-17, 2021
  • June 13-19, 2021
  • May 9-15, 2021
  • February 28-March 6, 2021
  • January 17-23, 2021
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was able to purchase 8 cards on a Wednesday.


Can this be used for an AMEX SUB or is it disqualifying? Thanks


Don’t use it for amex SUB. You risk having your points being clawed back


How do you liquidate these gift cards?


You use them just like a debit or credit card.


Ok thanks. Anyway to cash it out?




Just purchased $1k visa at Staples. P2 was screaming, that $1k could be earnings 4.5 to 5%. Lol.


OK. Because I’ve learned so much from the comments on this site. I’ve earned 100s of thousands of miles doing this — buying MC or Visa gift cards with my Ink at Staples or Office Depot, then using the cards to settle bills. (I’m lucky, there’s an ODP on my way home from work…)

HOWEVER. You should mind that there’s a downside — one of my cards got hacked last week, and BHN has TERRIBLE customer service. Sure, I got the money back… I’m careful! I keep spreadsheets and take pictures and usually use the cards within 15 minutes of buying them. AND STILL, I got hacked. Got made whole. Don’t cry for me. But there is no such thing as a (totally) free lunch, and if you buy these cards, know: 1. They get hacked. 2. BHN is horrid. 3. Be organized. (I am totally disinterested in arguing with anyone. I’ve been playing this game LONGER THAN YOU HAVE BEEN ALIVE and I play it better than just about anyone, hosts of this site excluded.)

Churning the candle at both ends

I’m new to this…..what’s the best way to protect yourself from being hacked? Can you set up a PIN right away?


My local Staples was selling them today – $200 fee-free VISA gift cards.


My Chase offer has a 10% cash back on purchases on Staples.com purchase. Does it count if I buy the Visa gift card online (despite the $7.95 activation fee)?


No,since this offer is for in-store purchases only.


My Staples cleric just wanted to educate me that I don’t get the full $200 value from one of these cards because there are transaction fees, separate from the activation fee. He recommended using it for the biggest purchase amount possible instead of many smaller ones, losing something like 70 cents each time…

I can’t find any research that supports this, does anyone know the truth about this?



This “cleric” has clearly not completed his formal religious training in the ways of manufactured spending. He clearly has misinterpreted the teachings of his spiritual forebears, because what he is dispensing is IME total BS, and I say that after purchasing/spending more than 250K of VGC via these Staples deals.


I was surprised to see the statement that the fee free promotion will not be applied to the variable version of the Visa card $20-$200. I have bought a bunch of these cards over the past few months as the $200 version was gone from the racks and have had no issue with them ringing up without the activation fee. I will have to try it this coming week and see how my Staples store rings them up and the activation fee drops off? Maybe something has changed.

Dick Bupkiss

It’s not “Now live”.


Reading through the comments below, it seems like these are a bit pain to use or liquidate.

Any suggestions on the easiest way to use these? Can I add them to my phone wallet?


I was able to purchase 8 cards on Sunday and 8 cards on Monday. I was able to split tender payment on Sunday, but manager on duty on Monday had no idea how to split tender.

Sea Pea

This game is getting too popular. We have one staples in the city and all the cards sell out the first day. We are going to have to start camping out on Sunday morning like concert tickets…..


FYI EVERYONE: I was told by their CS that these Visa / MC giftcards can not be used to pay Utility bills. Also can’t be used for Ebay, Paypal, or anything that might code like any online payment service (samsung pay, apple pay, etc).

If you try to (like I did), the card will get cancelled, and then you have to call their CS so they can mail you out another card 2 weeks later with your previous balance.


ALSO, paying for gas “at the pump” never worked for me. I was always forced to walk inside the store and they the clerk how much money I wanted to charge on my card for pump # _____.


yes, that is how you have to use them at a gas station.


I was able to pay my utility bill last month with these. Has it changed since then?


has not changed, you can do that. no problem


I find them unuseable just about everywhere, too! I can sometimes use them at a grocery store but only if it’s for an amount less than what’s available on the card. I’ve read that people have success draining those left over small amounts at Costco. Please, give me your tips! Do you just buy Amazon and other types of gift cards that you can load into an app?


you can use them at grocery store even for amounts greater than what is on the card if you go through a regular cashier and do split tender. most machines at automated check out lines do not do split tender, although some do.


You can also use them at Costco as well!

Ed S.

I use these for just about everything, including payment of utility bills (specifically electricity, and municipal water/sewer/garbage). The issue you’re describing sounds like a case of YMMV based on which payment processor a person’s specific utility providers use, as opposed a sweeping generalization “these cards can’t be used to pay utility bills”.


Always remember that CS reps are badly paid and badly trained. They have a habit of just making things up to get people off the phone. If you get the same info from multiple reps over multiple calls, it’s worth something, but just once? Pretty much ignore it.


You can 100% use them to pay utility bills, no problem. Just register them first. Been doing it for electric and water forever.


Do these need activated. I tried to pay IRS taxes, but it wouldn’t work. Something about wrong zip code? How do I do this?


The big downside of these Staples Visa / MC giftcards is that they can (mostly) only be used for ACTUAL PURCHASES in store and SOMETIMES online (no Ebay).

So no paying bills allowed. If you try (like I did) the card gets cancelled and you have to call them to mail you out a different card.


Wanted to clarify that by “Bills” I meant utilities, but I had no problem paying medical bills.


wrong. you can pay your bills on line, I do for water, electricity, state farm and a lot of other bills. no problem.


register them on line. for use on line.


will be there today. Hopefully I can buy 8 instead of two.