Easy moneymaker: Spend $30 at AT&T, earn a profit [Targeted]


Doctor of Credit is reporting the latest round of a targeted offer that may be available in your online login at several banks, including Bank of America, Regions Bank, Suntrust Bank, BBVA, BB&T, PNC, Columbia Bank, Beneficial Bank, and Christian Community Credit Union. The offer is simple: Spend $15 two separate times with AT&T by November 14, 2017, and you will get more cash back than you’ve spent. There are different versions of the offer; if targeted, you could receive $100 / $75 / $50 depending on the offer. Even if you don’t have any AT&T service, you can buy two accessories for $15 each and still make an easy profit, donating or giving away the items and keeping a few bucks for yourself.

The Deal

  • Targeted offer to earn $100/$75/$50 cash back after spending $15 two times

Key Details

  • See your targeted offer for expiration date
  • Space transactions out over at least two different days to be sure they count separately
  • Don’t forget to add this offer to your card before using it

Quick Thoughts

These AT&T cash back offers come and go, but I had wrongly ignored them for a long time under the (incorrect) assumption that you needed AT&T service to take advantage of them. As Doctor of Credit notes, there are a number of banks using the same back-end system, which is why your account could be targeted with a variety of banks. At Bank of America, you would see this under your “Deals” section. The expiration date seems to be either 9/30/17 or 11/14/17, but see your deal for details. While this deal is targeted and won’t be available to everyone, it’s a nice money-maker if you have it. There are a few ~$15 accessories available (one is shown in the picture above). Don’t forget to shop for a portal and earn some cash back — and don’t forget to add this offer to your card before shopping (similar to an Amex Offer). See the Doctor of Credit post for some key tips on utilizing this deal,

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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To clarify – Must activate by 9/30, use by 11-14.

Earn $50 cash back when you make two transactions with AT&T wireless using your eligible card associated with this offer.

Call 1-800-868-9708, visit AT&T.com or come into an AT&T store today!

Offer expires 9/30/2017. Must make two separate transactions with AT&T on wireless products or services of at least $15.00 on the card associated with this offer by 11/14/2017. Your $50 cash back is earned within 30 days after making your second transaction. See offer details. Taxes, fees, other charges & restrictions may apply. Add’l speed, usage, and other restrictions apply. Offer valid one time only.


I have Bank of America.
How do i see if I’m targeted?
Will it be under BankAmeriDeals?

Anirban Mukherjee

Can I make 2 payments on my AT&T post paid bill to get this offer? I got an $75 offer from my bank


If you are targeted don’t just make two purchases…make sure you click to add/activate the offer before you buy useless items. I forgot last time.