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Stefan Krasowski (@rapidtravelchai)

@Tim – lower requirements for the banker $1,000-$1,500 offer, finding bankers is the main issue.


It’s 90 days for me… not 60.

Avi Kerendian

Did this last year, and like many others, wasn’t target and BoA did not honor the bonus. Tried pushing back and to no avail.

You win some, you lose some. Oh well.

AVI Kerendian


Just did this in December 2023. Saw on end of March I got the $1000 bonus. I was not targeted but I did get a letter about how to the meet bonus after I opened the checking account. Now that I received the bonus, can I take the money out?


Also never got my bonus for this last year, they asked me to send in evidence of the targeted offer


I did this at the end of 2023, even though I wasn’t directly invited.
Was a bust. Bonus never posted, and I waited plenty long (3 months past the ‘completion’ date.
So, BEWARE and think about the negative ROI of parking $30k there and eventually getting nothing.

Also, depending on how you move your money there, they charge $15 for a wire transfer IN.


This is the first negative DP you’ve heard? Check the comments at DoC. Most people who weren’t targeted didn’t get the bonus.


I was also not targeted. Opened the account on 10/26/2023, and kept the money in for 90 days. Have not received the bonus yet. Planning on contacting BofA about it once I stop procrastinating.


Same, I did this on the last round and it was also a bust. I think they changed something in the coding. There is a guy who runs a podcast “ChurningLife” who was actually targeted and after approval, didn’t have the bonus offer attached. He had to escalate it to the executive office to get his bonus.

Given the recent change and the high opportunity cost of $30k at 5% interest rates, I do not recommend this one if you aren’t targeted.


Where can I get the screenshot? I have a case that’s currently pending from BOA


BoA said there wasn’t a bonus offer attached to my account and asked for the promo code I used. I gave them the promo code, but they again said it wasn’t attached to my account. Since I wasn’t actually targeted, I didn’t have any grounds to push back. I agree with you, sounds like it’s happening regardless of if you’ve been targeted or not, but at least in Connor’s case he was actually targeted and could push back.


I didn’t originally see your comment about non-targeted folks being successful with a screenshot. I guess that may work. Personally, since I wasn’t actually targeted, I didn’t bother pushing back. The way I personally see it is that they caught me trying to game them out of $1k and I don’t care enough to escalate further. I lost some opportunity cost with 90 days of 5% interest but oh well, that is just the game. I have moved onto new deals.