Everything you need to know about Travel Companion Tickets


Visa Infinite

While the Southwest Companion Pass is undeniably the single best companion ticket option around, it is not the only one.  Far from it.  After publishing my tips for using Delta Companion Certificates, I made a list of all of the companion ticket options I could think of.  And it turned out to be a pretty big list:

  • American Airlines CitiBusiness Companion Certificate
  • American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator Silver MasterCard Companion Certificate
  • Alaska Airlines Companion Fare
  • American Express Platinum International Airline Program
  • Amtrak Companion Coupon
  • British Airways Travel Together Ticket
  • Cathay Pacific Companion Ticket Awards
  • Delta Companion Ticket
  • Hawaiian Airlines Companion Discount
  • Lufthansa Companion Ticket
  • Southwest Companion Pass
  • Virgin America Companion Ticket Discount
  • Visa Infinite Discount Air Benefit

Of course, while some of these companion tickets are very useful, others are less so.  And the details vary considerably.  So, I created a new resource on this blog: Complete Guide to Travel Companion Tickets.  Currently, the page lists all of the above companion ticket options along with the following information:

  • Pros and cons
  • Link to official info about the companion ticket
  • How to get the companion ticket
  • What are the flight requirements for the companion ticket (e.g. the bad ones require purchasing full fare tickets)
  • What is the companion benefit (e.g. free flight?  $100 off?  etc.)
  • How to book

Overall, I see this as a first step towards a complete reference.  Going forward I’d like to create complete guides for each of the useful companion ticket options and link to those guides from this reference.  I also plan to expand the page as new companion options are identified, and to keep it up to date as things change or as we discover errors.

Please click through and let me know what you think!  Again, here’s the page: Complete Guide to Travel Companion Tickets.

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[…] Everything you need to know about Travel Companion Tickets […]


THANK YOU GREG! Always wanted such a list!

However, I thought there are more right?

Virgin Atlantic Black/White Companion Ticket Discount?
US Airways Premier World MasterCard – Old Barclaycard?
AeroMexico Visa Signature Card?
FNB Omaha Graphite American Express Card? (Discontinued?)


Thanks. I needed this info. Great topic


This is great! Had no idea you could use the companion certificate on Alaska without being the “main” traveler. Just used my Alaska Wallet funds (from a cancelled flight) for 2 family members to save them a bunch on their tickets!


Great compiled resource. Thank you


I am hoping to make use of my annual Alaska Airlines companion fare for $121 for the first time after several years. Paying a lot for the first ticket has always been a problem for me. My wife and I each have a Citi Prestige with $250 Airfare statement credit. Is it possible to split payment for 1 $500 plus Alaska ticket onto 2 Citi cards?

Nick Reyes

Hey Larry — I published a post today answering your question. The short answer is: sort of. You can buy an Alaska Airlines GC with your wife’s Prestige card and apply it to your Alaska My Wallet. The one snag is that you can’t use My Wallet funds for an itinerary that includes Virgin America. If your flights are all on Alaska, you should be good to go with that method.

Perhaps I’d suggest buying a smaller denomination first to be sure you get the Prestige credit — but you should. Check out the full post: