Evolve Money adds Discover as a payment source


Evolve Money is an online bill payment service that accepts debit cards (including Visa and MasterCard gift cards) as sources of payment.  Now, they’ve added Discover credit cards as a new option.  And, just like with debit cards, Evolve charges no fees for paying with a Discover card!  Here’s a link to the announcement.


Travel with Grant has all of the details here.  He found that he was not charged a cash advance fee! 

UPDATE: Shortly after I published this, Evolve Money sent an email to their users announcing the ability to pay with credit cards. 

Additional info from the email:

  • They confirmed the ability to pay by Discover card and that there is no fee (except for Express payments, as usual).
  • Payment by Visa and MasterCard will come in 2015
  • Through December 31st 2014, Evolve is waiving their $1.50 Express fee (for same day payments).
  • Evolve has simplified payment scheduling
  • Evolve has a new end user license agreement here.
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This is an email that I received from the Evolve Support Team: “Thank you for your email. For Discover cards it must be used to charge the same day.” As of now, same day payments, are free until 12/31/14. However, this means that in the future, it will cost $1.50, for each payment with a Discover card, and possibly the same format for Mastercards and Visas.


Does anyone know if you can pay a retail cc, ie. Sears or Home Depot, with your Discover cc now?


Does this receive rewards (1%), or bonus rewards for this quarter (5%)? If anyone knows please chime in. 🙂


I just paid my electric bill with Evolve using Discover, normally could not pay this bill with a credit card. Excellent.


Can’t pay credit card bills? ACH transfer or send check with EM right? ATM withdrawals? Those without mortgage , car payments are out of luck?

The Value Traveler

Looked at Evolve before–not sure whats different than the usual way of going thru my cable/utilities and just pay with a card directly with them…Until you can send money peer to peer using them, I will sideline it….for now.


Evolve Money is best if used to pay bills that cannot be paid for with credit cards. First, think of all the bills you pay on a monthly basis. Then think of all the bills that you cannot pay with a credit card (either credit cards are not accepted or if they charge a service fee to use credit cards). Then look on Evolve Money to see if those billers are supported (if they are not supported, you cannot pay them). That is the best approach to Evolve Money.


Terms say no payment to creditors with credit cards.
So would that rule out loan payments?


FM, i just got an email from evolve that visa & MC will be allowed in 2015…


I got that same email. I also just paid a small bill using Discover, and my statement closes next week, so I’ll learn whether the payment earned 5% cashback for being online.


I don’t think it’ll earn 5% cash back. Right?


You wrote on a previous post that Evolve would raise the limits for large payments(mortgages) Sept/Oct 2014. Has this happened yet?

Also, you mentioned that Evolve would start to take credit cards for payments Oct 2014, this go live too?


Probably useful to some. The limit of $999 per biller per calendar month will prevent many people from being able to use this for Mortgages.


I hope this is the first of many positive changes to Evolve Money. Greg, will you be at #westcoastdo this weekend?