Free Hulu ($50 back on $50) with new Amex Offer [targeted]

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There is a new targeted Amex Offer out today for some free Hulu. This offer is good for $50 back on $50 or more at Hulu.

The Offer

  • Spend $50 or more, get $50 back at

Key Terms

  • Must enrolls card by 8/23/17 and spend a total of $50 by 2/24/18

Quick Thoughts

Hulu has a few different plans. They market two different types of plan:

And then if you click on the plans on the left, it further breaks things down into two options for the “cheap” Hulu plans:

So with this new Amex Offer, you can essentially get 6 free months of the cheapest plan. I imagine there are taxes added to the $7.99, so you’ll probably end up paying a little something for that sixth month (or, if there aren’t any taxes added, you’ll need to pay part of a 7th month to trigger the offer).

At any rate, not a bad deal for some free streaming. This isn’t the first “free” Hulu offer, though I remember the previous offering being $15 back on $15 and available much more widely — this offer was only available on 1 card each for my wife and I. Still, we haven’t used Hulu in a couple of years and might consider giving it another shot for free. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to cut the cable, this might help you get there.


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Can I get Hulu for like a month, take 2 months off, restart it, and all the charges will still be good for the Amex offer? Or does it have to be a nonstop subscription?

Joe W

You just need to accumulate a total of $50 from hulu before the offer expired.


Can this be stacked with Swagbucks 2000pt offer?

Greg The Frequent Miler

I’m sure that this does work with existing subscriptions. The previous similar Hulu offer worked for me even though I was an existing subscriber. I’m sure this one will too

Joe W

So there is no way to tell this offer applied to existing user except that link (which sounds like it is for new user? I was just canceling my subscription the day before this amex offer pop up. I guess hulu doesn’t want to see me go yet. 🙂

Joe W

Just a follow up… my first Hulu Amex Offer just triggered yesterday after 5 months (2x basic plan + 3x no commercial plan)


I’m already a Hulu subscriber for the $11.99 deal. I went to the website and chose “log in”. The URL in the browser is this:
So that does seem to show that we used the link and I imagine existing users can get the credit as well.

Now, I just have to maximize this deal. I have it on 3 cards, and at my $11.99/mo plan, it’ll take 5 months to get the credit. My next payment is due 6/4 so I’ll get a credit following the 10/4 payment. Then I’ll use a different card, which will make its 4th payment on 2/4, just missing the $50 mark. I suppose I’ll just add something I don’t need for that final month. I really don’t have any need for any other services.


How do you get these good Amex offers? Most of the time I do not get the offers mentioned. I have SPG, Delta, and 2 Hilton cards.

Ivan Y

Do these Hulu offers work with existing subscriptions?


Hoping it does. Got targetted on 3 out of 4 cards and would definitely use it out.


Any DP’s on if this works for Hulu gift cards?
I remember in the past there was an Amex offer that worked for gift cards, but I don’t know if that’s still the case.

Mike Miller

There’s no way to spend the $50 at one time with Hulu.

Enroll your eligible Card by 8/23/17 and spend a total of $50+ at by 2/24/18 to receive a
1X $50 statement credit. Eligible purchase must be completed by 2/24/18. See terms for exclusions.”

The only way this would make sense would be to sign up and hope the offer kicks in once you pass the $50 spent.


Which is exactly what this, and previous Hulu Amex offers, do.


I didn’t get targeted on my biz platinum card, sadly. Any idea which Amex cards were targeted? I really enjoyed my offer that I quickly took advantage of.


I already subscribe to Hulu and have a targeted offer for $5.99/month until the end of the year, so this will take me through to January – nice. The “” URL in the terms also goes to an old landing page (a $25 credit that expired in early 2017)


Bummer, not targeted on any of my or my wife’s cards.


Multiple window not working. Opened 2 windows (yea…I’m a rook). clicked, approved, tabbed to next window..denied. Opened one in incognito and tried a different offer I didn’t care about, worked. So, the “trick” is slowly getting closed, it would seem

Greg The Frequent Miler

I think it’s more likely that you hit upon a glitch. The multi-tab approach worked fine for me across 4 cards that were targeted.


I’ll log in later today after the default timeout occurs (their internal, not website) and try again w/ a different offer across the 2 cards to see if it occurs again. By logging into ie & chrome I was able to get them as well.


I’m curious. At $12 a month for the commercial free plan, how do you leverage this across multiple cards by February? From what I’ve read, the Live TV Beta is not ready for prime time. I suppose one could add some of the premium services to increase the monthly fee, but, if possible, I would rather extend time than add value.