Freedom 4th quarter 5X update


Every 3 months, Chase offers new categories with which Freedom cardholders can earn 5 points per dollar (up to $1500 in spend).  This quarter, the bonus categories are and “Select department stores.”  This is an update to the post “How to maximize Chase Freedom’s 4th quarter 5X?”  It turns out that in that earlier post I got at least one thing right and one thing wrong.  Read on…

Sears gift cards

In my earlier post, I said that I did not think that buying Sears physical gift cards at would result in Freedom’s department store bonus.  I’ve since verified that this is true.  When you buy e-gift cards from they are processed by Sears (and therefore qualify for Freedom’s bonus points), but physical gift cards are processed by Kmart and do not qualify.  Unfortunately, while shopping portals pay out for purchases of physical gift cards, they do not payout for purchases of e-gift cards (except briefly in October, they did, but that’s another story).

Kmart in-person

In the earlier post, I noted that Chase was most likely giving bonus points to purchases made at stores that were coded as department stores.  And, I noted that my local Kmart seemed to be coded that way.  Unfortunately, I tested a purchase there and found that I was not awarded bonus points.  So, to be safe, stick with the stores listed on Chase’s list (see Chase’s list here).

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FM – I have the screenshot that Marriott Marty is requesting. Please send me your direct email and then I can send it to you and you can post for all your followers.


Thanks Ken. You’re always welcome to email me: frequentmiler at gmail dot com. I do think that the Mommy Points post is better evidence, though, since it has a publication date at the top.

Marriott Marty

To FM and Ken,

Thank you both for your input and responses. Next time I will take a screen shot [like I do with most credit cards I apply for]. I am somewhat new to portals and gift cards and very much appreciate your blog!

Marriott Marty

FM- following up, I purchased Sears physical gift cards (to play it safe) on Oct 9 during the X16 promotion through the United miles portal. I did $502 and a separate $500 (should be 16,000 United miles) the $2 was a pair if socks using up my Sears points…I recall your discussion abot the change in terms and the possibility to get points/miles on egift cards at the time. Am I correct that on October 9, 2013 the terms and conditions for the United portal permitted gift cards? Anyone have a screen shot of that? Thanks in advance!


A screenshot of the terms & conditions can be found on Mommy Points’ post here:

Good luck!


@John – Interesting – my points and a friend’s points (who only did a couple) never posted. The cards came though so I guess I should consider myself lucky.


My points posted within 7 days from Southwest buying GC from sears but the cards have never arrived. Was told they had shipped and/or were processing on five different chat/email go rounds with sears/kmart. Ended up calling Chase to freeze the funds.

Lee A.

You can buy Sears gift cards at Sears stores which gets 5x and use them at Kmart. If you’re a shop your way rewards member and you spend $50 at Kmart, you get a coupon for 30¢ Off per gallon at BP (max 20 gallons). Kmart sells BP gift cards and kmart will accept Sears gift cards for purchases of gift cards.


Speaking of the bonuses last month – did anyone get the 9X thru southwest for buying sears physical gift cards?? I bought 30 $50 cards and have yet to get the bonus for any of them. This was my first time buying thru the Southwest Portal. Usually I stick to Ultimate Rewards or AA.

Marriott Marty

I purchased two physical gift cards through the United portal on October 9th, two separate $500 purchases. I have not received any points from the portal and it does not show as a transaction. When and how should I contact them to request points [for physical gift cards]. There is something about having to wait 60 days on the United portal, but if others have gotten points posted, I would be inclined to contact them. Any suggestions would be appreciated…


Which store did you buy gift cards from? If you bought from Sears which (at the time) said that gift cards were OK, then go ahead and contact them for help. With other merchants, you may have trouble if the T&C says gift cards excluded.


I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Chase Freedom marketing offices as they decide their schedule in 2014………with United and Hyatt’s recent announcements they may be having to wear depends to work to protect themselves……………They appear to be up the proverbial creek with just a shadow of a paddle……….seems like a ripe time for AMEX to swoop in on the jugular……………or is more like the currency collusion that each one provides the other cover to steal more from the poor frequent flyer…………..


I think you mean the Sapphire Preferred team since Freedom is marketed as a cash back card. Regardless, point taken. Southwest, United and Hyatt have systematically reduced the value of Ultimate Rewards. Luckily the points are always worth a penny each at a minimum.


I don’t look at it as cash back as I will end up putting all the credits into miles unless United and Hyatt continue to proceed like drunken sailors………If the value gets down to a penny then I will go into a manic depression fit………


Would it earn 5x to buy Amazon gift cards (either physical or e-gift cards) on amazon? My credit line is too low and would thus need to stack up multiple GCs to make any big purchase.


Yes, you can buy Amazon gift cards to earn the Freedom’s 5X bonus.


I plan on buying and re-selling PS4s on amazon to max out my CF bonus.


I only got 9/30 transaction posts.

Email the “customer support” but seems like it does not exists.


My Sears 16X posted. Too bad Amazon Payments won’t count towards Chase Freedom, but it will towards Discover cash back 5%!

Dee Tee

I got all of mine! It might take a while but they will post, that used to happen to me with Chase UR Mall all the time.


@Ken, nope I didnt get any points from that promo either. I dont know if the date at which the transaction gets posted had to be before the promo ended to get the points.


Regarding the brief portal points from the UA Mileage Plus 16x/ 12x promo back in mid Oct – has everyone received their promised portal points yet. I’ve so far only received points from 9 $50 eGC orders, there’s another 11 that were ordered at the same time that are still outstanding. Any feedback?

PS: I used my freedom card and all 20 $50 transactions processed OK.