(EXPIRED) [Extended through 3/25] Frontier offering $50 bonus for cancelling

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Update 3/25/20: This offer has been extended through today, March 25, 2020. You must cancel by 11:59pm Mountain Time. I didn’t notice if they also extended it by one day yesterday — perhaps they will continuously extend it by a day or two at a time to keep encouraging people to take action sooner rather than later.

Frontier Airlines has an interesting offer for those willing to proactively cancel upcoming travel: If you cancel by 11:59pm Mountain Time on March 23 25, 2020 for a booking that is scheduled for travel between 3/22/20 and 6/17/20, you can get a voucher good for $50 per person toward future travel. The $50 voucher can be redeemed through December 31, 2020, for travel through the end of Frontier’s then available schedule (well into 2021). That’s in addition to the credit you’ll get toward a future Frontier flight in the amount of your unused ticket. This is an interesting incentive to encourage customers to cancel before Frontier is forced to cancel flights.

The Deal

  • If you have travel scheduled on Frontier Airlines between 3/22/20 and 6/17/20 and you cancel by 11:59pm Mountain Time on 3/25/20, you can get both a credit in the amount of your original ticket (with restrictions noted below) and a $50 credit toward a future Frontier flight than can be used until 12/31/20 to book travel through the end of the available Frontier booking schedule
  • Direct link to more information

Key Terms

  • This offer: 1) is valid effective March 21, 2020 at 12:45pm MT, 2) cannot be applied to previous cancellations, and 3) ends at March 25, 2020 at 11:59pm Mountain Daylight Savings Time.
  • Offer valid only on bookings made on or before March 20, 2020.
  • Credit for the full amount of the unused ticket will be moved to a credit shell that may be redeemed up to 90 days after cancellation, however travel does not need to be completed within the 90 days.
  • The $50 per person travel voucher:
    • May be redeemed through December 31, 2020
    • Is not available to bookings made through Apple Vacations, bookings made as part of a vacation package, Group travel bookings, itineraries booked with Volaris or including Volaris codeshare flights, frequent flyer redemption bookings, or employee benefit travel
    • Is one-time use
    • May be applicable only to ticket fare
  • Additional terms and conditions may apply

Quick Thoughts

I noticed this offer while updating our Coronavirus cancellation policies resource page earlier today. At first, I didn’t understand why Frontier would offer an incentive to cancel travel at a time when other airlines are offering incentives to book travel (in the form of flexible tickets). Then Stephen Pepper called it in an email conversation: Frontier is looking to avoid refunding you when they inevitably have to cancel flights due to reduced demand and/or travel restrictions. This policy incentivizes customers to agree to let Frontier keep their money (since you get a credit toward a future flight instead of a refund).

Here’s the thing to keep in mind: if you cancel your flight today, you will receive a Frontier credit in the amount of the ticket that can be used within 90 days of cancellation. In other words, you’ll have to book your replacement ticket within 90 days of the day you cancel — that booking can be for any time through the end of the available booking schedule. Currently, Frontier is allowing booking through 11/8/20. If you were to cancel on Monday, March 23rd, ninety days from that date would be June 21, 2020. That means you’ll have until June 21st to book future travel and one would reasonably expect that the booking calendar will likely be extended into early 2021 by that point. It’s therefore reasonable to hope that you’ll be able to make use of that credit as we certainly all hope travel will be safe again by then.

The $50 credit then must be used for a reservation booked by 12/31/20 — again, since you can book through the end of the calendar, you should be able to use that credit well into 2021. Note of course that the voucher can only be used toward the fare of a trip (presumably not taxes and certainly not baggage, seat selection, etc).

Of course, the other problem is whether or not Frontier stays in business. We’ve already seen a couple of small US airlines that have announced an end to operations. Frontier is larger than those outfits, but much smaller than the major players. If domestic flight restrictions are implemented and/or Frontier just has to cancel too much because of low demand, it’s not inconceivable that their financial position could become precarious. On the other hand, we surely all hope this passes us quickly enough to keep everyone in business. It’s hard to predict the future at this point.

Still, this is an interesting offer, particularly for those who initially booked really cheap flights. If you had a booking that only cost you $40 or $50 to begin with, the risk is low in accepting that as a credit and also getting another fifty bucks for a future trip.

If I had an existing booking that was particularly expensive, I  might hold out to get a refund or file a chargeback if necessary — but if my existing booking was pretty cheap, I might take them up on this. I don’t have an existing booking — but if you do, this is worth consideration.

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Hi, I want to know if the Credit shell and the 50 US voucher can be used at the Same reservation. Same time? And, I know that the voucher is just to use for the fare of a trip, but, The credit shell could be used for the fare trip, Seats, luggage and the Den Membership?

Please help me. I have to take desitions.

Hola. Me gustaria saber si el credit shell y el voucher de los 50 dolares su pueden usar en la misma reservacion.

Además quisiera saber si el Credit Shell se puede utilizar para pagar, ademas del costo del boleto aereo, las maletas, asientos y la tarifa de la membresia de Den?

Fawn lebowitz

Ok I took the deal. On March 30th I cancelled my April 24th flight. I was expecting a credit shell and $50 voucher. Today I opened my credit card statement and frontier refunded the total amount back on my credit card! I am not complaining. I am thrilled. Just shocked I got all my money back.


so I canceled and took the credit refund and 2 $50 vouchers. I am now trying to book my new trip for the credit of $150 but a pop up keeps saying it cant find my voucher. Anyone else able to get through to speak to some one, to get this issue resolved. Been calling for a week and still cant get through.


I’ll have to try that thank you

Kathleen Albright

I don’t understand why Frontier is still selling tickets for the same date and flight (TPA-PHL on May 7) that they are offering us vouchers to cancel our flight.


I observed the same thing for my flight (April 7 to BUF-MCO).
Frontier keeps extending the deadline for the voucher offer and yet continues to keep the flight in their schedule. There must be something strategic to that.

Kathleen Albright

What I don’t understand is that Frontier is still selling seats for the exact date and flight for which they are offering to give us vouchers for if we cancel our flights we have scheduled for that date.

Smart Shopper

I did not take the $50 voucher offer and I received an email this morning from Frontier stating I need to call their “rebook” number since there was a change to my flight. I waited on hold for 60 minutes and was told my flight was cancelled. They gave me 3 options:
1.) Rebook for another date
2.) Get a full refund ($500+)
3.) Receive a Frontier credit for my full flight amount AND receive $100 vouchers for each passenger

I took the refund. Glad I waited. I did not want the credit.


I booked 2 tickets for May using 2 vouchers plus cash. Will the credit reflect the value of those vouchers?


I have flight from Denver to Las Vegas on April 1st
and another flight from Las Vegas to San Fransisco on April 10th
Does anyone know the chances that the flights will be cancelled?


Dear Nick, thanks for the reply.
Yes it’s through tonight.
Would you recommend taking the offer?


First of all thanks for taking the time to clarify!
I should have mentioned that my flight did only cost me 40.4 USD. But the option to cancel is grey-ed out when trying to cancel. That’s the frustrating part.

And me and my wife’s ticket to SF is worth 130 USD, and the option to cancel is also grey-ed out when logged into the MY TRIP page on Frontier webpage.

Could you help me with options here on how to cancel our trips?



NOTHING IS OPEN IN VEGAS. Take you money if you can get it. No casinos, restaurants, shows, NOTHING.
If you do come, Nick can give you my number and we can hang out at my house and watch Netlix

[…] Frontier will give you a $50 voucher for cancelling your trip on top fothe value of the trip, if you do it by March 23. Two things here. Cancel now and you give […]

Javier Garcia

I got the email from Frontier offering 50 dlls per passenger if I can cancel my booking to fly next month. I paid by booking with $500 dlls in Frontier Vouchers (gotten when Frontier canceled another previous booking) and $10 dlls with my credit card. I decided to cancel in order to get a Frontier credit for the full fare of the original ticket and get the $ 50 dlls per each one in my party (5). Guess what? My credit shell reflects only the $10 dlls. The $500 dlls are gone!
I just wrote to the airline to get an explanation and get my $500 dlls back. I read the email several times and it does not say anything if ticket was paid with Frontier vouchers and you take this offer, you will not keep the value of them, so I have a high expectation to get a positive response.


do not take the voucher. the airline is going under and the voucher is an attempt to keep your money and not give you a refund . it is a scam. weather you rebook or not, the airline will fail in under the month


We have 4 Frontier tickets booked for our summer vacation from May 24-June 2. We initially paid $199.49 for each ticket. The current cost of the same ticket is now $94.24 each. I was thinking of cancelling the original tickets, getting our $797.96 credit + $50 credit for each of the 4 tickets, and then rebooking the flight at the reduced rate saving us $421. Then we would have the $421 credit + $200 credit to use for future trips. This seems like a no-brainer. Am I missing something here?


I thought about that too, but credit is one time use. If you don’t use it all up at one time, you don’t get to keep the difference. I am considering rebooking and adding more luggage and carry ons.


You can’t use price protection?