(EXPIRED) Get $25 bonus w/ TopCashBack signup + purchase


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TopCashBack is running a promotion exclusively for Frequent Miler readers: new members can earn $25 bonus cash back when signing up by April 10, 2018 and then earning $10 in cash back.

The Offer

Key Terms

  • Must sign up between April 5, 2018 and April 10, 2018 at 11:59pm PST
  • Must earn at least $10 in cash back to trigger the $25 bonus

Quick Thoughts

This is a nice little signup bonus if you don’t yet have a TopCashBack account. It could also make for a great effective cash back rate depending on what you’re buying. For instance, TopCashBack has the best payout today at Neiman Marcus.

If you were to spend $90.91 before tax at Neiman Marcus, you would earn $10 in cash back and trigger this promotion for an additional $25 cash back. That’s an effective rate of about 38.5% cash back, which could be a great deal. Of course, that’s just one example.

As always, you should compare rates with a tool like CashBackMonitor.com to be sure that you’re getting the best rate, though with the extra $25 bonus you’ll probably come out ahead at many merchants.

Keep in mind that you must sign up by April 10th to qualify for the $25 bonus. Once you have signed up, there is no time limit as to when you need to earn your $10 in cash back. Once you have earned $10 in cash back, it should automatically trigger the additional $25 bonus. Also remember that shipping and handling charges and tax do not usually earn cash back, so remember to calculate your earnings before tax & shipping to know when you’ve reached your $10 in cash back to trigger the promo.

Note that this promotion is being offered by TopCashBack — we aren’t in any way facilitating it, nor do we earn a commission for new signups under this offer. TopCashBack reached out to offer this to our readers and we thought this sounded like a great deal for those who qualify, so we’re sharing it with you. If you have general questions, I’m happy to try to answer them, but you’ll need to reach out to TopCashBack if you have questions specific to your account.

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[…] TopCashBack is running a promotion exclusively for Frequent Miler readers: new members can earn $25 bonus cash back when signing up by April 10, 2018 and then earning $10 in cash back. We are not receiving any commission on this offer — we opted to pass the entire payout on to readers rather than take any piece of your earnings. See this post for more on this deal. […]


Still waiting on my $20 in cashback from an August BestBuy purchase with TCB. That’s 8 months and counting. $25 is a great bonus, but TCB really isn’t worth dealing with compared to eBates and others.

TopCashback support

Hi AnameOfaGuy, I’ve just checked on this and your cashback should be payable now unless recently resolved by a cashback claim. If you’re continuing to have trouble getting this to payable though, please send in a support ticket- http://www.TopCashback.com/help/54 . I hope this helps, Jack


Hi Jack, thanks for the response. I’ve had a claim open since Sept 13 (7 months). It’s still “waiting for retailer.” Each month I just get support responses asking to wait a bit longer.

TopCashback support

Hi AnameOfaguy, I am sorry to hear that you’ve been waiting for this long. We do ultimately need the retailer to give us an update and approve the cashback in order to give you any solid updates. I’m not certain how much I can do for this but if you would like to ask for myself on a support ticket or send me a private message on our Facebook page and I’ll take a further look! I hope this helps, Jack

Joe Giorgianni

Thanks! Had my own account already, signed up my wife.