(EXPIRED) Get Oneworld Status With Royal Air Maroc Status Match

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Update 4/2/22: It looks like this status match opportunity has maxed out its allowance of matching to Gold, so you can now only get Silver status with Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer.


Royal Air Maroc has launched a new status match promotion that also gets you oneworld status through March 2023.

Royal Air Maroc Status Match

The Deal

  • Earn Royal Air Maroc Safar Flyer status by matching from another airline program.
  • Direct link to offer.

Key Terms

  • Only 1 status match per person will be permitted under this campaign matching to either Safar Flyer Gold or Silver Tiers.
  • If approved, the status match upgrade is valid until March 31, 2023.
  • All status match requests are handled by and are the responsibility of StatusMatch.com and not by Royal Air Maroc, Safar Flyer or any of its affiliates.
  • In addition to other eligibility requirements, a status match will only be granted to applicant’s who’s name matches the records in the Safar Flyer program.
  • With the participation in the campaign, participants acknowledge that the data submitted to Statusmatch.com will be shared with Royal Air Maroc for verification purposes.
  • Only elite status holders of eligible airlines in the table further below, who pay the fee, and are fully validated will receive the matched status.
  • The Status Match offer is limited in number of matches and timeframe (until 31 May 2022) at the sole discretion of StatusMatch.com and Royal Air Maroc. It may end at any time.
  • Members that are approved for a status match will not be eligible for any potential subsequent status match with Safar Flyer.
  • The awarded Safar Flyer status may be suspended, revoked or terminated by Royal Air Maroc in accordance with the Safar Flyer or StatusMatch.com program terms and conditions.
  • Royal Air Maroc or StatusMatch.com reserve the right to deny the status match approval for users at its sole descretion.
  • Royal Air Maroc may take up to 5 business days after approval by StatusMatch.com before the upgraded tier is visible in the member’s Safar Flyer account.
  • Approved members will not receive a physical status card. The digital status card is available from the time of upgrade in the Safar Flyer app.

Quick Thoughts

Royal Air Maroc joined oneworld back in April 2020, so they’re not matching status from other oneworld airlines. There is a wide range of eligible loyalty programs though:

  • Aegean Airlines – Miles+Bonus
  • Air Canada – Aeroplan
  • Air Europa – SUMA
  • Air France – Flying Blue
  • Czech Airlines – OK Plus
  • Delta Air Lines – SkyMiles
  • Egyptair – Plus
  • El Al – Matmid
  • Emirates – Skywards
  • Ethiopian Airlines – ShebaMiles
  • Etihad – Guest
  • Gulf Air – Falconflyer
  • JetBlue – TrueBlue Rewards
  • KLM – Flying Blue
  • Kenya Airways – Flying Blue
  • LATAM – LATAM Pass
  • Lufthansa – Miles & More
  • Middle East Airlines – Cedar Miles
  • Oman Air – Sinbad
  • Saudia – Alfursan
  • Scandinavian Airlines – EuroBonus
  • South African Airways – SAA Voyager
  • TAP Air Portugal – Miles&Go
  • Tunisar – Fidelys
  • Turkish Airlines – Miles&Smiles
  • United Airlines – MileagePlus
  • Virgin Atlantic – Flying Club
  • WestJet – Westjet Rewards

That list is pulled from the Safar Flyer Status Match FAQs page. ITA Airways – the new Italian airline – isn’t listed as an eligible airline, but according to Lucky they are matching ITA Airways Volare status. That’s notable because ITA has been offering a generous status match opportunity of their own. You could therefore match existing status with another oneworld airline to ITA and then match ITA to Royal Air Maroc. That probably won’t be worth it if your existing oneworld status has the same level and expiry date that you would end up with when matching to the Safar Flyer program due to the fee you have to pay.

Yep, Royal Air Maroc is charging €49 (~$55) to process your status match. That might be off-putting for some, but if you’ll be able to take advantage of the oneworld benefits you’ll receive (such as access to American Airlines’ Flagship lounges when flying domestically), that fee could be a good investment.

Silver status with Safar Flyer matches to oneworld Ruby, while Gold status matches to Sapphire. You can view the list of benefits for those oneworld status levels here.

h/t View From The Wing

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I have had no luck even setting up an account. I keep getting the message request failed.
are others having this problem?
I have tried on multiple systems with multiple browsers.
please offer any advice.

Biggie F

Thanks very much for posting this. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to join Safar Flyer and get matched to Gold Club with Royal Air Maroc. Talk about a Hail Mary: Last embers AA Exec Plat to ITA Volare Executive to Royal Air Maroc Gold!

I am hopeful that this will make flying AA, Iberia, BA tolerable, but like Josh and Sean (just below), I don’t know how I go about applying this thing. Can I add it to existing AA reservations? Do I need to add it to not just get in clubs, but grab MCE seats?

A big ask, I know, but if someone has time to do a “So what you do now that you are a Royal Air Maroc Gold” piece, I think it would be much appreciated, and not just by me.

(<wink>Then a companion piece for ITA Volare!</wink>)

Biggie F

So far, so good, but the add-the-number thing is still a mystery.

My experience at CDG, flying to US:

  • I waved my printed Royal Air Maroc Gold card at the woman at the Priority check-in and she in turn waved me through.
  • At the counter, the agent (at my instigation) stamped a circled 1 on the ticket so that I could go through the Acces No 1 lines/lanes for passport control and security
  • At the AA Admirals Club, they took my paper card and gathered around to enter it in the computer system. Didn’t seem to be going too well, until an agent at the next desk asked them what they were doing and, when they told her, she gave them a two-letter prefix (or some-such) for entering the number. And it worked! I write this from the Club.

But… at the Club, they told me that next time I should add the number to the ticket myself. Not sure what my motivation would be, or if I will be able to do it.

Glass more-than-half-full: I’m well on the way to making my 49 euro match fee back!


Question: If you were able to be matched, and if you used your Air Maroc number when booking an American Airlines flight to get the benefits, you wouldn’t get AA credit for the flight or anything right?

Or would you just book your flight as normal with AA and show your membership card at an AA lounge?


To access the admirals club while flying aa domestically, do you need to be crediting the flights to air maroc?


No more Gold


It appears they are no longer offering gold level regardless of the Elite status you are matching in from. They must’ve had an allocation that they burned through already


You were able to sign up for an account even?


Yes, omaat guys posted article about changing country to uk but keep nationality american. The rest of the address seems to not matter. Once I changed it to UK it was fast and easy to sign up for my wife and I but unfortunately the gold opportunity seems to be lost for the moment


So could I status match my United Silver and get OneWorld Ruby, and therefore American Gold?


I keep have trouble (“unexpected error”) creating an account on Royal Air Maroc. Anybody having the same problem? Getting too popular and they can’t handle the load, maybe?

Frank Wilson

Yup. Tried 2 browsers, 5 different passwords, same result

Biggie F

Yep, still not happening.

Biggie F

Happening now. Went away for a couple of hours, and it fixed itself. Something similar seems to be happening with leak under kitchen sink. Go figure.

J.M. Hoffman

I’m also getting the unexpected error. Anyone have any tips? I’m flying more from Morocco on Air Maroc in a couple months (yes, I’ll write about it, along with some trips from before the pandemic now that travel is coming back), so this would be a nice perq.

And by the way: “Unexpected error”? Are there really any expected errors?


Does anyone know how the match works for Delta? For example, would Delta Gold match to Safar Flyer Silver or Gold?


I don’t see Singapore on the list of accepted airlines but I assume a few people have KrisFlyer gold from their recent promotion. Has anyone tried to match that? If they’re matching ITA which isn’t listed I’m hopeful this could also work




You can match Singapore -> ITA -> Maroc (I did this route, but did Singapore -> ITA late last year)