Google Express: Earn 2-4% Cashback Via Giving Assistant Shopping Portal


The Giving Assistant portal has recently started offering 2-4% cashback at Google Express. The rate you receive will depend on your membership level with Giving Assistant.

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Giving Assistant appears to be the only portal currently offering cashback at Google Express. I just signed up to check out this deal and they offer you the choice of two memberships – Savvy Shopper and Power Shopper. Savvy Shopper membership is free, while Power Shopper is $5.99 per year but offers double the cashback rates at all retailers.

Giving Assistant Membership Options

As a result, the Google Express cashback rate is 2% for Savvy Shoppers and 4% for Power Shoppers. If Giving Assistant continues being the only portal offering cashback at Google Express, you’d only need to spend $300 at that specific retailer to break even on Power Shopper membership, so a paid option could be worthwhile in that scenario.

If you signed up for Giving Assistant in the past, you might already have Power Shopper status for free. That’s because comments on the DoC post suggest that older members were grandfathered in to that status at no charge.

Before doing a Google Express order, check your Chase Offers as there’s a targeted offer for 10% back with a limit of $14 cashback (i.e. $140 of spend).

Google Express Chase Offer

If you’ve never signed up for Giving Assistant, you can earn $5 when being referred – here’s my referral link (I’ll earn $5 too). It looks like you need to earn $0.99 in cashback in order to cash out via either Paypal or eCheck as payout start at $5.99 which includes your referral bonus from signing up. Full disclosure – I’ve only just signed up for Giving Assistant myself and so have zero experience with how reliable their tracking is.

h/t Doctor of Credit

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Giving Assistant is pretty reliable. I regularly use them as one of my go-to portals.