Google Pay Offers: Instacart Express 3 Month Free Trial, 25% Off Adidas & Groupon, $10 Off Target & More


The new version of the Google Pay app has some great deals right now offering savings on Instacart Express, Groupon, Adidas, Target, Dunkin’ Donuts, Lululemon and more.

Google Pay offers Instacart Adidas

The Deals

  • Google Pay is offering lots of deals including the following:
    • 3 month free trial of Instacart Express
    • 25% off Adidas online
    • 25% off Groupon
    • 35% cashback at Dunkin’ Donuts
    • $10 off $50 at Target when using Same Day Services
    • $20 cashback at Lululemon online
    • 30% cashback on Lyft
    • $10 cashback on $30+ Poshmark purchase
    • 20% cashback on $50+ Warby Parker purchase
  • Stephen’s referral link (code ok2nu0c)
  • Greg’s referral link (code uf3kt74)
  • Nick’s referral link (code uv7390v)

Key Terms

  • Expiry dates vary

Quick Thoughts

There are some great offers here in the Google Pay app. If you’re not seeing them when opening the app, chances are that you have the old version of the app. To see these offers you’ll need to download the new version of the app which is GPay shown on the right below. Our referral links are above, but I’m not sure if Google Pay is currently offering a referral incentive or not.

Google Pay logos

These offers all work in different ways, so you’ll need to check the terms of each one to make sure you redeem them correctly. For example, the Lululemon offer is a card-linked deal, but you don’t have to pay with the Google Pay app itself. Instead, you link a payment card in the app and activate the offer. You then simply use that card to pay like normal and Google Pay will track the purchase and add $20 to your Google Pay wallet. Note that the Lululemon offer is only valid for online purchases, but will stack with other savings opportunities like promo codes, shopping portals, Amex Offers, etc. provided the amount you actually charge to your card is $100 or more.

The Instacart Express 3 month free trial works differently. With that one you only have to activate the offer in the app and it’ll give you a promo code to redeem for the free trial. That offer will set you up for $99 annual renewal after the 3 months is up, so be sure to cancel before that renewal payment is taken if you don’t want to continue the service beyond the trial period.

The Groupon offer works in a similar way. You activate the offer and it gives you an 8 letter code to enter at checkout. I’m not guaranteeing this, but I imagine you’ll still earn cashback when clicking through from a shopping portal. Groupon frequently offers 20% off when using promo code SAVE (incidentally, that code is working today (May 23)), so it might be worth waiting to redeem the 25% code when you need to make a purchase and Groupon isn’t offering a 20% off code directly at the time. The Groupon offer is valid through August 1, so there’s plenty of time to use your unique code.

There’s also a Dunkin’ Donuts offer giving 35% cashback with a limit of $10 back (i.e. $28.57 of spend). That’s another card-linked offer, so you have to enroll at least one card in the app and activate the offer, then pay with that card in-store. That’s a decent deal in and of itself, but you can make it much better. For example, you could pay with a Hilton, Marriott or Delta card that has the $5/$10/$20 dining credit on it. You can link that card in the Dosh app to earn up to 3% cashback (when applying the boosted rate beforehand). The Bumped app offers 1% back in stock if you’ve selected Dunkin’ as your Coffee selection rather than Starbucks, while the Drop app is giving 1,000 points (worth $1) when spending $5+ at Dunkin’ Donuts if you selected that as your Flash Deal retailer for the current period (that’s an offer the runs constantly for two week periods at a time).

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If you register a card for the promo for a card based deal and pay with Gpay with that card, should that work?