Great new Chase Freedom categories


Chase Freedom Q2 categories have been posted and will be: Grocery Stores, Chase Pay, and PayPal will all earn 5%/5x . Those categories look great.


The Deal

  • The April – June, 2018 (Q2) Chase Freedom bonus categories will be:
    • Grocery Stores
    • Chase Pay
    • PayPal

Quick Thoughts

While this information has not yet shown up on the Chase calendar at the time of writing, several people have gotten the same information from Chase representatives. Remember that these categories apply to the Chase Freedom Card — not to the Freedom Unlimited card.

These categories look awesome. Most readers will have no trouble at all maxing out 5% back with the ability to buy groceries, gift cards at the grocery store or anything on eBay. Furthermore, we’ve seen a number of great Chase Pay promos in recent months — some of which would make great stacks with Chase Pay as a bonus category.

That said, if you’re going to try to stack with Chase Pay, it would make more sense to stack with a dollar-off discount (like the 1800Flowers Chase Pay promo). The extra points Chase Pay offers have been written such that you would not be able to stack the percentage back / extra points offers.

If you have a Chase Freedom card, set yourself a reminder to activate these offers for when they begin in April.

H/T: Doctor of Credit

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Spell check is so overrated.


PayPal Digital Gifts is back in play for 5x?