(EXPIRED) Hilton timeshare offer: 4 nights in Hawaii or Los Cabos + 125K points for $599

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Update #2: That link to the $149 three-night offers died within a very short period of time of posting it unfortunately.

Update: This deal can get significantly better if you’re just after cheap points: a reader in our Frequent Miler Insiders group shared a link to a much wider range of offers, including a number of mainland domestic destinations where you get 3 nights and 125K points for $149 (including places like Orlando, Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, and Hilton Head).

Hilton Grand Vacations has a “Black Friday” timeshare offer that I included in today’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals post, but it seemed worth a separate highlight of its own. With this offer, you can potentially get 4 nights in Hawaii (Honolulu or Waikoloa) or Cabo plus 125,000 Hilton Honors points for $599 (and of course sitting through a timeshare presentation). That’s potentially a very good deal, though of course there will be blackout dates and you need to be prepared to say no to the timeshare offer as they typically aren’t a great deal.

The Deal

  • Hilton Grand Vacations is offering some great timeshare deals including:
  • 3 nights and 125K points for $149 to several cities including Orlando, Las Vegas, Park City, Myrle Beach, Hilton Head, Gatlinburg and several more
  • 3 nights and 125K points for $299 in cities like New York and Chicago
  • Direct link to this deal
  • 4 nights in Hawaii (Honolulu or Waikoloa) or Los Cabos, Mexico plus 125,000 Hilton Honors points for $599.
  • Direct link to this deal

Key Terms

  • Expires 11/29/22
  • Special preview packages are only available to persons whose combined gross annual income meet certain requirements.
  • You are not eligible to participate in this promotion if you:
    • (i) have an open, incomplete package requiring attendance at a sales presentation,
    • (ii) have attended a Hilton Grand Vacations sales presentation at any property within the last year, and/or
    • (iii) are an employee of Hilton Grand Vacations, Hilton Worldwide or their affiliates.
  • You must attend a two-hour timeshare sales presentation (one-hour sales presentation for current Owners) to participate in this promotion and present current government-issued personal identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, at time of sales presentation.
  • If married or living together, couples must attend sales presentation together; individuals may purchase separately.
  • Offer valid one per family only. No groups, consisting of more than one couple traveling together, permitted.
  • If you do not meet the qualifications of this promotion or attend the presentation, the difference between the special preview package price and the currently published nightly rate for the applicable resort at that time, plus premium costs and taxes, may be charged to your credit card.
  • Incentives, gifts or premiums are awarded after attendance at sales presentation and may not be redeemed for cash.
  • See full terms here

Quick Thoughts

A timeshare presentation is obviously involved in this deal and the terms state that you must attend a two-hour presentation. Be aware that timeshare presentations are known to sometimes run long and there are often numerous hoops of sales pressure tactics through which to jump. If you aren’t good at saying “no” and/or you’re likely to get talked into a spontaneous purchase, this might not be the deal for you.

Obviously lots of people own timeshares and some are happy with the setup, but the secondary market has a lot of these available for far less than initial quotes. I’ve only personally attended a couple of timeshare presentation. I might consider this deal if I already had firm plans to visit Hawaii since hotels there can be expensive and getting both the hotel and 125K points for $600 sounds pretty good — though keep in mind that there will still be tax on the $600, so your all-in cost will be slightly higher.

Given that our Reasonable Redemption Value for Hilton points is .4c per point, the 125,000 points being offered here are worth about $500. That means this deal can certainly be well worth it if you also value the accommodations (but only if you value those accommodations).

Update: The $149 cities may be worth it even if you don’t really need the accommodations, given that around $200 for 125,000 points is a pretty solid deal. If you do value the accommodations even a little bit, the deal gets significantly better.

I can say from past experience that a Hilton Grand Vacations charge like this did trigger the annual resort credit on a Hilton Aspire card. Unfortunately, I purchased a package just a month or two before the pandemic began and even though they extended it we just weren’t ready to book something by the time the extensions ran out, so I don’t have personal experience with a Hilton timeshare presentation (though I’ve done a couple with other companies).

If you’ve never been to a timeshare presentation, it can be worth reading Stephen’s post:  Wyndham timeshare presentation survival guide: Get your “no” face on.

I should also mention that there is a similar deal for Maui — except it’s a lot more expensive and includes less than half as many points, so it didn’t seem noteworthy to me. That said, people do sometimes report negotiating better offers over the phone, so you could always try calling to register and asking for more, but I don’t know ho much leeway they might have.

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I got the $149 deal, which ended up being ~$178. But it’s a location I can drive to, so this was a great deal for me.


Seems targeted when I click
To Purchase and fill out name and email – it defaults to the $149 mainland US properties

Nate nate

I’ve stayed at the Hilton Hotel in Cabo a couple times. Is the timeshare just certain rooms of the hotel, or a separate wing or building?

Bob K

P2 has promised divorce if I ever sign us up for another timeshare sales presentation again. The Marriott Desert Villas presentations wasn’t bad, but the property was so creepy, she swore off any future stays at like properties. It’s like it was occupied by dead people, yet they constantly surveilled you and though it weird you wanted to walk and not be taken by cart everywhere.

A bazillion credit cards, she can tolerate, timeshares is a hard “NO!”.


Was she onboard with the bazillion credit cards previously or did the timeshare shock her into her senses? My P2 is currently skeptical of both.

Bob K

She’s amazed with what I can do with the credit cards and it’s mostly my time, as long as I don’t overdo it. Since she lives her life in six minute increments and bills it out at $600/hr, she regards timeshare presentations as a waste of time, even if she doesn’t get that in salary. She finds slick presentations extremely off-putting, and since she negotiates contracts for a living, she gets no joy listening to BS in her off time, particularly for something she knows she’d never buy. If she’s going to do that, she wants to add it to her annual billable column.


I was looking at this differently and thought that Maui was the best deal. The Maui Waldorf Astoria practically never has 4 nights in a row of standard room availability. Is there a way to see the blackout dates before signing up?

Quo Vadis

We signed up (earlier this year) for a Hilton timeshare presentation down in Myrtle Beach next Spring. Lots of good/useful info here, thanks (and wish us luck, lol).


Getting not eligible for this offer.. I never did any timeshare offer before


Last Black Friday weekend I happened to be staying at the San Francisco Hilton and they had people walking around the lobby trying to get people to signup for a time share offer. They had a list of places you could go starting at $149. They offered some low amount of points at first but by the end of the conversation they offered 125,000 points. I ended up saying no but, slightly regretted it later.


Interesting, never had them offer it to me in person, I saw someone going around an Orlando Resort once, but it appeared they had a list of people to look for.


She kind of acted like someone in guest services. Making sure the stay was good. If we wanted to sign up for Hilton Honors. Then she tried the sale. When I wasn’t buying a gentleman came over and offered me the bonus points. They said it was a Black Friday special. I personally never experienced it before at a Hilton. And I’m a Diamond based on stays.

Last edited 2 months ago by Kim

thanks for the information

Victor Daniel Casas Hernandez

It is not working for me.

Victor Daniel Casas Hernandez

It says, that the offers are not available. and send me to the normal offers in Orlando for 300 USD

Victor Daniel Casas Hernandez

Sadly, I click it, then do “see the offer” then it says “sadly it wanst a fit” and offer me standard packages.


I did a 3 (?) night time share Hilton Vacation some 6-7 years back—they through in a dinner and show for 2 and 10k points for $299. When I booked this, I thought it wasn’t a bad deal. Well, the Hilton timeshare was on a dead part of the strip, there was no restaurant on the premises; the dinner was at a Brazilian steak house type of place-worse I’ve gone to so far (I think the name was Pampas or something like that); and finally the show was a vaudeville type show that was ok. The presentation was a piece of cake since we just sit and smile and don’t buy. Wasn’t worth it for Vegas. Maybe Hawaii might be better? Caveat emptor.


I did like the Hilton Waikoloa Village but it may be too big and overwhelming for some people. Fun to ride the monorail and walk around the resort.


It’s Hawaii, for crying out loud! You either love it or you don’t. I’d sleep in a shack on the beach for a week in Hawaii! Fortunately, I won’t have to because next month I’ll be in a suite at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa for 7 nights! Then, on to another week in a suite at the Hyatt Regency Maui! Thanks for all the great info which helped me get there for “free”!


Me TOO like 6 years ago 2* !!! I was on the strip went looking and stopped in for a tour. If takes 10 years to plan this stuff and they built it and the area went Down.I was there 15x saw City Center built and the crew let me wander around to.
Good Luck on TS I pay and I’m Done . ALOHA


Except that area has really changed. Resorts World opened and the Fontainebleau is opening next year.


Good just in time for the Crash in 1 or 2 years. The Cosmopolitan was sold 3x for cheap..That area is Trash but enjoy it before it’s fenced off again..

David Kroh

What do you do with young kids if you and your wife have to go to a presentation?


Is this an ad? This is a normal offer that isn’t special for Black Friday and is offered periodically.


Most of the recent promos haven’t been this good since pre-COVID


Looking forward to that post!!


I think you meant to say .4¢ per point instead of .004¢ per point.


Don’t think the link above is working? It’s not taking me to the promo.