(EXPIRED) Holland America cruises: Get $300 back on $1K or more with new Amex Offer [targeted, enrollment required]

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A valuable new Amex Offer is out on some cards today that’s good for $300 back when you spend $1,000 or more with Holland America [targeted, enrollment required]. This could be great timing for a anyone who has recently done the Holland America cruise match (See: How to get free cruises by gaming casino status matches) and hasn’t yet booked since you have to pay the taxes and deposit and could earn a nice chunk back here.

a screenshot of a credit card


The Deal

  • A new targeted Amex Offer is out today that’s good for a statement credit of $300 when you spend $1,000 or more on purchases with Holland America Cruises

Key Terms

  • Expires 12/29/23
  • Valid for reservations booked 10/2/23 to 12/29/23
  • Valid for bookings made through hollandamerica.com, by phone with Holland America, or by contacting your preferred travel advisor (in other words, you should be able to book through a travel agent if you prefer)
  • Excludes onboard purchases per the terms
  • Excludes Denali Square, McKinley Chalet Resort, Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services, Cancellation Protection plan, and more.
  • Excludes airfare not booked at time of reservation, excursions, onboard celebrations, and more
  • Excludes Carnival, Princess, Cunard, etc
  • See full terms for more detail

Quick Thoughts

This is a great offer if you’re looking to book a cruise, particularly with the casino offer that we’ve written about. This could be a nice way to save on the upgrade to a balcony cabin for instance since you’ll pay that fee along with the taxes at the time of booking.

Note that it says that onboard purchases are excluded. I’m curious to hear from any readers with past experience on previous deals as to whether that is enforced as written.

The good news is that it does say that you can book through your preferred travel advisor, so if you are booking through a travel agent, you should be able to take advantage of whatever perks they can provide on top of enjoying the statement credit from this offer.

Overall, this is a solid new offer for cruising enthusiasts. We have added this and many other offers today to our Current Amex Offers resource post.

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Daniel Lai

Another DP: We recently sailed on Holland America and charges for port fees and taxes exceeded $1K but the charges registered as “Rotterdam” (the ship we sailed) vs. Holland America. Unfortunately, it did not trigger the credits. Wish we would have read these comments first and bought OBC as suggested.


What Amex credit cards seem to get the travel offers? My Business Platinum doesn’t seem to get anything ever mentioned 🙁 What card should I be considering next? TIA


I don’t have this one, but I do have $200 off of NCL.

Carl S.

Just bought $100 Onboard Credit times 10 for an upcoming Holland Cruise. Technically this is not onboard spend but possibly could fall under gift category. Will let you know how it goes. I’m expecting it to trigger the $300 Amex credit.

Carl S.

Got the Amex e-mail already saying I used an enrolled offer. That is a good sign.

Last edited 8 months ago by Carl S.
Carl S.

Another DP: You can only buy $1500 OBC per cabin but did add $500 more and other spend on P2’s card which had the offer. Got the Amex e-mail on that one too.

Now just waiting for our $300 x 2 to post. 🙂


Thanks for sharing! This is for a reservation already booked beforehand? Was the onboard credit 10 separate transactions on Amex or just 1 $1000 transaction?

Carl S.

Yes, I already have a booked and paid in full reservation for November cruise. It was one transaction. I just added the $100 OBC item to the cart and then changed the quantity to 10 in the cart. Checked out as a one $1000 transaction.


How did you find out you can only buy up to $1500 OBC per cabin? I haven’t purchased yet but when I followed your steps it allowed me to add $2000 (I.e. $100×20) to the cart for one cabin…or even lets me add $5000 to the cart…and go as far as click checkout (I.e. stopped on final step of entering credit card and submitting purchase).. if the HAL site allows above $1500 might it work perhaps for more? (or would they cancel the order if it’s above $1500 even if the site let the order thru..?)


Thanks for sharing Nick! Have you gotten any DPs that excursions or internet on prior reservations count?


How did you purchase OBC, I have cannot find where to do this on HA’s site?

Carl S.

Login, go to Manage My Cruise, Click Packages & Gifts on the blue banner at the top, a menu will appear to the left, select Shipboard Credit, and it will be shown.


Thank you for sharing this data point! Please keep us posted on whether the credit from the Amex offer posts.


Carl did it ever post?

Carl S,

Posted today 🙂

Carl S,

Update 10/5/2023:

$300 credits posted to my accounts today. P1/P2 Amex Gold card


What if I can’t use up all $1500 OBC on the ship? Will they refund you?

Carl S.

Casino is your friend

Zach S

Could you go into more detail about this? Or send me a reference that explains the steps?

My data point: I used one amex card today to book “Have it all” package for my upcoming cruise, it triggered the amex offer email immediately.

I have 3 more potential amex cards with this offer on them across 2 rooms on an upcoming cruise.


Were you able to use the onboard credit at the casino? I heard rumblings Holland doesn’t allow that

Carl S.

Yes, used it without issue.


Do you have to travel before 12/29 or just book it by 12/29?