How many free nights is too many? | Ask Us Anything | Ep 22


Watch episode 22 of the Ask us Anything Live video here, or click the timestamps to navigate to each question within Youtube.

On this episode of Ask Us Anything, Greg and Nick tackled the following questions…

3:20 – ​Hi Greg & Nick, happy holidays! Any news on a StayCay to Far Away competition in 2021? My money is on Carrie to repeat 

4:51 – Hello guys – my wife’s Amex Bus platinum annual fee is due ($595), they offer an appreciation credit of $200 after payment, but can’t see benefits for this coming year; Thoughts? Happy Holidays!

7:25 – ​How soon after reaching 15k spend does the Hyatt free night post to one’s account? Shortly after the next statement close date?​I’m aiming to book (in Feb) a room at a Hyatt that is changing from Cat 4 to 5 in “mid-March” so the timing matters. Thanks!

8:35 – Hey guys I started applying for biz cards and got denied by Chase because my sole prop is to new. I tried the Alaska biz card but was approved for a secured credit score is in the 800’s and I have the Amex pop-up. What biz cards would you recommend I apply for?

11:06 – IHG points seem to be worth more since they went dynamic earlier this year. Would you value their points higher than the traditional .05 cents apiece ?

15:02 – ​Happy Holidays guys! I’m giving myself the gift of finally canceling my Diners Club card! I have 125,000 points to transfer. Any reason to move them anywhere other than Alaska?

18:21 – Will be finishing Discover It Miles first year. Would like to get second DIM with high CL. Should I close current DIM after 1st year then apply or keep current DIM and then apply?

20:44 – How many credit cards with a free night credit is enough for you?

24:12 – ​Looking at a saver award to Europe using United miles. The first leg is in economy but the long haul route is in Biz. Can I upgrade the first leg to biz at some point after the fact or am I “stuck”

27:56 – ​Any thoughts on the new rumored Marriott cards reported by DoC???

33:30 – How many total credit cards do you each have? I’d love to hear even more breakdown by bank or business vs personal.

42:16 – What’s the best strategy to get the CSR retention payment?

51:06 – ​On your recommendation, I’m doing a Hyatt mattress run with Jan. checkout. But Hyatt breaks it up into consecutive 10-day stays, so they’re crediting nights in 2020 (trusting they’ll combine at Jan checkout)?

55:42 – ​Do you have any 2021 resolutions to be a better travel hacker? Anything you want to improve on next year?

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