What are the best hotel keeper cards…and more – Ask Us Anything – Ep 64


Good news all…we’re “podcast-ifying” our Ask Us Anything, Live episodes so you can tune in on your preferred podcast platforms outside of YouTube! On episode 64 we had a lot of questions about hotel cards., and a particularly fun question about where in the world is the best place to live for points and miles.

Watch episode 64 of Ask Us Anything live below or listen on your favorite podcast platforms! You’ll find these episodes right along with our other Frequent Miler on the Air episodes. (You can also click the timestamps below to navigate directly to a specific question within YouTube.)

00:00 – Start

04:45 – Should Nick upgrade his Aviator card?

08:09 – Would you advise paying the United Club card’s annual fee with 30k points? Is it a good deal?

10:00 -Just got my first Amex a BLUE BUSSINESS PLUS. how do I avoid pop up jail when I’m ready to apply to other Amex cards

11:23 – Barclays and others have declined me due to too many credit checks. How do you work around this?

13:35 What are the best hotel keeper cards currently?

18:28 – ​What is a reasonable cost to upgrade from economy to business on a transatlantic flight?

20:34 – I have the Bonvoy Boundless, planning on getting the Brilliant, and then upgrading the Boundless to the Ritz-Carlton. What is the best timing for upgrading and applying to get all the free night certs?

23:30 – Does it make sense to transfer Chase points to Marriott to top up free night certificates?

26:01 – Would you hold off on getting American Airlines cards, given your prediction that a devaluation is coming soon?

31:19 – This question is for everyone. If you could live anywhere in the U.S., or the world for that matter, based solely on points and miles opportunities, where would you live?

35:51 – What’s your prediction on Wells Fargo transfer partners, there was a leak that Wells Fargo autograph Journey is getting 5x on hotels, 4x on airlines, 3x on travel and dining with $95 annual fee

37:14 – Is it worth spending $15K on your Hyatt card through Plastiq to get a free night certificate?

38:25 – Will Chase not approve my SouthWest Performance Business Card if I didn’t put any post-sign-up-bonus spend on my SouthWest Premier Business Card I got a few months ago?

39:03 – How do I keep my Delta Platnium status or get to Diamond this year

40:26 – ​Has Bilt changed the game with their 150% transfer bonuses regarding the rule of thumb against doing speculative transfers?

46:24 – What credit card would you recommended to maximize hotel award redemption for a family of five?

49:53 – With all AMEX Platinums being part of the same family and can only get one sign up bonus for this family, are there any strategies or benefits to getting more than one AMEX Platinums (of any version)?

52:39 – How is Greg dealing with Detroit Lion loss to the San Francisco 49ers? Which city has best airline and hotel redemption to Vegas?

56:57 – ​I’d love to hear some hotel tips from things Stephen has learned from his 50 state road trip. I’m planning a month long road trip and would love tips on maximizing value of points

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