Which program do you have the most love/hate relationship with? | Ask Us Anything Ep66 | 4-3-24


In addition to our regular weekly podcast, we also host an Ask Us Anything Live on YouTube once a month where the Frequent Miler team answers listener questions about points, miles, rewards cards, and whatever else comes to mind. This episode (66) was streamed live on April 3, 2024 and can be viewed in full below:

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(00:00) – Greg discusses his recent post about finding Qatar QSuites award space.

Read his Qatar QSuites post here.

(06:44) – Hey Greg, Did you notice that there were some QR flights that were available thru jetblue but NOT british airways?

(07:44) – Do any of you use the app Flighty? If yes, any improvements you want them to make?

(09:51) – Hello! If there a reason so many credit cards are dropping Priority Pass?

(12:18) – what program do you have the strongest love/hate relationship with?

(16:50) – Which ways of booking business/premium econ domestic flights have the best availability at a reasonable cost? I’m trying to make longer positioning flights more comfortable for 2-5 people

(18:23) – what’s the best way to pay for my 28 day Marriott stay, CSR, Ritz, or Hyatt for getting Globalist status? thanks

Read Stephen’s post about long-term hotel stays in states where you may not have to pay taxes.

(20:43) – Nick, on a podcast you said you were going to pick-up the Brilliant even without the SUB. Would you not consider temporarily product changing your Ritz card(s) to be eligible for the SUB?

(22:30) – Any favorite resources for finding interesting things to do in a country? I have several destinations that I want to visit for 1-2 things I know about, but would need more to fill the trip

(26:39) – I earned a bunch of Capital One points hoping to use them one day on Turkish, but with the devaluation what do you think some other good uses are?

Read our Capital One Complete Guide

Read our Capital One Sweet Spots post

(30:01) – I have a question how can I book Swiss rail Pass? I’ve tried everywhere and I just can’t find it. Is there a way to use any airline points or just pay cash for that?

(31:54) – Several Airlines use Avios and they may have different expiration policy. Can I transfer from one to the other to avoid expiration? Thanks!

(34:44) – can the amex 10+ referral multiplier stack?

(35:44) – When applying for a second Ink card, is it similar to the initial application or you have to explain to Chase that the new card is for a different business?

(36:45) – Greg and Nick both said they would prefer Alaska miles over AA miles. I heard their reasons why but can you all name any sweet spots with Alaska? after the last two devaluation great deals are missing

Read the post about Alaska Award Chart, Winners, Losers, and Sweet Spots here

(39:46) – About to apply for the Venture X & I’m curious if u know anything about the black box that is their approval algorithm. Specific DPs?

(40:58) – can you reiterate some best practices to limit the risk Amex not treating tax payments as eligible spend for the signup bonus?

(44:05) – With the Robinhood card, and the USBAR, wouldn’t it make more sense to buy points vs getting points on a card?

(45:11) – Cruise questions. It seems that Caesars status alone is no longer enough for cruise matches and they ask for other offers so trip to AC is a must? I that correct? If so, better to wait until July 1st?

(50:18) – As someone who just started the point game. Am I too late with all the devaluation going on? I started with Amex and working on the Amex points game now.

(53:40) – Is there a way to avoid an airline in google flights explore tab? There’s an option to toggle in the regular flights tab but not in the explore tab.

(54:25): Which one of these humans is the frequent miler?

(56:00) – How can I keep my Hawaiian Points from expiring? I recently cancel my Hawaiian credit card

(56:32) – Who has flown the most miles?

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Music Credit – “Into the Never” by Annie Yoder

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Nick thanks for the 411 about comp holland cruise via Wynn via match from Caesar’s via match from Wyndham.
Thanks also for taking one for the team by committing to endure Vegas and report lessons learned on this fab offer


My love hate program: ANA. Great award chart (at least pre-upcoming deval), especially for international J awards, but fees so high and availability so tight.


Love-hate? That’s an easy one, Marriott. As much as I dislike them for a myriad of reasons, I have lifetime platinum from the days when it was a great program. Back in the day, you got great value from the air & hotel package and tons of 35k nights. I struggle to use my FNC’s or get even $.0075 per point But the benies of platinum are hard to walk away from (though the value of those continue to shrink as well0). At this point in my life, traveling almost exclusively on points, I don’t have the cash spend to try to earn the equivalent status with another program.