How to buy REDbird for others, and how to use them at non participating stores


Note: As of October 13, 2015, the Target REDcard (REDbird) can only be loaded with cash in-store at Target. Gift cards and/or debit cards no longer work to load REDcard. For more info, see: Here is the REDbird memo, “Cash is the only tender guests can use”

As of May 6, 2015, Target no longer accepts credit cards for in-store REDbird reloads. For more information, please see “REDbird Post Memo Answers“, and “REDbird grounded. Now what?

There’s no question that the Target Prepaid REDcard (AKA REDbird) is an exciting new product.  At this time, though, it is only available in select locations across the United States (see “How to find REDbird”).

I’ve been working on a “Complete Guide to REDbird”.  In the process, I examined all of the questions that readers have posed on my previous REDbird posts.  I want to make sure that the guide I’m writing addresses all common questions.  In the course of this analysis, I found that the vast majority of questions had to do with whether or not people can buy and use REDbird if they don’t live near a participating Target store.

Questions of this sort can be divided into two big buckets:

1. Can I reload REDbird at a non-participating (and out of state) Target?

2. What is the process for buying cards for other people?

The answer to the first question is easy. YES.  Once you have a registered REDbird, you can use it and reload it at any Target store in the United States.

The answer to the second question requires more detail…

How to buy REDbird for others

How to buy the Target Prepaid REDcard, REDbird

1. Find a participating store

A map and list of participating stores can be found here: How to find REDbird.  Note that some participating stores are not listed on Target’s Prepaid REDcard website.  So, it makes sense to call your local Target stores to ask.  Make sure to stress that you are looking for the Prepaid REDcard, not the debit or credit REDcard.

2. Find the right card

Target offers a number of similar products including two other products with the name REDcard.  Make sure to find the one that specifically says “Prepaid REDcard” (note the stress on “prepaid”).  It should look like this (but in some locations it will have a $5 purchase fee):


3. Check out, as follows…

a) Load $1 to $500

When the cashier rings up the card, you’ll be asked how much to load. Make sure to load at least $1 since people have reported activation issues with less than $1.

b) On the swipe terminal, indicate that you want to register the card.  Hand your driver’s license to the cashier.

The cashier will enter your drivers license number, your name, and your address into their terminal.  This is OK.  The person you are buying the card for can change the details later when they register online.

c) On the swipe terminal, you will be asked for your social security number, phone number, and to confirm the data the cashier typed in.

Go ahead and put in your information, or the info for the person you are buying for, or simply make up numbers.  I’ve found that it doesn’t matter.  You just need to get past this step in order to pay for the card.

d) Pay

You can pay with credit, debit, or cash.  Credit card payments will not result in cash advance fees.

4. Can you buy more than one?…

If you have already bought a REDcard on the same day, the register will prevent you from buying a second one if you use the same social security number that you used before.  For an easy work-around, see step 3 C, above.

5. Send temp card info to your friend

Now that you have an activated temporary card, the person you are buying it for can register it online in their own name.  You can either send them the physical card, or send them the card information: card number, four digit security code on the front, and the expiration date.  They should be able to do the rest from home.

How to use a card bought by others

Once a friend buys you a temporary REDbird card and sends you the card (or card info), the next step is to register it online.  Go to, and click “Register”.  You should then see a screen like this:


Enter your card number and security code. Leave date of birth blank.

On the next screen enter in your own information:


Once you’ve registered the card, you can now load up to $1500 to the temporary card (assuming you have it in-hand) at Target stores.  This $1500 is inclusive of the amount originally loaded.  Once your permanent card arrives, you can load up to $2500 per day and up to $5000 per calendar month.

Read more about REDbird:


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George Smiley

I assume using a minor’s (my child’s) SS# won’t work. Amex will not be able to match it to public record and reject, yeah?


They will probably make you upload documents including ID, which wouldn’t work. They might make you just answer public record questions, but if the minor has no credit file, they will prob go straight to having you upload/fax documents.

This is in theory though. Data pints wise, I don’t know if anyone has tried to register a prepaid Amex acct on their less than 18 year old child’s name.


Hey, I posted this question on another article, but this one seems more active, so trying here: For those that manage multiple RBs – Do you use the same mailing address for all your RBs (or at least for more than one)? I have 3 with different addresses. I’m about to add my cousin as a 4th, but I’m considering skipping the step of mailing it to him and him sending it to me. I’m thinking just use his SS, and send to my address. Thoughts?


You should register it under the person’s address, not yours. When you register it, Amex tries to match the information (name, dob, ssn, address) with public records (banks do this for checking accts also). If the records don’t match, Amex will make you answer questions about the records of that person, OR ask that you upload documents to verify the info, ID and a bank statement or utility bill.

Therefore, do register it with that person’s address. Just recently there a couple of people who bought the temp Redbird from me and didn’t follow my directions to do so, their registration didn’t go anywhere, even after uploading the documents and asking Amex to manually correct their registration. Amex just told them to register again, and since you can only use a temp Redbird for one registration (whether successful or not) they’d have to buy/get another temp Redbird to register again.


Thank you.

What are daily loading limitings for Both Bluebird and Redbird? how much can one load at either WM/Target per day?


$2.5K/day for each of them.


Which card is better between Bluebird and Redbird? Any of these 2 has benefits over the other?

Can Bluebird at Walmart be loaded with debitcards with same convenience as one can load Redbird at Target?

If i have choice of selecting, which one should i go for and why?


It would primarily depend on your local and personal situation, especially whether:

1) In you city one can load easier at your local Targets vs local Walmarts

2) You need to (would) buy Vanilla gift cards; they can’t load at Walmart if their balance is over $49 dollars

Bluebird otherwise has an additional feature of having a physical checkbook, but you can send a check via mail through billpay both with Redbird and Bluebird. Their monthly limits are both $5K.


Aaah…Thank you for the prompt reply. WM is 15 mins away, Target is an hour away from me. Looks like BB is the choice for me then. I can Load the $500 VGC’s bought from websites and Load them on my BB at WM without any issues right?

On that note, Looks like not only has removed their free shipping codes, but the Per Card Fee has also been increased by $1 or so…..any comments on that? Any other good websites to by the VGC’s or MCG’s?


Target vs Walmart is not just about distance, but also about whether you can load at all and the level of difficulty in doing so. For instance, generally speaking most Targets are easier to load with than most Walmarts, but a select few Walmarts have a working KATE (money center) via which you can load without a cust service rep.

You might have to try one and then if it doesn’t seem to work switch on the other (you can close Bluebird and open Redbird, and vice versa).

I don’t do the online gift cards nowadays or a lot of gift cards in general (too busy with activating temporary Redbirds for online sale) but people seem to buy of, also if you have a Simon Mall nearby might be a good venue.

There’s usually some fee/cost associated with gift cards, in stores it’s usually around 1%, online might be less when there’s deals or indirect/longer ways.


Hi, I wondered if this procedure still stands now? Also are people still wanting these cards since the changes? Thanks.

Sandra Vincent

I have a friend that can get me a red card in New Mexico. Customer Service told me that he can just come in and get one and not activate it–basically avoiding the register. Will this work and allow me to register it? I sure hate to pay $23 for something he can get free. If he has to activate it does that information have to match his Drivers License?


Hi Noonradar, you are right. I applied for bluebird and same message ‘My serve account is still open”. This is same message i got when trying to open Redbird earlier.

However i have called Serve customer service twice and they have confirmed my serve account is CLOSED………….and i cannot log to my previous serve account ( as it is closed).

What should i do and whom to contact, as obviously AMEX computers are SCREWED UP……

Anyone who can help/guide me in right direction, will appreciate it, and thanks in advance.


Mayur, one thing you can try…apply again for Redbird or Bluebird, when entering your SSN, change the last digit to something else. The Amex computer won’t be able to match your SSN with your name and will flag the registration for human approval. Upload a copy of your SSN card along with your ID, call them and let them know you’ve made a typo when entering the SSN.

Best case scenario, they will approve your registration and it will go through, since manually approved. Worst case scenario, they won’t approve it and have you apply again via the computer.

I haven’t done this and would only attempt it if all else failed, but others have reported doing this successfully. One person on FlyerTalk reported being advised to do so by Amex cust service to bypass the issue you’re experiencing, which is supposedly due to some glitch on their part. Now this is one person on the internet, so take that with the appropriate weight.

Let us know how it goes if you decide to try it.


I will do it, and let you know how it goes. But that is a Brilliant suggestion, as phone calls to Serve are USELESS and Waste of time.


Mayur, one reason why some people were having the same issue was that they were trying to register for Redbird with the same phone number and/or email as the closed Serve account. For this reason I’ve advised people getting the Redbird from me to change their phone nr and email address on Serve or Bluebird before closing them, if they want to register for Redbird with the same info.

By the way, for people who are in a non-Rebird (REDcard) state, you can buy one from me via email for a small fee, I’ve provided temporary activated Redbird info to well over a thousand people by now, go to for more info and reviews.


I had the same issue after I confirmed that the Serve account is closed
: “We’re sorry, but we cannot approve you for a Target Prepaid REDcard® Account right now because you already have an existing Serve Account. If you’d like to open a Target Prepaid REDcard® Account, please call us at 855-306-7395″. The customer serve recommended me to register the REDCARD with the same email after 30 days of the Serve closure and said there is nothing he can do at this point.


Forget to mention, the CSR said a lots of people are having the same issue I had and it might be their IT issues and they are working on it. I was asked to be patient waiting 30 days from the closure.


Generally speaking, it seems from others’ reporting that Amex/Redbird customer service might be willing to help more if you patiently and rationally insist and explain your case, sometimes calling a 2nd or third time.

Still, if there’s nothing they can technically do to help, then you just might have to wait or accept that answer.


my serve has been closed more than 2 months ago………….well screw redbird……..i am getting bluebird instead…….i can use same debit GC’s bought from giftcardmall and such websites and load Bluebird at walmart right? CAN I?


Yes, you should be able to load pin-based gift cards to Bluebird ad Walmart, except for Vanilla type ones.

However, if you’re not able to open Redbird due to Serve still showing open on the Amex computers, the same thing should apply if you attempt to open Bluebird…Serve/Redbird/Bluebird are all prepaid Amex products.


tried that option too right now, still does NOT WORK………… i guess buying for someone ‘Option is OVER AND DEAL of the PAST’, eh?


same message despite my serve account closed more than month ago (called serve who confirmed account closure and cannot even log in serve as account is closed)

tried different phone no and different email……..still same freaking message….”‘We’re sorry, but we cannot approve you for a Target Prepaid REDcard® Account right now because you already have an existing Serve Account. If you’d like to open a Target Prepaid REDcard® Account, please call us at 855-306-7395″


I got the same freaking message. Did you previously have a redcard?

I had one in March, then I closed it. I tried to reapply using others temp card. It doesn’t work this time.


i have closed my Serve account 4 weeks ago. My son got the temporary prepaid redcard for me, using his driving license and address details.

Now i am trying to reigster this temporary card online following your instructions….but it does not get accepted. Despite my serve account being closed, i keep getting the following message ……………………

‘We’re sorry, but we cannot approve you for a Target Prepaid REDcard® Account right now because you already have an existing Serve Account. If you’d like to open a Target Prepaid REDcard® Account, please call us at 855-306-7395

Thank you for your interest in Target Prepaid REDcard® by American Express”

I Called the 855 306 7395 Number but they cannot do anything, and said card is under my Son’s name and i need to go back to the store 120 miles away to see if they can do something or change it, as they cannot do anything about it…………..what is this Crap?



I already have a target redcard, and just got another one today using a family member’s SSN# and contact info at checkout. My Question: When I’m registering card online, can I put in my original information, or will it detect that I already have an existing redcard account and not allow me to register?

[…] How to buy REDbird for others, and how to use them at non participating stores […]


I actually sell Redcards for $20 each. Cheapest out there. Whatsapp me 2485080871 instant reply and great and friendly service


Went to pick up a couple of cards for friends today and couldn’t get more than one. Customer service said they would only sell one to a person. Probably not a system restriction but probably makes sense that a person won’t have more than a SSN to associate with a drivers license.


Anyone found problems w/using someone else’s card – for example, if I were to get a card in my family members name (with their permission of course) and then I use it at Target to load, etc… Do they check the name vs. the credit card name to make sure they match, etc…?? Not sure I want to give up my bluebird card yet.


I load my kids card all the time “in store”…..never an issue with that… is the credit card used to load that must match your ID………theoretically they should be concerned about ID when I use the card to buy stuff in Target but small purchases never get the ID question…….go forward and prosper………


Might be a silly question but just to clarify–In the month when you first get the temp card, what is the max that can be loaded? $5k total or up to $1500 on the temp card + $5k on the permanent card? Thanks.


Thank you!


Actually one more question–Can someone with a subaccount card load a main account? For e.g., if I have a sub account for an account in someone else’s name, can I use that to swipe and deposit at a Target? (like having the card and cc both in my name just in case someone wants to check). Thanks.


So, If I buy one on ebay or reddit and they send me the info to register…do I still need a valid SSN? Or can I just make one up, or did the person I bought it from already make one up?


Michael Chu

Is anyone willing to pick up/activate 2 of them for me? will be more than willing to cover your expenses and some extra $ via paypal (



Did you find someone to do this for you Michael?


do you have to have a closed serve account before buying a temporary card?

Matt Rendell

I am in Texas so there is no Target nearby for me to pick one of these up in store. A friend of mine is currently in Richmond, VA visiting family (he’s from Ontario, Canada). If he goes to a target store in Richmond to buy a redbird for me and uses his Ontario driver license and enters my SSN in the terminal will they have a problem selling him the redbird because he is providing a Canadian driver license?


I’ve tried twice to buy a 2nd card. The 1st was on the same day I bought mine. No go. The 2nd time was on a different day. Again no go. I used a different SSN and birthday on the 1st attempt. I used my real SSN and birthday on the 2nd attempt. Not sure if they’ve closed the loophole or what but so far I’ve only been able to buy 1 card with my driver’s license.

Sara L.

Does anyone think that there is any potential for fraud if you buy one of these online? That is can the person who bought it for you (and has your account #) have access to your account, even if it is registered under your name, SS, etc?


Can one purchase a 2nd REDbird prepaid card? I have already purchased and am using one now, but would like to begin using a 2nd one. After purchasing the temporary card (2nd one) at Target how does one register it online, etc. to set up the account so it is not confused with one’s first REDbird account?



so, i want to know if i asked my friend to register a red card for me, is there anything damage to him?


ok, thank u


so, i want to know if i asked my friend to register a red card for me, is there anything damage to him? because he don’t know whether the prepaid redcard debit can be overdraft.


You can’t “overdraft” redbird. If you don’t have the funds, it is not going to allow you to proceed with the the transaction.


I just registered my temp Redbird, now waiting for the permanent one to arrive.

It’s likely too late for March, but for April, I’d like to try paying my rent with Redbird.

So, between now and then, I’ll be heavily loading it via credit cards.

I hand a check to my landlord on April 1…so I’ll need to have the check written and mailed to me before the April 1 deadline. For those who’ve used Redbird to pay rent this way, how long did it take for them to mail a check to you? Thanks


I live just outside Charlotte, NC and have been following a few blogs re Redbird. I finally decided to take the plunge and drove to the Target stores in Greensboro, NC earlier today. I went to the Bridford Parkway and Highwoods Blvd locations. Neither stores carried Redbird. I spoke with individuals at the Customer Service desk at each store who stated there had been numerous problems, the cards had been pulled, and they were no longer carrying the cards. I asked if they would be able to reload a card that I brought in and both stated no. They said they receive almost daily calls from customers looking for Redbird. Looks like Redbird is dead in NC.


If you gift a Redbird to someone else, when they go to register it, will they be able to see your information like your SS, DL# DOB, etc?! Can they register it with their information? thanks

Bobby Weaver

When registering these cards does it use the social # just for identification or will it actually pull credit or show up on a credit report?

[…] just try and see if the transaction goes through? She was willing to give it a shot and I followed Frequent Miler’s instructions, swiping my driver’s license and entering my brother’s SSN and date of birth for the […]

[…] just try and see if the transaction goes through? She was willing to give it a shot and I followed Frequent Miler’s instructions, swiping my driver’s license and entering my brother’s SSN and date of birth for the […]


I got the ‘being reviewed’ screen and to check my email because they will need more information from me….I don’t remember ever getting those on the BB or Serve cards.


Ridiculous I’m in Hawaii and will be the very last to be able to get this card. Anyone care to help please email me.

me <dad841-mom[at]yahoo[dot]com



Many thanks for the instructions – yesterday was able to successfully purchase 2 RedBird temp cards for $500 each (one of them for my wife – used different registers and scanned my own DL twice with different SS#). Once got back home activated both cards and today loaded $1000 on each with SPG Amex at Guest Services of a non-participating Target near home. At both Targets really enjoyed the feeling of not being treated as a small-degree criminal like it was at local Walmart with BB.

It looks like Bill Pay is not active until permanent card is received and activated (at least that is what the website says). Any way around it? If not, what is the limit for ATM withdrawals per transaction? Per day?

Once again really appreciate all your efforts!


Possible EPIC FAIL:

I was able to purchase 4 red cards using my license at a local target on a single day using diff ssn with same drivers license. I attempted to register one online. It gave me an error message saying I had an open bluebird account. So I entered each of the other 3 cards, each one giving me an error message. Then called redbird who told me my bluebird account is only “closed” not “permanently closed.” And, it must be permanently closed. So I called bluebird who confirms my bluebird acct won’t be permanently closed for a month. So apparently I have to wait to register my own card online.
My questions:
1. Will I, in fact, be able to register my redbird card online once my bluebird card is “permanently closed”?
2. Will there be any problem to register my family members as owners of the other 3 cards now that Redbird connected the dots over the phone that there’s a single name and more than 1 ssn when I registered in store?
3. Is there any risk to attempting to register them with the cards associated with my license?

Thank you!!!


Is the temp card still usable after the permanent card arrives and is active? I got mine from a colleague and want to make sure they can’t withdraw money from my account if they decide to be dishonest suddenly (they emailed me a pic of the temp card but they have the physical one).


OK so after reading your redbird FAQ (fully :p) I found:

1000 per cashier swipe


Can I bill pay the credit card that I used to load REDbird?
(Oblique response to my question, but will do lol)

Great job! Thanks! 🙂


What’s a safe amount to load at a time? Without raising eyebrows or having the manager summoned? 1000? 1500? 2000? How much do you load at a time? (Not in a day, at a time)

Does it have cc bill pay can you pay other credit cards like you can with serve?


Are you able to load your wife’s card at Target? Or is it always have to be the name on the card as the who who loads?


That will really depend on the register attendant if you say you have another one. It will be up to them to actually ask/care for the second ID. Worth a try.


Speculation? Or actual experience?


I can’t say I’ve done it myself, but have heard of someone who has first hand.


Have you done a post on analyzing which card to use for the loads? i.e. any negative repercussion from using another AMEX card?

[…] How to buy REDbird for others, and how to use them at non participating stores – The Frequent … […]

fm fan

Have you heard of any success stories of a non scanned RedBird being activated at a non participating store?

and thank you for your tremendous contributions to us!

fm fan

Sweet! Thank you!


If I just get the card info from the other person and register for the permanent card, will they have access to the account or is the permanent card a different number and whatnot?


Someone sent me a redcard and I tried to activate it at my local Target without success. My cashier swiped the card and the screen prompted the cashier to enter the load amount. As soon as load amount is entered, register displayed “can’t read card, please call the number on the card”. Can the problem be the prepaid redcard has not be launched in Calif yet?


What is the sequence the cashier needs to do to activate the card? Does s/he scan the UPC at the top right corner first then the code at the bottom of the package?

NoVA Rick

Is the $1500 max load to the temp card counted in the monthly 5K max?

Antonia goslin

I was in Greensboro NC yesterday and they pulled them all from the area stores because they weren’t registering properly.


Thanks for the update. I’ve been waiting for them to resolve these NC issues. Guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

Miles Hustler

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for this post. Your detailed instructions (as well as on how to close Bluebird family accounts) helped resolve my account closing & registration issues when AMEX customer service couldn’t. So, still in this season of Thankksgiving, I just wanted to say that I am personally thankful for you. you help minimize a lot of headsaches and challenge me (and others, I’m sure) to stretch our miles/points-earning limits 🙂 Thank you!


Arcane question here, but how is the monthly RedBird cycle timed (for the 5K limit)? Is it calendar month, or based on the date you activated your temporary RedBird or your permanent RedBird?


When reloading. with credit card, are there any credit card providers that you should not use , that could result in cash advance or other charges?

babu tan

Can the redbird be activated at a store that do not stock the card? Say a target has the redbird in stock (for free) but a friend is not comfortable registering the card.

fm fan

interested to know if this worked for you?
Can a non scanned RedBird be activated at a non participating store?


That makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to answer!


Does the registered address for cards I am managing for people have to be their address (same as their address that Amex might have on record)? Or can I use one mailing address (mine) to manage multiple cards for others (family members) that don’t actually live with me? My guess is that this is possible but I am wondering if there are any known data points? Thanks!!!


Is it possible to load it using Amex Gift Cards?


Is it possible to use the SS# of underage children to register a Redbird…put another more direct way – is there a minimum age to register a RB in someones name and use it effectively?


I live in a state that sells this card and have already purchased 1 for my own use. However, my friends and relatives from other states, have asked me to buy additional 8 cards so they can activate. Do you think this will raise any red flags as I am required to give my Driver License??

Also, I was charged $5 in the initial load, does this seem right? when there shouldn’t be any charge?


When does the limit reset? I got the card in late October and I have used up the 5k in 3 days.


Do you have to use bank account different from BB for Redbird?


Also had some problems this weekend with the cashiers not knowing how to load. The “load it like a gift card” worked for me. The customer service people knew how to do it for sure, so I did my first load on my temp card there.


Follow-up to my own question. I called ahead before driving to a state with Redbird and was told that my wife’s passport would work and that I could get a temp card for her.

When I got to the store I was able to get my temp card just fine with my DL, but when we tried to use my wife’s passport, we got errors. I called customer support and they wanted to confirm info with my wife, who wasn’t there, so that didn’t help. Even though in my comment above I said I’d follow your advice if I ran into trouble, in the moment I didn’t even think to have her scan my DL again and enter my wife’s info (I guess I was getting skittish).

Thankfully, and before I even had to ask, the Target employee suggested I just take the card with me.* When I got home I called customer support again and they talked about a BB/Serve-related glitch and that I’d need to send in a bunch of documents. Today, however, I went to a non-participating Target, followed your directions, and had no trouble getting the out-of-state temp card loaded for my wife (and I also topped up my temp card with $1k). Wish I’d remembered yesterday, but all’s well that ends well. Thanks again for the write-up!

* Just want to add that the Target employee was about the friendliest, most helpful person I’ve ever met in retail. Apart from the unexplainable glitch, everything went smoothly and she just wanted to get me set up and running.


Can I unload my temp redcard via target atm & how much is max withdrawal in one transaction?


Are there any other ways besides going to Target to fund it by my credit card? If I go to Target tomorrow (November 1st), I will lose the October limit (daily $2,500; monthly $5,000), right?


I live in FL and would appreciate if anyone living in the participating Targets help me obtain 1 or 2 of these prepaid REDbird.

please email me at


I have the same question as PR (question 16). I don’t want to have to close my bbird, will using a family members rbird with my credit card work? Thank you.


Two questions:
– I don’t have SSN but ITIN. can I get still this card?
– can I use Target gift cards to load?


Big mistake!

Didn’t have an SSN, but ITIN. I went ahead and bought the card and loaded $500. Came back home to learn that SSN is a must. So cannot register this card online. Too bad I wasted on max load.


What about using someone else’s card for future loads? Is ID required? Assuming I am using my own credit cards, could I load a family member’s registered or permanent REDcard without any issue?

Carl C

Slight disagreement FrequentMiler.

I bought a second one for my daughter with my DL# and a temp ssn/birthday. When we registered it, I did not leave birthday blank. I filled in her info and it worked.


No REDcards anywhere near me, so I had someone from another state send me one. I went through the online registration, setting up the card for a family member who has authorized me to manage her card for her. Received the card, went online to complete the registration process and get the permanent card. At the end of the online registration process, was asked a series of ID verification questions – asking about old addresses (10-15 years back). Answered the questions to the best of my ability, all correctly (I think – the questions were obscure and all about very old details). At the end of the registration, the screen said “Thanks for requesting an account. We need additional information, so watch your email.” Hmm. No email from them for 3 days. Hmmm.

Has anyone else seen this, know what it means, or have a suggestion? Thanks.


Question on managing a card for someone else (my parent). Can you load redbird for someone else using your credit card? Hoping to keep both my serve and someone else’s redbird in the ‘family’. I believe serve needs the same credit/debit card name and address. But what will happen at the Target register when I try and load my Dad’s redbird with my credit card? And I assume redbird billpay won’t care what bills I pay in whose name.


I bought two RedCards at one Target with the same SSN. I bought them at two different registers. No problem.


Why leave DOB blank on the first screen?


For those of you asking about loading your card at “non-participating” Targets…I had the same issue with confused cashiers. At one point a cashier even ran it as an “American Express for Target” card which charged a $3 load. I got the fee dropped and then went to Flyertalk for answers.
One poster heard a manager tell his cashier to load it just like a Starbucks gift card. So I went to the store the next day and suggested that to two separate cashiers who both admitted to never having loaded the card before. Worked like a charm.
You will know the transaction is working when the touchpad in front of you brings up a list of accepted payment forms.
Hope that helps!


Any updates on redbird issues in NC?


Are people still reporting problems in NC?


Has anyone able to load RedBird card at a non participating Target store like in California? One issue might be these non participating stores cashiers don’t know how to do it.


Yes, though the cashiers do not know how to do it. Fortunately all they need to do is swipe the Red card, enter the amount to load, you swipe your payment and they enter the last 4 digits on the card you swiped. Same process as Amex For Target.


If you have a Bluebird, can you get a temporary Redbird, cancel Blue and then get permanent Redbird? or do you have to cancel Blue before you get a temp Red?


You can get a temporary RedBird while you still have a BlueBird. Then you must close the BlueBird account prior to registering the RedBird online.


Greg, in your experience, how long did it take for the permanent card to arrive?


My card came in about 7-10 days.


@brian…is that a serious question? You ask how to unload a card with billpay? Sheesh!


You forgot the circles and arrows Daraius….


You forgot this is FM, not MMS!! 😉


You won’t know it by reading these kind of posts…


Agreed. The first couple of posts were helpful, but almost every day for 2 weeks seems overkill. Is there nothing else interesting to write about in the points and miles world?


How about favorite UNloading techniques for your guide?

Since, per month, you could never unload the full amt. via ATM, how are people consistently unloading, as I’m sure not everyone has 3-5k in bills EACH month.

Just a thought.


Alright, I am not trying to be witty. They have bill pay and you should be able to send a check to yourself/spouse/friend. Deposit in bank and get over. I personally would not do that 100% but rather mix in some genuine bills, check for rent or mortgage if possible, etc.


Anyone know if the temporary card can be bought with a passport instead of a driver’s license? Spouse doesn’t drive. I saw one related question on another forum but no reliable answer. If it’s questionable, I’ll follow the advice above to get her one. Thanks for the guide!

Iolaire McFadden

Have you seen a guide for the stores on how to load the card? My wife tried to load her card last night in Alexandria or Fairfax and she felt like they did not know what to do with it.

It was not loaded, but she also got a fraud alert from Citibank so it could have been due to that.


I think your wife wasn’t able to load it due to the fraud alert. It happened to my husband as well and he just cleared it up with the CC, while he was still at target, then the transaction went through just fine. I’m in Leesburg, VA and the cashiers are confused about the card over here as well because they haven’t really seen it before, since it isn’t offered in our area. I have been going straight to the costumer service desk and loading it there versus the regular cashiers and they all know what to do.

Iolaire McFadden

thanks Gigi



I live in Leesburg as well. I’m currently in the process of having my card bought for me by my brother-in-law in another city. Would you mind sending me a PM over at flyertalk to the username “taterman”? I’d love to ask you a couple of questions about the Leesburg Target and perhaps coordinate a little so we don’t seem like two crazy people at the same Target.


On the one hand, Target shouldn’t be trusted with SS#’s

On the other hand, you are kinda encouraging fraud and also they use the SS# to recover lost cards and other verifications when calling in and other stuff potentially….