How to find the best IHG signup offer: 80K points plus $50


best IHG signup offer

Chase’s IHG credit card is probably my favorite card to have, but not to use.  Most cards are good for some people, but not for others.  The IHG card, in my opinion, is a good option for pretty much everyone.  For a low annual fee ($49), the card offers a free night certificate each year that you renew.  The free night certificate is good for a free night at any IHG property including Intercontinental Hotels, some of which are crazy expensive.  So, for those who jet around the world, the card is clearly a great deal since it provides the opportunity to stay at fantastic properties for free.  However, even those who stay closer to home will likely find a use for the free night.  Planning a road trip?  Surely there’s an IHG property (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, etc.) along the way.

But wait, there’s more (Note: I do not earn a commission from this card, so I feel free to have some fun sounding like a snake oil infomercial salesman).  The card also offers:

  • An automatic 10% rebate on award stays (e.g. use 50,000 points for a stay and get 5,000 points back)
  • Platinum elite status
  • No foreign transaction fees

The primary downside of the card is that the points earned from spend aren’t worth a lot.  Many other cards offer much more value for your spend (see, for example, Best Rewards for Everyday Spend.  So, keep the card for its perks, but don’t use it for spend (or, use it only at IHG properties, where it earns 5X).

The best IHG signup offer

My usual recommendation for finding the best credit card offers is to check my Best Offers page (found under the Credit Cards menu on this site).  That’s what I do when I’m preparing to sign up for new cards.  In this case, though, that page will likely lead you back to this one.  So, here’s how…

Log into your account and almost book a stay

This has become a common approach for finding the best offers for airline and hotel cards.  In this case, simply go to, log into your IHG account, then search for and almost book a hotel:

  • Search any city and time period
  • Pick a hotel and click “Check Rates”
  • View rates and click “Book this Room”
  • On the next page, scroll down to see if a good signup offer has appeared

You must be signed in to an account that is eligible for the 80K offer for the Apply Now button to work with the above link.

Elite status offer

I currently have Platinum elite status with IHG, and when I follow the above steps I get an offer for 80,000 points after $1K spend plus a $50 statement credit:

best IHG signup offer

When I log in as someone without status, though, the best I can find is an offer for 60,000 points after $1K spend plus a $50 statement credit:

best IHG signup offer, no elite status

Thanks to the $50 statement credit, this is better than the best available public offer (at the time of writing), but clearly not as good as the 80K offer.


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[…] Remember that I re-signed up for the IHG card recently?  For $49 per year, this is the one card that is a no-brainer for almost anyone.  And, fortunately, it is not subject to Chase’s 5/24 rules.  In addition to giving you IHG Platinum status automatically, the card offers a free night at any IHG hotel worldwide each year upon the card’s anniversary, and an automatic 10% point rebate on awards.  To be clear, the card is not very rewarding for spend.  I keep it filed away.  It’s simply a great card to have for its perks.  If you don’t already have the card, make sure to read: How to find the best IHG signup offer: 80K points plus $50. […]

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I just called IHG customer service and told them I was interested in signing up for the CC but the 80k points link was broken. They then transferred me to an credit card rep. The CC rep verified that the 80k points offer was not publicly available anymore, but said she could offer it to me over the phone if I wanted to sign up. I tried to get her to include the $50 statement credit also, but she said she did not have access to that feature.

I accepted and applied over the phone and was approved w/80k points. I will call back again after making my $1k in purchases and try and get the $50 statement credit included.


Thanks to the suggestion from this website; I asked and received! The 80 thou offer showed up about 3 weeks after I received my card. I emailed them and wrote a nicely worded letter about how I was so excited to get this card and that now i am feeling cheated that the offer is now 20 tho more than I got just a few weeks ago. I laid it on kinda thick – honey works sometimes. They would not match the cash back, but did give me the 20 thou.points. Thanks for the great advice!!


I should have stated; I received the card in Oct 2015.

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Thanks for this! Following these steps (attempting to book room, on the bottom of website) I get 80k+ $50 credit when I’m logged in (only Gold Elite, but will lose that this year – used to travel much for work and stay at the same Holiday Inn Express) but when I clicked through, took me to 60k offer. When I’m on and in my account profile, get 80k bonus and that appears to work. Called Chase, then 3 people at IHG Rewards – hoping to hear back with good news soon. If not, 80k + free night + no foreign transaction fees is pretty good for the first year/ $49 thereafter. Thanks for this post!

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[…] How to find the best IHG signup offer: 80K points plus $50 – How to possibly get this increased offer to show up. […]


Greg, weren’t you going to churn this card (or was it your wife)? Did you and will you post the results if you get the 80K points again? Thanks.

Chris L

I’m not seeing any offers on the confirmation page. I am Platinum Elite from having the IHG card. I called Chase a few days ago and cancelled my account, but my IHG account is still showing Platinum Elite status.

I logged into my IHG account. Searched for a room in Las Vegas, clicked Check Rates. Picked a room and clicked View rates, then Book this room. Next I am taken to the confirmation page, but there aren’t any offers or ads. I tried with my Adblock off, and also tried in Chrome Incognito, haven’t seen anything.

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[…] How to find the best IHG signup offer: 80K points plus $50 by Frequent Miler. We’ve talked about this deal before, it’ll be interesting to see if the 80k points automatically qualify you for Spire status (and thus another 25k points) or not. Unlike FM I don’t think this offer is tied to status, so try making a dummy booking and seeing what happens. […]

Chris B.

I felt like checking this out just to see if it even populated for me since I got the card early this year and apparently forgot I applied under the 80K offer lol. The choice benefit was a pretty nice surprise today 🙂

William Charles

Offer isn’t tied to status, have seen reports of people with Platinum not receiving it and vice versa. Don’t think using another link works as some of the information is pre-filled? Happy to be proven wrong on both counts 😀


I tried this for my spouse, but the application page pre-populates the IHG number (to the platinum account holder), and there is no way to change that. Rest details can be changed. Will that cause an issue as the IHG number and the name won’t match. Will they issue a new number?


I emailed Chase and asked them to match my 70k offer to the 80k offer a week after I opened my account. They said no because the offer wasn’t available. My mom got the 80k offer and signed up. I emailed them again and politely asked them to match it because my mom got the offer and it was on IHG’s public website. They said it really was not available, but as a courtesy they gave me the extra 10k points because they valued my business. 🙂


I’m not a platinum member, but this offer was constantly showing in my account for months when I logged in. I finally took them up on it in April. The bonus points posted in June. When Spire status came out, I was instantly given Spire status based on having earned 80,000+ “Elite Qualifying Points” (all from the sign up bonus and spend except for 3k earned from a single stay this year). So I got to choose a reward — another 25k points for me! So, as the person above stated, this offer may turn into a 105k point sign-up bonus. Surely, they didn’t intend for people to become Spire Elite from signing up for the credit card….but it seems to be working that way so far. Of course, I wouldn’t advertise it this way as they could disqualify the card sign up bonus from the “Elite Qualifying Points” category at any time. In the meantime, I’m thrilled. I’m dying for the next set of point breaks so I can book some nights for my fall honeymoon.


Dont forget that the 80k will give you spire status and can pick another 25k points for a total of 105k


Theoretically, wouldn’t this offer not be available to the majority of Platinum members? I am assuming that a large majority of them are Platinum by virtue of having the card and, if you have the card, you shouldn’t be eligible for another card and bonus.
Of course, hotel elite status does seem to hang around long after the card has been cancelled so maybe that will apply to some.
Still, great find!