How to increase credit card spend. Announcing a new resource page.


Whether your goal is to meet minimum spend requirements for new credit cards, or to earn credit card big spend bonuses, you can find techniques for increasing credit card spend in a new resource page on this blog: How to increase credit card spend.  The page can currently be found under the Credit Cards menu on the Frequent Miler site.

credit card spend

And, as I mentioned yesterday, you can now subscribe to posts and pages without leaving a comment.  I think that this will prove to be a good page to subscribe to.  Over time, I expect to flesh out this page with more information, and to update it as techniques come and go.  When the page is updated, a summary of changes will be posted to the comments section.

Please check out the new page here:

Additional info can be found in these source posts:

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If in a time crunch to meet minimum spending, buy gift cards for places you typically shop at such as grocery stores, home improvement stores or gas stations. Meet your minimum spending requirement in time by buying the gift cards, then use the cards after the minimum spending deadline for your purchases.


Thanks, but I don’t want to subscribe to emails. What I would appreciate is an RSS feed composed of comments to all resource pages. Can you do it?