How To Snag The New 75K Business Card Offers | Ask Us Anything | Episode 20


Did you miss your chance to ask Greg and Nick live questions about collecting miles and points with rewards cards? Not to worry – you can watch the full episode below, or link to each individual question in youtube by clicking the time stamps below.

4:55 – If I receive the Amex popup on one application (e.g., Delta business gold), does this mean I’ll receive it on all apps (even personal cards)? It is specific to the person or the card?

6:33 – Hi guys – just got Citi Premier card, called and got confirmation that they offer cell phone insurance (was transferred over to Cell Phone Benefits dept). Nick’s blog from today said differently. ​Re: cell phone insurance – Nick’s blog from today stated that this World Elite MC doesn’t offer it. It seems that it does… YMMV… Odd.. What crazy thing will Citi do this week!!

8:58 – ​Can you apply and get the bonus for the CIC or CIU if you already have the card? If not, can you change products and apply? How long to wait after changing products? Thanks!

11:00 – Hey guys! Have you applied for any new CCs recently or are thinking of applying for any new CCs in the near future? 2 weeks ago I was approved for the BofA Alaska Airlines Biz CC, Barclays Wyndham, Earner Biz CC, and AMEX Delta Gold Biz CC. My wife was finally approved for Chase Marriott Bonvoy Boundless CC after calling the reconsideration department – thanks for the tips on the call 🙂

15:58 – Thoughts on Avianca lifemiles’ new 1.1c per mile buy miles sale ? Is it a good value?

23:09 – Do you think Chase will match to the 75k CIU offer?

25:00 – Got Amex 3+ bonus for referral. Keeping spend organic to be safe. Do you think safe to MS on other Amex bonuses for Nov and Dec (given low limits) or would that open door to scrutiny on all accounts?

27:19 – ​I have a Citi Prestige offer for 5x on online purchases until December. Do you see any issue with Simon GC counting as online purchases?

28:30 – ​Any airline award sweet spots to get to Dom Republic even if just in economy?

32:44 – My wife and I are looking to travel next October to either Budapest or Prague. Which would you recommend?

36:02 – Hello Gents! I’ve heard many in the miles & points community forewarning that a Mileage Plan devaluation is likely on the horizon. Will you speculate what that might look like?

39:54 – sorry going back to the Amex popup…better to spread out spend across all your Amex cards or using one and putting like 8k on it within one statement cycle?

40:21 – ​If I got denied for a Chase biz card but called recon to move around credit would they consider my personal or biz credit? Also any thoughts on using PayPal Key with Amex at Simon online/in store?

43:25 – ​Is $12K ok to list as business income on an AMEX business card? I have a small side hustle that I could provide tax info for if AMEX does a financial review. Looking to get the Bonvoy Business card.

44:32 – ​Hey guys! currently at 5/24. Will be 4/24 December 2021, am I losing by holding off on all CC applications until then for another Chase card.

47:37 – Can you have more than 1 personal HYATT card? I know Marriott has restrictions

47:59 – Does Jetblue have an award chart for partners like Emirates?

49:44 – ​Any experience using TAP miles to fly United? TAP iis having a promo that gets you 148K miles for approx .6CPP and is Star Alliance….

51:50 – ​Does the Amex limit for number of cards include both personal and business?

52:32 – ​Hey guys, I have a “Reluctant Ramsey” subscribed player 2 thats scared of CC’s. However I had a break through recently and convinced them to get a few CCs. What cards should I tell him to get?

55:13 – ​Just canceled a chase biz card, how long should I wait before applying for another chase biz card? I currently have 4 opened.

56:00 – Also Nick will you get an Iphone this year?

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Regarding AS deval, I’d say the AA chart is the floor to how bad the deval could be, no worse.

AS has access to less partner inventory, so AA/AS prices are apples/oranges. This will change when AS joins OW, so prices will have to increase.

I don’t expect AS to match AA, because AA is bigger, more extensive network, and most AA passengers don’t know the complexities of crediting miles to another airline…and if they fly AA regularly they are crediting to AA for the status. In other words, AA doesn’t need to offer as attractive an award chart as AS. However, I expect the disparity between to two charts to decline. Instead of 70-75k one way F on JL/CX with AS (110k with AA and no stopover), my bet is the new price for AS will be 90k, and no more free stopovers.