How To Unenroll From Amex Pay Over Time (And Why You Should)


After writing about the recent targeted 20,000 Membership Rewards offer for enrolling in Pay Over Time on American Express charge cards, a reader reached out asking how to unenroll from Pay Over Time.

I’d been targeted for a 10,000 point offer some time ago and so enrolled to earn that bonus. I subsequently unenrolled from Pay Over Time, but Amex doesn’t make it obvious how to do that.

Unenroll Amex Pay Over Time

The nice thing is that unenrolling from Pay Over Time isn’t a convoluted process once you know how. You can both enroll and unenroll by using this link. Simply select the ‘Inactive’ radio button and click ‘Submit’.

American Express Amex Pay Over Time

There are a few reasons why you might want to unenroll from Pay Over Time if you’re currently enrolled:

  • Future Targeting – If you’re enrolled in Pay Over Time, Amex isn’t going to target you with 10,000 or 20,000 Membership Rewards points to enroll as you already have this feature. There’s no guarantee that unenrolling now will get you targeted for bonus points in the future, but you’ve got to be in it to win it.
  • Interest – The purpose of Pay Over Time is to allow you to pay the cost of $100+ transactions over time. This is done by paying interest on that balance which isn’t something you ever want to do on any kind of card.
  • Charge Card Vs Credit Card – Cards that are eligible to enroll in Pay Over Time like the Amex Gold, Platinum and Green cards are charge cards seeing as credit cards already have the option to pay over time and incur interest charges. Miles to Memories has suggested that enrolling in Pay Over Time might change how Amex views that card, changing it from a charge card to a credit card. With a limit of four (or sometimes five) credit cards at a time with Amex, that could have an effect on what other cards you’re able to get.

I think that final bullet point is a theory based on only a couple of past data points, so there’s no guarantee Amex will regard a Pay Over Time card as a credit card. However, the first and second bullet points – particularly the first one – are good enough reasons to unenroll from Pay Over Time if you haven’t already.

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Well this certainly proved helpful! I unenrolled my Gold card from Pay Over Time when I saw this post 3 weeks ago. And then today I logged into my account to see an offer for 20,000 MR for enrolling again!


Wow, Great info!


Thanks…I just unenrolled both my platinum and Green Cards. I never knew how to deactivate it. I always pay in full so I don’t need it but I want those targeted free points to get me to add it back again.


Wow! Excellent article! Who knew? So many of these blogs are just repeats of no information and blah blah blah. Nice to see one that actually has information we can use


After enrolling when targeted for the promo, how long do you think to wait until unenrolling? 20k bonus points posted within 2 days.

Another Jeff

Any idea why it shows active/inactive for consumer but on/off for biz?


Coincidentally, I just enrolled, today, because I was targeted with a 20,000 point bonus for doing so. It seemed clear to me in the terms, that if I pay off the card every month, there will be no interest, so other than the third bullet point, I don’t see the issue. Am I missing something?

And if it is in my highest good to unenroll, how long do I need to keep enrolled, in order to keep the bonus?