How to use the American Express entertainment credit to pay for HBO Max.


Update: Reader Steve reports that this works for Showtime as well, giving access to the Showtime app using your Hulu credentials.

It’s been a big week for the previously underwhelming Amex Platinum Digital “Entertainment” Credit. On Wednesday, Amex announced that the digital entertainment credit can now be used toward Disney+, The Disney Bundle, ESPN+, and Hulu, a huge improvement to the utility of the credit. Then, yesterday, Nick wrote about a sale on Disney Resorts good for 10-25% off for Disney+ subscribers on stays between July 8 and September 30, 2022.

Today a reader (h/t: Steve) pointed out that you can actually use Hulu to pay for HBO Max, getting full access to the app and thus the entire suite of HBO content (as opposed to channels like Showtime which only exist within Hulu).  By using the Platinum Amex credit to pay for a Hulu with ads/HBO Max bundle, you can effectively get HBO max for $1.98+tax/month.

The Deal

  • Get HBO Max for $1.98+tax by using American Express Platinum credit to pay for Hulu wwith ads and HBO Max for $21.98 + tax. After the $20 credit is applied, the remainder is $1.98+tax.
  • This can’t be stacked with the Disney+ bundle, or with Hulu subscriptions billed through Amazon, T-Mobile or any other third party. You must have, or sign-up for, a primary Hulu subscription billed through Hulu.
  • Direct Link to Bundle Sign-Up Page

Quick Thoughts

I paid for a year of HBO Max last year during Topcashback’s portal mistake. Since we paid in advance, I haven’t really given any attention to different ways to get the app and was completely unaware that you could purchase it through Hulu.

This is a brilliant backdoor for those that either don’t want the Disney bundle or have 2+ household credits. The $1.98+tax price comes from paying for a Hulu with ads subscription for $6.99 and adding HBO Max to the bundle at $14.99. After the credit, you’re only on the hook for $1.98 and taxes.

If you only have one credit and want HBO Max and ad-free Hulu, you could always pay the extra $6 bringing the total out of pocket to $7.98+tax. Either one will also enable you to stream live HBO through Hulu in addition to having access to the app.

This is a great additional use for Platinum credit and one that I’ll be taking advantage of.

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Can someone confirm this still works? Thanks much.


Do you think this credit would apply to the Hulu+Live TV subscription as well?

Dugroz Reports

Confirmed, it works for me


Would this be the HBO max with or without ads? aka the one that gets access to the new movies coming out or no?


Since showtime is also cool, do we think that also an option to get credited if added within Hulu?


Showtime has a remote login, similar to HBO, that appears to allow a user to enter their Hulu login info to access the Showtime app.


Has anyone confirmed it gets refunded? Does the full amount show as a Hulu charge?


“I PAID for a year…”


If we signed up for hbo max thru topcash back last year, do you recommend waiting until that hbo max subscription is up for renewal or creating a separate Hulu account?


Might as well wait.


I’m waiting too

Pixie Points

I can’t figure out how to do this! I signed up for Disney+, then went to my Hulu account to add HBO – but I was unable to do that because my Hulu account is billed by a third party (Disney). What am I doing wrong?

Pixie Points

OHH that makes sense, thank you. In essence I am creating a Hulu account with ads that I won’t use in order to get HBO.


This is probably a dumb question, so I apologize if so. This article says “getting full access to the app“. Does this mean I could download the app on my FireStick and access HBO that way? Or does this only mean I would have full access on my phone, and I’d have to cast my phone to my TV to be able to watch HBO on my TV?

Thanks for the useful posts as always! HBO would be the best use of this credit IMO.


Great and useful post as always

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