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ec on

Nasty bank. I applied for one of these a while ago and was asked to validate myself by answering: for a car loan[6 years ago, paid off in 4 months completely] what were the monthly payments out of $10 differences? Not a Chex Systems Q seen before or since, 1/5 chance of getting right, who would remember? The phone-in number for new customer inquiries was never answered at all.

Tim T

I have done the $700 deal before. It was kind of long like this one. Also, their online/mobile banking is very cumbersome. Last time around it use to be 3 years you cant have had an account. This time it is a lifetime language similar to Amex. I personally will never touch a HSBC bonus ever again. Good luck to those who is going to do it.


thanks for the tip on the lifetime language. I also had it in the past…I also rather stay away from them.

ce le

It wasn’t that bad with the mobile app opp it was a bit annoying. but the free wire transfers was nice. But yeah will have to wait for one without the lifetime language. Also the DD requirement has doubled from 5k to 10k