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Any hope of getting HSBC to post a bonus manually if it doesn’t post automatically? Is contacting HSBC about the bonus not posting a dead end?


Bumping this. Any hope of reaching out to HSBC and successfully getting them to post a bonus manually if it doesn’t post automatically?


Has anyone been hit with a monthly maintenance fee lately I didn’t have any but I just saw one now how do I get around this I don’t have a direct deposit from employer that’s $5000 monthly


Anyone receive a June bonus yet this month?


Was wondering the same. Also, has anyone who has not received a bonus yet had any success communicating with HSBC?


Turned off adblock looking at the HSBC site to see if a chat icon would pop up, and noticed an offer

Starting 04/01/2021, you can earn up to $180 ($30 max per month) over six consecutive months when you start using HSBC for your everyday transactions. Offer ends 09/30/2021.

It pays as $15 for using debit card 10x and $15 for using bill pay 3x.


Has the round of bonuses for May posted yet?

Still waiting on mine after opening in December. Already received referral bonuses and P2 got theirs $600 credit like two months ago.


Any suggestions for getting a stubborn bonus to post? Hoping to avoid getting charged the $50/mo maintenance fee when the 6mo fee waiver for these accounts expires.


Argh. Still no $600 bonus for me either.


Any way to get HSBC to post a bonus manually if it isn’t showing up or is this deal a complete dead end if the bonus doesn’t post automatically?

From DOC

This offer ends June 30, 2021.Get 3% Cash Bonus

 (up to $600) for new customers who open an eligible HSBC Premier

 checking account with qualifying activities.
This offer is available only online for applications completed using the Apply now button on this webpage. Applications submitted through other pages on our website will not qualify for this offer.
To qualify for 3% Cash Bonus (rounded up to the nearest dollar) on Qualifying Direct Deposits up to $600 ($100 max per month), during the first 6 calendar months after account opening you must: (1) open your new HSBC Premier checking account from April 1, 2021 through and including June 30, 2021 and (2) set-up recurring Qualifying Direct Deposits from a third party to an HSBC Premier checking account at least once per calendar month for 6 consecutive calendar months following account opening month. The 6 calendar months from account opening begins with the first full calendar month after your Premier checking account is opened. You will automatically receive the 3% Cash Bonus in your new HSBC Premier checking account approximately eight weeks after completing that month’s qualifying activities. Qualifying Direct Deposits are electronic deposits of regular periodic payments (such as salary, pension, Government Benefits or other monthly income) made into your HSBC Premier checking account from third parties at least once per calendar month. Customers who held an HSBC consumer deposit or investment account from March 31, 2018 through and including March 31, 2021 are not eligible for this offer. 
To qualify for an HSBC Premier relationship, you need to open an HSBC Premier checking account and maintain:

  • Balances of $75,000 in combined U.S. consumer and qualifying commercial U.S. Dollar deposit and investment* accounts; OR
  • Monthly recurring direct deposits totaling at least $5,000 from a third party to an HSBC Premier checking account(s); 

DP – Bonus-earning and account-closing data points:
– 9/8/2020 – Account (Premier Checking) opened
– 10/19/2020 – $5,000+ transferred in from PNC
– 11/12/2020 – $600 bonus deposited into account
– between the 16th and 22nd of each month through 3/17/2021 – $5,000+ transferred in from PNC
– 4/21/2021 – Requested that account be closed (via phone call).
– 4/22/2021 – Account closed


No bonus here either.

Since I did legit work DD + Schwab push, I called the premier customer service to ask. The 2 agents I spoke with both said, the bonus will pay 2 months after maintaining 3 months the $5K DD requirement. It seems many got their $600 bonus quickly but some must wait up to 8 weeks after the 90-days for the bonus.

1/6/21: Account Opened
1/12/21: Pushed $5300 from Schwab Checking
1/15/21: pushed $5000 from Schwab Checking
1/19/21: work DD
1/29/21: work DD
2/12/21: work DD
2/16/21: Pushed $5000 from Schwab Checking
2/26/21: work DD
3/9/21: $100 share the experience bonus posted, but no $600
3/15/21: pushed $5000 from Schwab checking
3/15/21: work DD
3/31/21: work DD
4/15/21: work DD
4/15/21: pushed $5K from Schwab checking

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No bonus for me. 6 $5k+ pushed exclusively from Capital One, but nothing. I received my $100 referral bonus last month though. And the person I referred got his $600 last month with transfer from Capital One exclusively.


I’ll repeat this sentiment. I did an account for me and another for my wife. I received the bonus 2 months ago. She has not received hers. The transfers were the exact same.


Are you going to keep trying until 6-month grace period is up?


I got a bonus, but it was only $400! I applied on 1/26 when the bonus was still $600, using the referral code and everything as describe here. I’m super frustrated, but I’m dreading trying to call and get it straightened out. The first call took me two hours, and I’m afraid this would be just as bad. Has anyone else been given the lower bonus amount?


Account opened in December. 4x $5000 push transactions from Ally since. No bonus yet. Planning on contacting HSBC this week.


When you do fake DD don’t expect HSBC to reward you. That’s the gamble WE all take.


Anyone have a bonus post yet this month (April)?


Nope. I didn’t see bonus in mine yet…


P2 still hasn’t gotten her bonus. Opened account 1/28/21 I believe, so I’m hoping it comes in the next couple of days, otherwise I may have to just call it.


Oh I just meant “call it” like forget about it. I don’t plan on actually calling about it, especially since P2 would have to do it and she hates calling banks.


Yep, I hope to get the bonus when it’s paid for April. My referrals P2 and P3 also haven’t received their bonuses.


Still nothing…


Anyone see April bonuses post yet ?


Still nothing for me…


got the $15 bill pay bonus on 4/1 as well

p.s. cash app (and venmo etc. per chat) apparently doesn’t work for the debit card purchase bonus


Hi Nick. So do you think it’s safe to close these accounts after the bonus posts? I didn’t notice any specific minimum time to leave account open.


Got my $600 & $100 bonuses one month after $5000 ACH from Ally. Worth the hours on the phone with the worst rep. P2 got her’s also but the rep was much better.


Signed up using Samantha’s referral in January. I didn’t try to do *real* DD cuz I didn’t want to bother switching things up for me and P2, so I checked DoC for other methods that count. I figured even if it didn’t end up working, I don’t lose anything for trying. And it worked! I got my $600 bonus this week, and now I’m just waiting for P2 to get hers next month so I can get my extra $100 referral bonus. Thank you for the post and extra reminders to jump on this!

Captain Greg

Not to beat this dead horse, but has anyone closed? I’d be interested in hearing how soon someone did this after opening.

Captain Greg

Closed via chat today. It has been a little over 100 days since opening.


And no issues to report?