[Update: Don’t get Fooled, The Motley stack is dead] Hugely Profitable/Rewarding The Motley Fool Subscription With Amex Offer


Update 1/29/21: The Motley Fool has reached directly out to Frequent Miler to tell us that loyalty programs are either pausing their campaigns or updating their terms to note that their rewards can not be combined with other offers specifically to block a double dip. Here is the email we received from The Motley Fool’s business development team.

I just wanted to let you know that the loyalty programs are either pausing their campaigns during the Amex campaign or have updated their terms and conditions so their cash back or rewards cannot be combined with other offers.

Obviously, we’re thrilled with anyone who wants to join our services and learn about The Motley Fool approach to investing, and we want to incentivize folks to give us a try. But for those interested in stacking offers, best to look elsewhere now, as there is no longer a double dipping opportunity.

Would appreciate it if you could update your audience.

Best Regards,


This is the first time I can remember receiving an email directly from a merchant about blocking a double-dipping opportunity. Sure enough, I see the following update in the terms at the AAdvantage shopping portal (bolded for emphasis):

Mileage terms

Please note these terms & conditions: Eligible on one (1) subscription per loyalty account number. Only eligible on paid 1 year subscription to The Motley Fool. Monthly subscriptions are ineligible. Offers cannot be combined/stacked with any other offer.

It was surprising to see the word “stacked” specifically as we don’t often see that terminology used in restrictions. Further, I can’t think of a time when portal rewards have been blocked based on which credit card used to pay at checkout. Could this type of action extend to other card-linked offers? In this case, I think the restriction is a one-off because this must be costing The Motley Fool more than they care to pay for customer acquisition. At any rate, I would expect this to be dead for new sign-ups. Hopefully there won’t be clawbacks given the lack of restriction in place previously. The original post follows, but I wouldn’t expect the double or triple dip stack to work anymore.


There’s a stunning new Amex Offer available today giving $99 back when buying a $99 The Motley Fool subscription. While that might not sound enticing by itself if you’re not in the market for that subscription, you might be interested once you take into account the generous portal bonuses that are available right now.

Motley Fool Screenshot

The Deal

  • Make a single subscription-based purchase of $99+ online at The Motley Fool or at fool.com/amex & get $99 back with an Amex Offer.

Key Terms

  • Expires May 8, 2021.
  • Offer valid only on US website or at Fool.com/amex.
  • Valid only on purchases made in US dollars.
  • Offer is non-transferable.
  • Limit of 1 statement credit per Card Member.
  • The enrolled Card account must not be cancelled or past due to receive statement credit. Any benefit earned from this offer is in addition to the rewards (i.e. Membership Rewards or cash back) earned as part of your existing Card benefits, but your ability to earn spend-based rewards for the purchase will be based on the amount after any statement credit or other discount is applied.
  • Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 5/8/2021, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase.
  • The Motley Fool Terms and Conditions currently provide that unless you notify The Motley Fool that you want to cancel, or that you do not want to auto renew, your subscription or membership fee will automatically renew for another subscription period (subject to applicable law) of equal length (for example, monthly, or annually). This means that The Motley Fool will collect the then-applicable membership or subscription fee and any taxes by charging a credit card The Motley Fool has on record for you without notifying you, unless notification is required by applicable law.

Motley Fool Amex Offer

Quick Thoughts

This is a simply fantastic offer, especially if you’re interested in a The Motley Fool subscription in the first place. An annual subscription costs $99, so this Amex Offer fully offsets that cost.

The deal gets significantly better once you take into account shopping portal rewards and makes it a deal almost certainly worth jumping on, even if you don’t care about the investment advice from The Motley Fool.

That’s because many shopping portals are offering extremely generous bonuses when taking out a subscription. A couple of portals are offering $80 cashback, while airline shopping portals are offering up to 7,400 bonus miles right now.

Update: As of today (1/27/21), Dollar Dig is offering $87.50 and RebatesMe is offering $85 – those changes were added to Cashback Monitor after publishing this post. The rates can change from day-to-day, so what’s available right now could change by tomorrow.

Motley Fool Cashback Monitor

On the cashback side of things, Glamour Rewards is likely the safest option as Citi Bonus Cash Center states that you have to pay with a Citi card. The same goes for the Chase Ultimate Rewards portals in terms of paying with a Chase card, although I have had transactions track through the Chase portal in the past when paying with a non-Chase card. With Glamour Rewards offering $80 though, I’d personally prefer that safe option rather than risking not getting anything at all by going through the Chase Freedom portal in the hope I’d get 7,500 Ultimate Rewards seeing as I’d have no recourse if it didn’t track.

Another good option is the American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal as that’s offering 7,400 bonus miles. Depending on how you value Mileage Plan miles, using the Alaska Airlines portal for 5,400 bonus miles might be preferable.

It might even be possible to stack this deal even further by taking advantage of card-linked programs. That’s because there are a few shopping portals that offer points when paying for a The Motley Fool subscription with a card you’ve linked with the portal. That includes Choice Privileges, Caesars Rewards, JetBlue and Emirates. I’m not 100% sure which network they use for tracking though, so if they use the same network as the shopping portals, it could invalidate the cashback/miles.

One stacking option that sadly won’t work is Uber Visa Local Offers. That program is offering 5% back in Uber Cash when taking out a The Motley Fool subscription, but you have to pay with a Visa card for that.

If you do take advantage of this offer, be sure to set a reminder to cancel your subscription at the end of this year/ early next year.

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Mark W

I purchased the $99 subscription through Dollar Dig the first day this deal was available (before the portal terms changed). Received $99 cashback from AmEx, but cashback is being denied by Dollar Dig:

“Unfortunately, Motley Fool declined the transaction stating that we weren’t the last click.

“Usually, this occurs because a link was clicked, or copied/pasted after ours.”

Was anyone able to successfully receive cashback via Dollar Dig? I have screenshots of the original terms, but I don’t know how I can prove that Dollar Dig was “the last click.”


I just saw 10,700 Southwest Points at Rapid Rewards shopping, however in the fine print:
“Only eligible on paid 1 year subscription to Discovery: Everlasting Portfolio, Motley Fool Options, and Extreme Opportunities: Augmented Reality and Beyond.”
These subscriptions are $299 or more. 🙁


For those who signed up via Dollar Dig — is your purchase tracking/pending? Mine isn’t (now more than 10 days later), and even worse, when I try to submit a ticket for missing cash back, The Motley Fool isn’t even included in the drop down.


Can you combine the Amex offer with an offer from Motley Fool? I received an offer from MF for $98 for 2 years and I’m wondering if I use my Amex with the offer added if it will pick it up? (I’m assuming after taxes it will exceed $98)


Has anyone actually gotten the Amex credit to post yet? It shows the offer as redeemed and got the email from Amex confirming this, but I still don’t have a $99 credit on my account.


Me too, I got the email more than a week ago? Any updates for you?


The AMEX credit finally posted on Feb 2. Will have to wait and see if the Glamour Rewards $80 actually pays.


I used AA and the 7400 miles posted to my account & p2 used rebatesme, but has not received the $$ trasaction is pending but says $0 we both already got credited the $99 from Amex

Last edited 2 years ago by Ana

I received the confirmation from Glamour Rewards that I have received the $80.00. I did it on the first day and have all the screenshots so hopefully it will stick.


I did this deal on 1/27 through the American Airlines portal. The $99 amex credit has posted. But on the AAdvantage shopping portal, it doesn’t list any transactions and shows I visited the Motley Fool store on 1/27 but has no order attached to it. Am I screwed? I thought I did everything right.


Contact them after the 14 days or whatever they require to pass and no CB posts. I have found in general the airline portals (all managed by Cartera) have generally worked with me and with one or two exceptions I have gotten my points.


I signed up using the AAdvantage shopping portal, using both my wife’s and my Platinum cards. I got confirmation emails for both from Amex, then I got AAdvantage tracking emails for both, and then got AAdvantage emails confirming that we each earned 7400 miles. But I signed up immediately after receiving Stephen’s email (thank you!).


Just signed up with hoopla & Amex. $85 reward. We’ll see how she blows…

$10 in taxes for me.


Clicking through from cashbackmonitor on the Chase Freedom the offer is showing for 15k UR! But then I read the T&C, cheapest plan it’s good for is $999. So… Not useful


You may be right…there’s a link to the right offering $99 plan, but that may not be included in the “program terms”…rolled the dice anyway.
Also, Ink portal is 12k now

Last edited 2 years ago by Troy

Man Troy, I don’t know you but I love how we avoided blowing each other up over that. Sorry for the misunderstanding, thanks for the edit.

*edit* also sorry I called you Tony lol

Last edited 2 years ago by JayP

Sorry, didn’t see Tony’s post before I posted. Here are the T&C’s:

The Motley Fool Terms and Conditions.
Eligible on one (1) subscription per loyalty account number. Only eligible on paid 1 year subscription to Discovery: Everlasting Portfolio, Motley Fool Options, and Extreme Opportunities: Augmented Reality and Beyond. Monthly subscriptions are ineligible. Offers cannot be combined/stacked with any other offer. Subscription must be active for at least 60 days. Not eligible on any free products, trials, services, memberships, subscriptions and retailer marketing subscriptions. Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site. Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents. Purchases made with a gift card may be ineligible.


*WARNING*JayP points out that even though the $99 sub is linked directly to the right on the Chase UR page, the “Program Terms” fine print on the UR portal doesn’t list any of the $99 plans as eligible for rewards. Shady AF, but I’ll let ya know in an hour if it tracked for anything.
Chase UR (Freedom) now 15,000 Points…says no stacking, but I rolled the dice. Even if you don’t stack, 15k points for $99 is a win.

Last edited 2 years ago by Troy

What the hell do they care for. The subscription is being paid for…..


Hoopla portal does not have updated T&Cs…for whatever reason. I just bought the 1 year sub through them. $85 payout. Screenshot it.

FIrst time using Hoopla


If we got in on it the first day, will we get it? I’m showing $80 as posted in GlamourRewards. When will they pay out?

Last edited 2 years ago by Anthony

How long did it take for the $80 to post on glamour rewards? I also purchased through glamour rewards & nothing is showing.


When did you purchase? I purchased the day this deal was posted and it posted today I think, but I’m not positive-it could have been yesterday- I haven’t checked it over the past couple of days.


I purchased yesterday. Thanks.

[…] And later in the week, Motley Fool told Frequent Miler that stacking will not be allowed. […]


How exactly would a shopping portal know that I had also used an Amex offer? Is this new anti-stacking language just to discourage someone from trying, but with no real teeth?

Just a Note

I also have the email from Amex, though it hasn’t paid yet, and my Glamour Rewards account shows the $80, though I don’t know when they pay.

The site says September 30 paid November 15. The FAQ seems to indicate quarterly payments, but that’s not the most recent one (that should have been January 15).

So this quarter would end March, be paid around April 15 or so, sound right?


How soon after you made the purchase did the $80 show up on your glamour rewards account? I purchased yesterday & still nothing in my glamour rewards account.

Just a Note

I didn’t actually look at the account until yesterday, which is when I saw it on the GR site. Shortly after posting this, I also received an email from them saying that I had received rewards. The actual $99 purchase was made a couple of days ago, just after the post was made here. (lots to follow, I know – sorry!)


I keep thinking of the Who song, Don’t Fooled Again when I see the title! My AA Shopping portal shows 7,400 miles earned and I got the Amex Offer email so it looks like a successful double dip for me.


I highly doubt that this was intentional, but I wonder if this isn’t a good for them in the end or isn’t a good marketing tactic for a company looking to get new customers. Post a “too good to be true” offer, absorb the cost of paying out to the first round of people who jump on it. In the meantime, you’ve gotten great coverage on several blogs (note that a lot of the commenters as well have made positive comments about the service). The offer still available is still a good one (basically free), so you continue to at least get coverage for that.


I thought it was inevitable that they were going to stop this, no way does it make financial sense for them to reward that heavily on both sides, I’m sure it was always their intention that you could only get one or the other. Also sounds from the messaging like they are only stopping this going forward, don’t see how they could justify clawing back based on the terms that were present prior.

I’ve received both of the notifications from Amex and AAdvantage e-shopping. On the portal, it shows as 7,400 points earned, no credit yet on Amex but I wouldn’t expect it yet regardless.

Eric Lipkind

I hope they honor the ones that already went through as the deal really isn’t free as you still get charged sales tax on the $99.

Eric Lipkind

It wasn’t showing up in mine, but showed up as visited the site. I emailed and they confirmed it is there and payable in 60 days.

Rugged Reindeer

Per Motley Fool, the offer is no longer stackable, so be careful.


FYI, the loyalty programs referenced in this article and comment threads are either pausing their campaigns during the Amex campaign or have updated their terms and conditions so their cash back or rewards cannot be combined with other offers.

Obviously, we’re thrilled with anyone who wants to join our services and learn about The Motley Fool approach to investing, and we want to incentivize folks to give us a try. But for those interested in stacking offers, best to look elsewhere now, as there is no longer a double dipping opportunity.


i have 6 AMEX cards and don’t see the offer on any of them

Stephen Pepper

Do you have more than 100 offers not loaded to your cards? If so, loading some of those so that you end up having <99 unloaded will hopefully mean it shows up.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stephen Pepper

Got the email from Amex, offer redeemed. Thanks!


I got charged sales tax. Did everybody else get charged sales tax?


Done and done. Rewards tracking, credits posted. Thanks Stephen!


Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 5/8/2021″

Are they posting credits before this?


Do you mind sharing which portal you used? Data points are always appreciated 🙂


I did it through the American Airlines portal earlier today. Just got an email saying I received the $99 Amex credit so all good there. Still waiting on the AA miles.


I used Rebates me, but no email from them tracking the order, making me nervous & with Player 2 did the AA miles and received tracking immediately.

Karush Jaggi

Looks like it’s all dead now – everything leads to a 404 page now

Stephen Pepper

There were issues with that earlier, so hopefully the portal links will work again soon. This Amex Offer is around for the next few months, so there should be plenty of opportunity to take advantage of the offer provided The Motley Fool doesn’t pull themselves from shopping portals.


The terms for rebatesme say that it excludes things like Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers. Those are the biggest newsletters. I wonder what is included then. (This is not the case with AAdvantage or Dollar Dig, for example)

Last edited 2 years ago by Mark

For what its worth the Rule Breakers is the package i did through swagbuck and it track within minutes.

Ploni Almoni

Stephen, do you actually have experience with Glamour Rewards? Do they reliably pay out?
Also, anyone have experience with RebatesMe? They are offering $85 cash back but they are often the highest cashback option, making me suspicious…

Stephen Pepper

I haven’t actually used Glamour Rewards before. It’s run by Cartera though which is who runs most of the airline portals, so I don’t have any concerns about them not being legit.


I have used them several times and have never had an issue with payout.


Register an account with MF. Use the portal of choice. Go to the stock advisor offer for $199. Click ‘login here’. Log in and this will leave you on a landing page for you to try Stock Advisor. Follow the link and it will be the $99 offer.

Brian Vodicka

I followed this using the South West portal. It does not appear that SW tracks this page. I think im passing on the offer, I dont think it will post.


It posted


I got the amex credit and 7500 American miles!


“The same goes for the Chase Ultimate Rewards portals in terms of paying with a Chase card” — has anyone actually seen this in writing from Chase? I can’t find anything about this on their website or the internet. MMS says you can use any card on chase portal, but maybe Stephen has more info than they do? https://millionmilesecrets.com/guides/chase-shopping-portal/
Nevermind, found it here, confirms what Stephen says: https://www.chase.com/personal/credit-cards/ultimate-rewards/shop-through

  • On any purchases not made with a Chase credit card that is associated with this Ultimate Rewards program.
Last edited 2 years ago by Jon

DOHHH! i hope they don’t abide by this…

Parts Unknown

They don’t


If anybody actually gets the credit on their account please advise which portal. I don’t trust Amex to give the credit unless you go directly thru their link

Stephen Pepper

The description of the offer specifically states that you can go to The Motley Fool directly rather than having to use their link, so I’m not concerned in this instance.


Not to be the party pooper, but going through the shopping portal is intentionally set for a dedicated landing page and can be easily considered as “not going directly through Motley Fool”. To add to that, the browser extensions do not work when you go to Motley Fool directly – the extensions of the shopping portal only work if you go to their dedicated landing page.

I’m still waiting for anyone to confirm they got both the Amex offer and the shopping portal bonus.

Stephen Pepper

By going directly through The Motley Fool, they mean buying the subscription from fool.com rather than some other site that happens to sell their subscriptions.

The landing page from the shopping portals lands on the fool.com domain, so there’s no reason to think it won’t work. After all, even if you went directly to fool.com, you’d still have to visit a different page in order to buy the subscription which would be the same page you’d be clicking through to from a shopping portal.


P2 already got the Amex email. Went through the Chase portal.

Dugroz Reports

Ceric — if you can come back and verify when you’ve got both posted (Amex credit AND Chase points posted) that would be really great.


Confirmed, got both. However, the double stacking offer is dead now, so this is a bit of a moot point.


I went thru the dollar dig shopping portal ($87.5). The portal took me to the $199. But I found the $99 report somewhere else on the same page. I signed up but didn’t get the Amex redemption confirmation.
It will take a few days to know if the Dollar dig itself cash back is valid for the $99.


I didn’t get a confirmation either from AMEX. Last time they didn’t give me the credit. Starting to get worried….

Stephen Pepper

I’ve had many instances where I didn’t receive an email but did receive the statement credit/bonus Membership Rewards, so I wouldn’t be too concerned yet.


It posted last night Stephen… THX!!


Thanks. Got 5,400 Southwest miles.


All the shopping portals are taking you to a dedicated landing page for the $99 offer. The Motley Fool website itself only offers that subscription for $199. Are you sure the shopping portals landing pages count as transacting at the Motley Fool website per the T&C of the Amex offer?

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was constructed this way to prevent double dipping, and those who got the AA miles won’t get the Amex cash back.

Last edited 2 years ago by Roy

I understand the concern but the T&C’s state “Offer valid only on US website or at Fool.com/amex”. The “or” is key here – you don’t have to go to fool.com/amex and the portals are still transferring you to their US website. Don’t see how they couldn’t honor this.


The T&C explicitly states:
“For example, your transaction will not qualify if it is not made directly with the merchant. In addition, in most cases, you may not receive the statement credit if your transaction is made with an electronic wallet or through a third party”


These are fairly boilerplate statements that appear on all Amex Offers. The first advises that if you’re buying something from the merchant from a different website (ie if there was a Motley subscription sold on Amazon), you won’t get the bonus. When you click through the portal, you are taken to a website within the fool.com domain and purchasing directly from them. The second statement is advising that if you use Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, etc it MAY not track (in most cases, it does but they are covering potential issues).


yes, went through the portal and received amex email that I’ve met offer!


The AA & Alaska portals direct you to a list of premium subscriptions, not including Rules Breakers that is $99. Anyone figure out how to find the $99 via airline portals? Edit: I found it….on the AA or Alaska page, instead of clicking on the giant subscribe button, click on $99 offer on right.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mark

Thanks Stephen! Your posts are crushing it. A free 7400 AA miles this morning. I emailed customer service to cancel the auto-renew…will report back on if they can make the change and if it shows up in My Account. (I’ve also scheduled a reminder to cancel).


I see it auto renews. Anybody know how hard this is to cancel?


It’s really not. You can even cancel if they bill you again, if you do it quickly. Just tell them “sorry, I didn’t want to renew” and they’ll give you a refund. But what self-respecting reader of this forum would still have the same credit card a year later ???


very easy to cancel. I earned 8,400 Alaska miles on a Motley Fool subscription in 2019, then easily canceled it in 2020. now I just snagged 7,400 AA miles with a new Motley Fool subscription, and thanks to the Amex Offer, it won’t cost me anything this time


MyPoints is about $85.


Not sure I follow this: “It might even be possible to stack this deal even further by taking advantage of card-linked programs. That’s because there are a few shopping portals that offer points when paying for a The Motley Fool subscription with a card you’ve linked with the portal.” Is this stacking “further” or or is it an alternative to using a cash back or airline portal?

Stephen Pepper

In theory, it should be stacking further rather than instead of. As those are card-linked offers, you should be able to link your Amex card on that portal, then click through from one of the other cashback/airline portals. Whether or not that works remains to be seen, but that’s usually how card-linked programs work.


What about Dollar Dig portal? I’m seeing $87.50 cashback. Am I missing something?

Stephen Pepper

Nope, you’re correct. When I was writing the post, I was going off Cashback Monitor’s listing which didn’t include that at the time; I think they update the rates each morning, but after ~4am which is when I published this.


Motley Fool Stock Advisor (1 year), $199


Wish I saw this before as I have already renewed my subscription. While the Motley Fool annoys me with all the marketing for additional services and subscriptions, they have made we aware of a number of stocks I otherwise wouldn’t have bought (and I’ve been an active investor for 40 years) which have resulted in profits of over $25,000. I am not shilling for them but if you are comfortable with individual stocks and willing to buy the ones recommended (many of which are tech stocks and very high PEs or no earnings at all) you will typically be rewarded. Just one recommendation a year I wouldn’t otherwise know about more than covers any cost I pay them.


if I wanted to pick the airline points programs that I could earn a few points on in order to avoid my existing points from expiring, which would you pick?

Stephen Pepper

That all depends on how you value the different miles and which program you have miles expiring in. Not all airlines expire your miles (e.g. Delta and Southwest), so there’s no concern with those.

Megan E Zinck

There is a $75 offer on Swagbucks.


This has been removed while I was clikcing it gone now.

Eric English

Thank you! Just signed up and chose the Alaska airways mileage option.


How did you find the $99 Rule Breakers Subscription when going through Alaska?


I started at cash back monitor. When I chose Alaska miles it took me to the site. The tricky thing was not to click the big green “Subscribe Now” button. It will take you to the more expensive options just to the right there is an option for the $99 stock advisor.


Keep getting a Google 404 error… page does not exist


Not sure if it works through Glamour Rewards: when I go through their link, the lowest price shown at Motley Fool site is $199/year for SA plan. It is possible then to go manually to another section and select the $99/plan, but it seems to not trigger cash back (in GlamourRewards’s “Recent activity”, store visit is shown but no transaction).

Last edited 2 years ago by ctv
Stephen Pepper

On the Glamour Rewards portal, there’s a listing for “Motley Fool Stock Advisor: Join for just $99 a year! Ongoing” – if you click through to that link, it takes you directly to the $99 offer.


damn you’re right – they have two listings, and for some reason from cashbackmonitor it shows the wrong one! I am wondering if I can cancel my subscription and try it again…
P.S. for others, to not repeat my mistake – the link to see both listings is https://www.glamourrewards.com/me____.htm?gmid=5510


Any bonus for signing up with Glamour Rewards?

Stephen Pepper

Unfortunately not.


I, too, wonder about the Amex terms saying offer not valued if going through a third party…for those who who have purchased, please post and let us know when/if you get the credit! Thanks.

Stephen Pepper

You wouldn’t be going through a third party though; you’d be buying directly from The Motley Fool – you’d just be clicking through to them via a portal.


I just tried this through Glamour Rewards and it didn’t track. I got the credit from AMEX but not the portal. Any recourse to see if they will give me the cash back?

Stephen Pepper

It might not show up on the portal immediately – I’d give it a few days to see if it shows up as their FAQs state it can take 3-5 days. If it still doesn’t show up, you need to complete their online Customer Care form to raise a claim with the date of transaction, items ordered, store name, order number, and amount of your purchase (before taxes and shipping).


I just checked and I now see the $80 on Glamour