(EXPIRED) Hyatt 2018 Q4 promo: extra points for 5/10/20/30/40 nights

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Hyatt is out with their 2018 fourth quarter promotion for stays from September 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018. Compared to other Q4 promotions, this one isn’t amazing. However, if you have a lot of Hyatt nights planned during the promotional period, you can earn an extra chunk of points.

The Deal

Key Terms

  • Register by October 15, 2018.
  • All Eligible Nights under this offer must occur from September 1, 2018 through November 30, 2018
  • Only the room occupied by the Member will count toward this offer
  • Please allow two to three weeks after your qualifying stay for Bonus Points to be posted to your World of Hyatt account.

Quick Thoughts

This promotion requires at least 5 nights in order to earn bonus points. Here is the chart showing the number of bonus points you’ll earn for hitting each tier with the appropriate number of nights:

On a per-night basis, that breaks down as following:

  • Stay 5 nights = 500 bonus points per night
  • Stay 10 nights = 750 bonus points per night
  • Stay 20 nights = 875 bonus points per night
  • Stay 30 nights = ~1,167 bonus points per night
  • Stay 40 nights = 1500 bonus points per night

Again, those numbers are averages assuming you stay exactly the number of nights necessary to reach that particular level. If you stay a night or two beyond what is necessary to reach a bonus but you do not reach the next level, you’ll be pocketing fewer net points per stay.

The good news is that both paid and award stays qualify, so you can earn this bonus even if you’re just redeeming points. If you have a trip planned during the promo period, you’ll want to be sure to register so that you can get some points back.

Personally, I don’t get particularly excited about promos like this one. First of all, the return just isn’t all that compelling. Second, I don’t like the risk of coming out a night or two short for a tier and not earning much of a bonus as a result. For example, if you stay 18 nights you’ll only qualify for the 7500 bonus points at the 10 night level. That’s an average of ~416 bonus points per night. Of course, if you have your travel planned well in advance, you can avoid that type of thing pretty easily.

Be sure to register via the link under “The Deal”. Registration closes October 15th — about 6 weeks before the promotion ends. Even if you don’t have any Hyatt stays planned right now, it’s worth registering in case something unplanned comes up and you have a chance to take advantage of the promo.

We have added this to our list of Current Hotel Promotions.

H/T: One Mile at a Time

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Thanks for pointing this out


Have a nine night stay @ Hyatt Aruba through 11/30/18…..last night of this promo. Guess I’ll do another stay @ the Ocean Resort in A.C. for 12K to make 10 nights.


I’ve got globalist from the 20 nights challenge last year and I’ve made pretty good use of it.

I have 18 nights so far this year (all award nights) and 6 more nights planned so far in Sept/Oct. 2 of the nights are at a tier 1 Hyatt property (5k points a night). Given that I’ll be at the tier 1, I would be available to check-in for a mattress run. I’m reading this promo as basically an opportunity to mattress run globalist at a discount.

I’ve got ~200k Chase points. 36 tier 1 nights is 170k or less if I go cash+points. The tier 1-4 night is worth ~15k (I’ve redeemed like 4 tier 1-4 night certs at the Andaz Papagayo over the last few years) and the tier 1-7 cert is valuable (~30k)? And the suite nights could potentially be put to good use. Any nights I redeemed in Sept would be eligible for 10% back.

The net cost would be 65k (170k – 15k – 30k – 60k) or less if I get nights in Sept.

I definitely don’t want to chase status, but it could be worth it given that I use my chase points primarily for Hyatt stays and I’ve learned how to maximize them (that being said, the opportunity cost is huge).

On the horizon, I have the Hyatt CC (got the bonus several years ago) and I’m thinking about cancelling and reapplying for the new Hyatt card with the 60k bonus. My wife could refer me which would be an additional 10k. I’m also under 5/24 and I’ve never had the Reserve (and I’m eligible for the bonus), so that’d be another 60k. I’m sad that the CIP/Plastiq deal died. Also, wife will soon be under 5/24 and hasn’t had any of the business cards.

Please advise Nick and Greg (and community!). What would you do?

Steve Kraus

Last year they had a promo for card holders to get explorist or globalist status after 10/20 stays. Does this promo mean that will not return?


Perhaps I missed it, but is this only for actual hotel stays or do “stays” from CC spend count?

James in BNA

T&C’s aren’t clear. Let’s hope cc nights count.


Does it work if i booked my stay before the promotion (therefore registered for the promotion after booking date) for stay two stays one from august 30 to september 3 (so the september 1,2,3 part of this stay) and one stay from september 3 to october 11 for a total of 41 nights. Should i be expecting 60k points total from this promotion in addition to the points i earn from credit card and elite status?