(EXPIRED) World of Hyatt: Get 20% back on points redemptions for 90 days (targeted)

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World of Hyatt is sending an e-mail offer to some members that awards 20% on most spent points over a 90 day period after registration. The subject line is “Surprise! You’re Eligible to Earn 20% Bonus Points Back.”

The offer applies to free night awards, points + cash stays, room upgrades, dining and spa services, and FIND experiences; up to a maximum of 30,000 points back. Nick has been the only person on the FM Team to receive an e-mail, so it appears to be targeted.

When Hyatt sends out targeted offers like this, there’s often several different versions. Let us know if you got a different one in the comments.

The Deal

  • World of Hyatt is sending a targeted offer to some members that gives 20% points back on Free Night awards, Points + Cash stays, room upgrades, dining and spa services, and FIND experiences.
    • Maximum 30,000 points back
    • Must be targeted and register by June 6th
    • Only points redeemed within 90 days will count towards promotion
    • Email subject line is “Surprise! You’re Eligible to Earn 20% Bonus Points Back”

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be a World of Hyatt member, have received this offer from Hyatt, and register by June 6, 2024 to participate.
  • Only points redeemed for awards completed 90 days after registration (“Promotion Period”) will be eligible for this promotion.
  • You will receive 20% Bonus Points back on the World of Hyatt points redeemed for all Free Night awards, Points + Cash stays, room upgrades, dining and spa services, and FIND experiences during the Promotion Period.
  • A maximum of 30,000 Bonus Points may be earned under this promotion.
  • Points redeemed for Avis car rental certificates or points transferred to airline partners are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Please allow 6 weeks after your point redemption has been completed for your Bonus Points to appear in your World of Hyatt account.

Quick Thoughts

For those targeted, this is a terrific offer, giving up to 30,000 points back on World of Hyatt award spend within 90 days of registration. It’s a bit awkwardly worded, as it refers to the promotion as giving points back on a “Free Night Award up to 30,000 points,” but it actually applies to free night awards, points + cash stays, room upgrades, dining and spa services, and FIND experiences. The 30,000 points refers to the maximum amount of points back, not some sort of cap on the price of the free night award that it applies to.

This appears to be fairly targeted as Nick is the only one on the team that’s received it so far. It’s worth checking your own e-mail by searching for the subject line, just in case it’s gone to your junk folder.

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Adventure NML

BTW, my P2 received this and it’s good for them until 90 days from registration. Registration is open until July 6. So, a much later expiration date.

Beth B

Those of you that got the double elite night credits. How long is it taking for you to see the bonus credits? Terms say allow up to 4 weeks. Has anyone seen them post quicker than that?


My offer was: When you register for this exclusive offer, you can earn 1,000 Bonus Points per qualifying night, up to 10 nights, for a total of 10,000 Bonus Points.


I got 2X points for every 2-night stay up to 30K points – included award stays and paid stays. Same 90 day window after registering


I only got this one – Surprise! You’re Eligible to Earn 2X Night Credits Towards Tier Status.


i have made the reservation long back , but the stay is in May month. i just got registered for this promo today . Question i dont need to cancel and rebook these reservations rite ? like southwest?

Tommy N

Same here, I made reservation this month for May and I activated offer today as well. I can’t cancel and rebook it since I got a good deal and it’s not available now.


i called Hyatt to ask cuz i have tons of reservations booked pre-promo. They said unfortunately no, they won’t count and would have to rebook. If anyone else knows or hears otherwise, would be helpful to know.


I am very hopeful that I don´t need to cancel and rebook. I mean, I could…but I have SUA tied to several of my reservation so it would involve calling in. They couldn´t actually want everyone to have to rebook, right?


I just called the Concierge line and was told that I do NOT need to cancel and rebook. Hopefully this is accurate. I am going to go for it, personally.


Great, I’m in the same boat, no availability now for an upcoming stay to rebook.


the terms say for the purposes of this promotion, “redeemed” means completing a stay. Sucks for me because I just activated my promotion today (May 9) thinking redeemed just meant making the booking, and I have a redemption on August 16 I was otherwise going to use…. bummer.


> For purposes of this promotion, points are deemed redeemed upon checkout of a stay or completion of (and, if applicable payment for) the meal, spa service, or FIND experiences. For details on redeeming World of Hyatt points, please visit worldofhyatt.com.

Last edited 1 month ago by Josh

Globalist with many nights planned…………nothing! Even contacted my concierge and he confirmed nothing! Bummed


I got kind of a weird/complicated one, but I’ll take it!
You will receive 5,000 Bonus Points after completing five (5) Eligible Nights, 6,000 Bonus Points after completing 10 Eligible Nights, 7,000 Bonus Points after completing 15 Eligible Nights, 10,000 Bonus Points after completing 20 Eligible Nights, and 12,000 Bonus Points after completing 25 Eligible Nights at Hyatt hotels and resorts worldwide. A maximum of 40,000 Bonus Points may be earned under this promotion.


I received this offer but I’m unsure about the wording. If I booked with points is that the same as Free Night Award? Also will it work if I booked prior to registration?


I got the offer. Does this apply to Cat 1-4 FNA, where for example you’re using one on a stay that would be 18,000 points per night. Will I get 3,600 points credited to my account? Or does it need to be points spent?


Interesting… seems there was a DP


I am wondering this, too. I have two stays on FNAs during the promo period and I am wondering if I should try to swap those around with later stays to pay with points during the promo….or if it does not matter?


I messaged Hyatt to ask this question and they said unfortunately it is ONLY for point redemption free nights. Free Night Award certificates do NOT count.

I have two nights currently booked with FNAs also, but I’ll be reconsidering the use of my certificates now to take advantage of the 20% back on point redemptions.


No offer for me. I was a Globalist for 3 years until it ended a couple months ago and I don’t have any upcoming reservations. I have 11 elite nights so far in this member year.


Double elite night credit offer. It says “up to 10 nights total”. Does this mean if I stay 10 nights I will get 20 elite nights. Or stay 5 nights and get 10 elite nights?


I got this one too. That’s the way I read it, but I’m calling them tomorrow to confirm that it applies to stays I have already have booked. I’ll confirm this also.

Beth B

I am interested in what you find out…I have 8 nights booked currently and don’t want to have to rebook!!!


Hello, I called Hyatt about this and they confirmed that it does count for stays already booked. I went on my stay over the weekend and today I checked my account and saw that only 3 nights had been credited instead of the double nights. I called and they had to get 2 other supervisors involved because they couldn’t figure out why they weren’t posting. In the end they said they would have to submit a claim and get back to me in 72 hours. One thing she did say is that I had to choose between the extra 3000 points from the bonus journey promo and the double nights. I of course chose the double nights. So we’ll see what happens.


My offer was for 3k bonus points with every 5 night stay. I’m a globalist, and wonder if the promos are better for those who aren’t?

Dr. Jay

I’m a Globalist and have many existing stays booked (20 nights in the next 4 months). I was not targeted. I wonder if my upcoming nights are the reason.

Shannon and Sergio @ScrewTheAverage

We don’t think that’s the reason as we have dozens of nights coming up (about 25 days paid and 55 nights via awards) in the next 90 days and we were both targeted.

One of us got the same offer as this post and the other received ‘earn 1K bonus points per night up to 10K points’.


I got an offer for an extra elite night credit for every night stay, up to 10 bonus. As I already have a 4 night stay for work and a 2 night stay for personal already booked, I am hoping that those count, although with my current plans I do not foresee these getting me near enough to the next elite threshold.