IHG Cardmembers: 15% Discount on IHG Points + Cash


IHG Points and Cash Discount

A new cardmember offer gives IHG credit card holders a 15% discount on the cash portion of a points + cash booking for reservations made by February 12th, 2017 and stays through March 31, 2017.  This promotion stacks with the 10% points rebate already given to card members on all points or points + cash stays.  For example, a 25,000 point hotel could be booked for 15,000 points + $59.50 before the 1500 points are rebated, for a net cost of 13,500 + $59.50. On the the other end, one could book for 10,000 points + $84.15 and effectively buy IHG points at a rate of $0.0561 per point. Some bookings bring the cost lower yet to $0.0531. Read more about it and see the terms here.

IHG points and cash example

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[…] IHG Cardmembers: 15% Discount on IHG Points + Cash — Today is your last chance to effectively buy IHG points at a decent discount — just over half a penny a point.  IHG isn’t my favorite program, but I inevitably find myself in a situation a few times a year where my preferred options aren’t available and IHG points come in handy. I’ll probably grab a few. […]

[…] IHG Cardmembers: 15% Discount on IHG Points + Cash […]

[…] HT: frequentmiler […]


I don’t understand the above comments, but I do know you could book and then cancel the reservation — keeping the points and effectively “buying them” at a discounted rate. If you cancel, though, I don’t think you get the 10% in points rebated, right?

This blog has identified an IHG property near Chicago that seems to be a little cheaper in “selling” points. With the extra 15%, I get to just over 50 cents a point. Can anyone get it cheaper (or otherwise decipher the above comments?).


you’re missing another big benefit to this promotion.


LOL I see what you mean