(EXPIRED) Is Amex burning Hilton points? New offer for +2pts at Tiffany [Targeted]

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Update: Reader Isavethings reports also seeing this offer on a Bonvoy Brilliant card, so this is not unique to the Hilton co-brand.

News recently broke that Amex bought something like a billion dollars worth of Hilton points presumably to help keep Hilton afloat during the pandemic and presumably at a steep discount. Greg and I have hypothesized about Amex’s plans for these points during Frequent Miler on the Air and he has maintained that rather than adding points to welcome offers he thinks we are more likely to see Amex add bonus categories or spending offers of some sort. It seems he was on the right track: this morning Stephen Pepper found an Amex Offer on a Hilton credit card good for +2 points per dollar at Tiffany & Co (up to 10K extra points). That’s not special: the same offer has been available for an extra 2 Membership Rewards points per dollar on other cards (and Membership Rewards points are much more valuable). Still, this is the first time we recall seeing an Amex Offer awarding additional Hilton points per dollar and could be a sign of things to come.

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The Deal

  • There is a new targeted Amex Offer available on some Hilton cards awarding an additional 2 Hilton points per dollar in-store and online at Tiffany & Co.

Key Terms

  • Valid at locations in the US and on the US website and on phone orders
  • Excludes authorized retailers, collaborators, and Tiffany archived research fees.
  • Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Guam, and US Territories excluded
  • Expires 7/20/20

Quick Thoughts

Again, this isn’t a particularly exciting offer. Even if you’re in the market to buy something at Tiffany, you’d be better off opening a new credit card and earning the welcome offer (let’s be real: one purchase at Tiffany will trigger a welcome offer in most cases and that could be worth hundreds back) or alternatively using a card loaded with the offer for 2 extra Membership Rewards points per dollar since those points are much more valuable

What’s interesting about this offer is that although we frequently see offers awarding additional Membership Rewards points for spend at various merchants, this is only the second time I recall seeing an offer like this to earn additional co-branded points Stephen reminded me that we’ve seen offers awarding additional Delta points before). Still, we typically only see statement credit offers on co-branded cards.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is the start of similar offers. I wouldn’t recommend bothering with this one, but we’ll have to keep an eye out for others like it.

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[…] Is Amex burning Hilton points? New offer for +2pts at Tiffany [Targeted] (Expires 7/20/20) […]

[…] Is Amex burning Hilton points? New offer for +2pts at Tiffany [Targeted] (Expires 7/20/20) […]


Not sure if this is new or not but got an email this for my Aspire card benefit – yet if I’m using AmEx in food its normaly for 4X MR with Gold and not Hilton pts”.

7X hilton
“Take out or delivery, earn 7X at restaurants Stay in and support small businesses. You can earn 7X Hilton Honors Bonus Points at your favorite restaurants, whether you carry out or get delicious meals delivered to your home. Remember, your points don’t expire, so you can earn for when you are ready to travel again.*


Id like to see an offer with extra Hilton or Bonvoy points that is manufacturable. Who’s running out to buy something at Tiffany right now, (Nobody)


I also got this offer on all my cards including my Delta Reserve….


Tone-deaf offer by AMEX. Too many people don’t have cash to splurge at Tiffany’s now. What a garbage offer by AMEX. Should put bonus points toward COVID-19 essential stores such as grocery, etc.


@Angry380: Don’t hate the player: I just bought each of my dogs a diamond studded collar at Tiffany.com just to get the 2 million extra Hilton points.

That should get us a night, maybe 2 , at a Hilton Garden Inn after the next devaluation.
In fact, I just got the Hilton statement from my Zimbabwean address, and the total points were “over printed” with an exrtra seven 0000000’s.
It now takes 100 trillion points to get a night on the edge of Victoria Falls.
It does come with a package of Hydroquinolone, but that’s for malaria, not covid-19. Double benefit!!


Correct everyone is cutting a deal. I wonder if AMEX likes that 25% interest + HUGE FEES too .I got rid of my Hotel cards as in DEVALUATION every week or no free BK ..
Hope they Hang Branson @ Necker of Course !!


I got that offer on my Hilton Surpass AND +2 Bonvoy points on my Bonvoy Lux card


Same here on Hilton no-fee and Bonvoy Amex.